2005 BC Athletics Awards

Executive of the Year

Torsten Allander

Executive of the Year Award

Naramata, BC

Wherever Torsten goes things happen! From engineering and project management in the pulp and paper industry to overseeing the new bridge construction in Kelowna, from growing grapes at Foxtrot Vineyards and partnering with Lake Breeze Winery, Torsten has left his mark.
Most important to Athletics has been his impact on club development and creating participation opportunities for athletes and those interested in Running, Jumping and Throwing. His credits include being a founding member of the West Van Track and Field Club, as well combining his expertise and passion for Sport to establish a professional approach to a community-based Track and Field Club.
Penticton Athletics- building on the legacy of facilities from Penticton BC Summer Games- has spearheaded the resurgence of Track and Field in Penticton and the Southern Okanagan. Torsten has been successful in raising the profile of Athletics to both elected and employed City officials. His efforts initiated the support of the City of Penticton to fund the Okanagan Regional Athletics Club based out of Penticton, which is a great example of public/private partnerships benefiting athletes and participants in Athletics. The club now offers programs for Junior Development through to Masters. Under Torsten's leadership Penticton Athletics also partners with the Cross-Country Ski-Club for winter cross-training and offers an all-comers Track and Field series each summer.
In a few short years, Torsten has accomplished what many can only dream about.