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Proposed Resolutions Not Received by the December 15/04 deadline

On 2005-01-18 at 20:54:51, the following information was submitted:

BC Athletics Calendar of Events
a. Event listing procedures:

Moved by Roger Brownsey / Seconded by: Frank Stebner

Whereas all running events are currently posted in the BC Athletics Calendar, even if they are not sanctioned by BC Athletics

Be It Resolved That:

Efforts by BC Athletics to advertise and otherwise promote running events, in the Calendar of events and elsewhere, must give priority support for those events that are sanctioned by BC Athletics; that non-sanctioned events shall be advertised ONLY if a sanctioned event is not proposed for that date; and that BC Athletics shall charge an additional advertising fee to all non-sanctioned events.


All resolutions that individuals, committees or clubs wish to have brought forth at the Annual General Meeting must be submitted to the BC Athletics office by December 15, 2004. If resolutions are not received by December 15, 2004, they can be brought forth on the floor at the Annual General Meeting as either:

  1. Recommendations to the Board of Directors which are then considered by the Board of Directors at the regular meetings of the Board; or
  2. The mover of the resolution may request that it be considered exceptional as an Urgent Matter. The Annual General Meeting shall consider the request for treatment as an Urgent Matter. By a 2/3 majority in favour, the membership can accept the resolution as an Urgent Matter. The matter then is debated and put to a simple majority vote. The proposal to be considered an urgent matter not receiving a 2/3 majority may be presented as a recommendation to the Board or put forward to the next Annual General Meeting of the Members.