How to Challenge for Club Coach...

Competency Based Evaluation:

The Evaluation model now used by the Coaching Association of Canada is around competency based assessment.  Therefore if you feel you possess all the knowledge, skills, and attributes at the Club Coach level, you may challenge the course and go straight to an evaluation process.

  • Please note that this process is the same cost as taking the course and being evaluated since the evaluator will need extra consultation time.
  • The fees for this Club Coach Challenge process all go towards paying the evaluator (who receives a flat fee).  The typical club coach challenge process usually takes the evaluator about 10 hours (6 for portfolio, 2 for the practice observation, and 2 for the competition evaluation). 
  • If at any point during the evaluation process, the evaluator assigned to you feels that this process may take longer than the allotted time, you may be asked to take the Club Coach course before continuing with the evaluation process. 

Club Coach Context:

In order for you to successfully complete the assignments and evaluation process for Club Coach, it is essential that you are currently coaching an athlete that has a foundation in Athletics or come from multisport environment.  The Club Coach Context includes:

  • Coaching is seasonal, 12-24 weeks a year and 3-5 sessions a week
  • Developing athletics skills in an event group and often coaching athletes in the High School environment (ages 15-17)


Registration Process:

  1. Register with the Coaching Association of Canada 

  1. First NCCP Course?  - Register here  
  1. Look up your NCCP # here 
  1. Register as a Coach with Athletics Canada on their NCCP Website. 

  • Click "Register Now" link at 
  • This website is also where you will upload your information for the evaluation process and register for any professional development opportunities.
  1. Complete the Pre-Clinic online components. 

  • Go to the Status link on the top of the page. 
  • Scroll down to find the Club Coach box and click on the Begin link for the Club Coach readings. 
  1. Request Club Coach Challange. 

  • Email the Coaching Education Coordinator to request a Club Coach Challange
  • Include the following information:
    • Your name, phone number, NCCP number, and previous coaching courses/education
    • Your previous experiences as a Track and Field athlete (if applicable)
    • Name of your club and/or a detailed description of the athletes you are currently coaching
    • List of accomplishments or performance standards that your athletes have achieved
    • Name of a coach whom you have been working with for at least 1 year.  This coach will be used as a reference and called to verify your competencies in the following areas:
      • Seasonal Planning (Loading, Competitions, Training Phases, Athletic Abilities, Mental Prep)
      • Details of your current Training Phases (General Prep, Specific, Competition, Transition/Recovery, and Tapering/Peaking)
      • Long Term Athlete Development knowledge and application
      • Managing a Sport Program (communication, behavior/commitment expectations, logistics, parent communication, and athlete debriefing)
    • Name(s) of coaches that you would be willing to work with or use a mentors through the process of uploading your portfolio
  1. Register Online for the Club Coach Portfolio/Evaluation. 

  • Click on Register to register online.  You will need a credit card for payment.
  • Ensure you are choosing the Club Coach Challenge Option.
  • The step are as follows:
    • Evaluation Portfolio – Emergency Action Plan, General Overview, Seasonal Plan, Practice Plans (from 5 phases of training), and Managing a Sport Program
    • Practice Observation – General, Technical, and Video analysis
    • Competition Observation – General, Warm Up, Competition, and Athlete Debrief

Additional Requirements: 

  • All coaches in all sports must also take one additional Multi-Sport Module from the Coaching Association of Canada
    • Make Ethical Decisions – Competition Introduction (Course – 3 hrs, Online Evaluation - 30-40min)
  • To register from MED, click on the eLearning link in your CAC profile and double check you are registering for the Competition Introduction course and/or Evaluation. If the Online Evaluation is listed as "Available" you may be able to challange the course and go straight to the evaluation.  

More Information on Club Coach Challenge: