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NCCP Courses are Now Context Based:

In order for you to successfully complete the assignments and evaluation process for Club Coach, it is essential that you are currently coaching an athlete that has a foundation in Athletics or come from multisport environment.  The Club Coach Context includes:

  • Coaching is seasonal, 12-24 weeks a year and 3-5 sessions a week
  • Developing athletics skills in an event group and often coaching athletes in the High School environment (ages 15-17)

Club Coach Course Content:

  • The course is split into Event Groups – you must choose either Endurance, Jumps, Para, Sprints/Hurdles, or Throws
  • The course covers content such as Long Term Athlete Development, Mental Preparation, Nutrition, Strength, Seasonal Planning plus Technical Skills and Skill Analysis of your Event Group.  

Additional Requirements: 

  • All coaches in all sports must also take one additional Multi-Sport Module from the Coaching Association of Canada
    • Make Ethical Decisions – Competition Introduction (Course – 3 hrs, Online Evaluation - 30-40min)
  • To register from MED, click on the eLearning link in your CAC profile and double check you are registering for the Competition Introduction course and/or Evaluation. If the Online Evaluation is listed as "Available" you may be able to go straight to the evaluation.  

Evaluation Process: 

  • You may start the Evaluation Process on Athletics Canada's NCCP Website, once you have completed the pre-course online component and the workshop
  • There is an additional fee for the evaluation process which all goes towards paying the evaluator. 
  • The step are as follows:
    • Evaluation Portfolio – Emergency Action Plan, General Overview, Seasonal Plan, Practice Plans (from 5 phases of training), and Managing a Sport Program
    • Practice Observation – General, Technical, and Video analysis
    • Competition Observation – General, Warm Up, Competition, and Athlete Debrief

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