BC Athletics

Annual General Meeting of BC Athletics - Nominations

Director Marketing and Comm. - 2 year term

Nominee: David Polisi (#77-34503)
Email: David.Polisi@shaw.ca

Nominator: Mark Bomba (#69-11110)
Seconder: Matt Johnston (#78-19869)

Fairly new to BC Athletics, David Polisi has taken to the sport and is an active racing enthusiast in both road races and cross country. Background stems in marketing and sales with a focus on new media. David has also picked up wide experience through consulting and contracting as well as software development for clients such as TELUS. Through these experiences and network David has recently accepted a full time offer with TELUS as marketing operations manager for Canadian Partner Program.

David will be able to bring his market development experience and ability to find innovative solutions to meet BC Athletics needs in establishing programs that will lay the foundation for fund raising, securing of sponsorship and promotion overall of BC Athletics. Having had prior experience in such developmental marketing programs and the gap that BC Athletics now faces with diminishing corporate sponsorship, David has plans to create win-win situations with key corporations that fit will want to partner with BC Athletics and its members.