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NCCP Courses are Now Context Based:

In order for you to successfully complete the assignments and evaluation process for Performance Coach (Comp Dev), it is essential that you are currently coaching an athlete at the Canada Summer Games level or higher.  The Performance Coach Context includes:

  • Coaching year round (40 + weeks a year) and 5-10 sessions a week
  • Athletes are competing at national level and focused on one or two events within an event group
  • To register for Performance Coach you must be Club Coach Certified (this can be achieved by taking the Club Coach Course and Evaluation or doing a Club Coach Challenge Evaluation)
  • You must also be a current member of BC Athletics or another branch of Athletics Canada 

Performance Coach (Comp Dev) Course Content:

  • This course is split into Event Groups – you must choose either Endurance, Jumps, Para, Sprints/Hurdles, or Throws.
  • There are two components to the course; a pre-course online component and a weekend workshop component. 
  • The course covers content such as Introduction to International Competition, Annual Plan and Periodization, and Working with IST.  

Additional Requirements:   

  • In addition to the weekend course, candidates also have to take some Multi-Sport Modules.  It is recommended that these courses be done prior to the weekend course.
  • These courses will be an additional cost and online (home study) options are available. 
    • Coaching and Leading Effectively (10 hours)
    • Psychology of Performance (7 hours)
    • Managing Conflict (4 hours and the online evaluation)
    • Leading Drug Free Sport (3.5 hours and the online evaluation)
    • Make Ethical Decisions – Competition Development (3 hours and the online evaluation)
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Evaluation Process: 

  • You may start the Evaluation Process on Athletics Canada's NCCP Website, once you have completed the pre-course online component and the workshop
  • There is an additional fee for the evaluation process which all goes towards paying the evaluator. 
  • The step are as follows:
    • Evaluation Portfolio – Emergency Action Plan, General Overview, Annual Plan, Microcycles, Final Phase Prep, and Manage a Sport Program
    • Practice Observation (can be live or filmed) including General Overview, Main Part, and Analyze Performance
    • Competition Observation at a National Championship including General Overview, Warm Up, Competition, and Debrief with athlete 

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