Whistler 50

50KM Ultra

Centered around Whistler Village and the picturesque Valley Trail system, the 50KM event is composed of five 10KM loops and is incredibly well supported with aid stations accessible each loop. The moderate terrain makes it an achievable goal for novice ultra-marathoners or the perfect opportunity for experienced runners to test out their speed on a scenic course.

Ultra Details

Ultra Details

Awesomely Well Supported!
  • Two aid stations per loop
  • Medical team on site at start/finish area and relay exchange
  • You may bring one drop bag and it will be accessible once per loop
  • Course marshals will be stationed all around the course to keep you encouraged and on track
  • You’ll share the course with relay runners, so will have plenty of company
Race Day Timelines
  • 6:45am – Pre-Race Briefing and Ultra Check-In
  • 7:45am – Whistler 50 Ultra starts in Whistler Olympic Plaza
  • 3:00pm – course cut-off at 40KM in Whistler Olympic Plaza – runners may not start final lap after this point
  • 4:00pm – Awards Ceremony at Whistler Olympic Plaza (Finish Line Party)
  • 5:00pm – course closed
  • You must pick up your package prior to Race Day (details in full schedule)
Other Information

Check In and Briefing
Race morning, check in will be at the Brewhouse near Whistler Olympic Plaza starting at 6:45AM. Each runner must:

  • Check in – with signed waiver and runner information sheet
  • Drop Bag may be dropped off
  • Race briefing will be immediately before the start
  • Start/Finish is at Whistler Olympic Plaza (site of the medal ceremonies during the 2010 Winter Olympics)

Parking is free in Parking Lots 4 and 5. Parking Lot 4 is the closest parking lot to the start / finish.

Finish Line
It is very important that each runner have their race number clearly visible as they approach the finish line. The ultra runners always receive special recognition, so it is important that you can be clearly identified.

Ultra Race Rules
  1. If the runner decides to drop out, it is MANDATORY that race management be informed of this decision, otherwise we will assume the runner is lost and will be searching for you. Any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the runner.
  2. It is MANDATORY that runners check in at the start and at each stage checkpoint.
  3. The course will be open to other trail users and will be marked with orange cones. Stay to the right of the orange cones.
  4. A runner reaching 40KM after 3pm cannot continue on final loop.
  5. The race is held under IAAF rules. Pacing is not permitted and may result in disqualification.
Aid Station Information
  • Lost Lake Aid Station — 5KM (water and nuun only)
  • Olympic Plaza Aid Station — Every 10KM (full aid with drop bags)

Subject to change prior to race day.

Aid Station Menu
We are pleased that CLIF Bar is a sponsor. We will have CLIF Shots, CLIF Shot Bloks and CLIF Bars.
There will be nuun electrolyte drink available. Additionally, there will be water and Coke.
Food items will be potato chips, pretzels, cookies, fruit and soft candies. If it is cold, we may have hot chicken broth available.

Drop Bags
  • Each runner is allowed a drop bag, that may be accessed multiple times during the race.
  • You will drop off your drop bag on race morning at race check in.
  • They will be accessible in Olympic Plaza throughout the day (each 10KM)
  • At the end of the day, the drop bags will be available at the Whistler Olympic Plaza finish line for pick up.

Note — Most runners will use a gym bag for supplies / clothing that they want to access during the race. It is also likely that as the day warms up you will want to drop off articles that you no longer want to carry. If you do not give us a drop bag, then anything that you drop off will be placed in a plastic bag for later pick up. Do NOT drop off articles anywhere else on the course except the drop bag location.

Course Description


New for this year, solo ultra-marathoners will run a 50KM distance. The new course incorporates much of Lost Lake Park and will bring runners through Whistler Olympic Plaza every 10KM.

More details coming soon.

Runner Info Sheet (required)

Runner Information Sheet — Please hand in at Start Line Check In

Runner Name ______________________________________

Emergency Contact Name(s) ____________________________________________

Cellular Phone # on race day (or contact phone #) ____________________

Where are you staying in Whistler (if applicable) ____________________________________

– or –

Phone number where you are staying after the race ________________________________

Ultra Details

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