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NCCP Courses are Now Context Based:

The High Performance courses are offered through the network of Canadian Sport Institutes and Centres  In order for you to successfully complete the assignments and evaluation process for NCI Advanced Coaching Diploma, it is essential that you are currently coaching an athlete at the national or international level.  The High Performance Context includes:

  • Coaching is year round 40 + weeks a year and 5-10 sessions a week
  • Athletes are competing at national level or international level
  • Athletes are focused on one or two events within an event group
  • Coaches must be certified in the Competition Development context 
  • 3 years demonstrated coaching experience in a full-time year round progam
  • Signed MOU from Athletics Canada
  • You must also be a current member of BC Athletics or another branch of Athletics Canada 

NCI Advanced Coaching Diploma Course Content:  

  • The Advanced Coaching Diploma Program is delivered primarily through a 2 year, part-time bases with Tr-Campus hubs in Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler
  • The four themes of the Diploma Program include Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, Training and Competition Readiness

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