BC Athletics

Branch: BC Athletics Committee – Chair’s Report

A. Past Year in Review

Revised the B.C. Athletics Handbook
Revised the B.C. Athletics Policy as it pertains to officials
Revised the B.C. Athletics Rules for combining Age Groups especially as they apply to Junior Development and Masters categories.
Attended the B.C.A. A.G.M.
Attended the National Officials Committee Spring 2003 A.G.M.
Held six Officials’ Committee meetings, many phone calls and sent out numerous e-mails.
Was the Officials’ liaison to the PacifiCanada Series
Corresponded by e-mail to New South Wales, Australia regarding their series of Officials’ Workshops.

All the revisions were approved by the B.C.A. Board of Directors
Assisted in improving the competition conditions for the PacifiCanada Series
Received copies of the New South Wales, Australia information package for some of their workshops.
A very successful year thanks to the efforts put forth by the Officials’ Committee members and all our officials.
Six Officials attended the Canadian Junior Championships in Saskatoon
26 Officials travelled from the mainland to join those from the Island to officiate at the Canadian Senior Championships
14 Officials travelled to the International Blind Sports Association Championships in Quebec City
Five officials travelled to Sherbrooke, PQ for the World Youth Championships
Seven officials travelled to the Western Canada Summer Games in Selkirk, MB
11 travelled from outside the lower mainland to officiate at the Harry Jerome as part of the PacifiCanada Series
Officials from the lower mainland and Kamloops travelled to Kelowna for the Jack Brow meet and to Kamloops for the J.D. Championships

A policy has been established for the annual distribution of incentives for our officials.
For 2003, the incentives include a name tag for Level I, and shirt, vest or bag for Level II’s to V’s depending upon what they received the previous year.

B. Branch Statistics

Number of Meets: approximately 46
Indoor None
Calibre of meets
P:11 N/NC: 7

Total number of Officials: 140 - Paid: 128 Unpaid: 12
Level : 16
Level 2: 44
Level 3 :33
Level 4 :25
Level 5 :34
NTO: 2
Number of Mentors: 22
Number of Clinicians:15
Number of Junior Officials: 2
Level 1: 2
Level 2
Level 3

C. Junior officials program (comment on how things are going)

The Junior officials programme is in its beginning stages with notices sent to various schools outlining the programme and informing teachers of the availability of personnel who could assist with the programme.

D. Upcoming Year/Goals/Events

To increase the number of officials.
To provide more volunteers to assist with acquiring officials for meets.
To improve communication among officials, B. C. Athletics, Meet Directors, etc.
To identify those officials needing upgrading and providing them with the opportunity for mentoring.
To continue to provide athletes with the best possible officiating to ensure fair and equitable competitions.

E. Reports

Reports from some of the committee members are included. Some members are part of several portfolios and therefore a written report by them was not considered to be necessary.
Submitted by
Anne Lansdell, Chair, B.C. Athletics Officials’ Committee

Committee Member Carol Cull
Duties Assignments Director

Past Year in Review

I have called Officials for the following meets:
SFU Indoor
Fred Rowell High School Relays
SFU High School Invitational
Fraser Valley High School Championship
St. Thomas More Invitational
Valley Royals High School Invitational
BC Race Walk Championship
Vancouver International Marathon
SFU/UBC Dual Meet
Kajaks High School Invitational
Review Kajaks Invitational
New Westminster Record International
BC 10Km track Championship
Harry Jerome International
Pacific Invitational and Masters Championship
BC Junior Senior Championships
Jesse Bent Memorial
BC 5km Track Championship
Jack Brow Memorial
Trevor Craven Memorial
BC Juvenile and Western Canada Games Trials
National Seniors (lower mainland officials)
Pacific Coast High Performance
BC JD Track and Field Championship (lower mainland only)
Canadian Masters Championships
International Blind Sports Championships - Quebec
Invitational Decathlon
BC Seniors Games
BC Cross Country Championship

I have also worked on the Assignments and Upgrading Committee to Identify those Officials requiring upgrading and mentoring.

Again we faced the recurring problem of two higher level meets scheduled on the same weekend. This becomes an enormous task for whomever is phoning but also tests the loyalties of individual officials and imposes a cost on BC Athletics because additional Officials from outside of the Lower Mainland are required in order for the meets to have an adequate number of Officials to run the meets.

There is a problem with meets not arranging for the proper equipment to be in place in order to hold a valid competition. On several occasions it required that the officials involved dash about looking for equipment or begging those in charge to please bring it to us. In one instance lack of a legal High Jump Bar disallowed a record set by an athlete.

Upcoming Year/Goals/Events

  • We need to recruit and upgrade Officials in a number of discipline areas. We particularly need trained photo timing Officials but of course other areas such as Umpires, Starters and Throws judges and Referees are needed. We need more of everything.
  • Identification of Officials for participation in Indoor Meets this winter for the purposes of Upgrading to level IV.

And of Course a Huge Thank You to all those most Loyal Officials who come so often, so early and stay so late.

Committee Member John Cull
Duties Equipment

Past Year in Review

Developed meet evaluation form for Committee use
Prepared recommendations for BCA regarding equipment at Swangard Stadium (see recommendations below)
Prepared inventory of BCA competition equipment (attached)
Revision of Meet preparation checklist
Participated in review of 2 Stadia (SFU and Mercer Stadium)
Liaison with Technical Committee
Assistance to Regional Coordinator (Lower Mainland)
Technical advice to Meet Organizers

Discipline When  Where   Clinician  Level/Type # of Participants
FRJ         July 03 Victoria John Cull National     1

Discipline When  Where   Mentor    Level
FRJ         July 03 Victoria John Cull National

Swangard Stadium equipment:
That BC Athletics hire a “custodian” with the idea that this person be present when equipment is to be used. Cost of this to be included in an equipment rental charge.
Clean and re-organize the storage area.
Store BC Athletics competition bars elsewhere, and require rental groups to provide themselves, or place deposit for full value.
Store BC Athletics results indicator boards elsewhere, and require rental groups to provide themselves, or place deposit for full value.
Additional gym mats needed around pole vault mats. This should be the Meet Organizers responsibility.

BCA Equipment
Dispose of inactive inventory items
Distribute inventory list, and require Meet organizers to contact custodians directly to cover meet requirements.

Upcoming Year/Goals/Events
Continue to monitor equipment needs
Replace equipment identified as missing or broken
Tripod for Wind Gauge
Liaison with Technical Committee
Liaison with organizing committees for major games (WMA, Harry Jerome)

Education Report for BCAOC General Meeting, Nov. 30, 2003
Keith Newell, Education

2003 Clinics:
Level 1 clinic held in Kamloops
Level 1/2 – Victoria, March 29/03
Level 2 – Kamloops, Mar 3/03 and Mar 24/03
Level 1/2 – Kelowna –April /03
National Level – Victoria, July, Clinics were planned but did not happen

2004 Clinics:
Request has been made to NOC for full range of clinics / workshops at the 2004 Canadian Senior Championships meet in Victoria
A proposed list for clinics / workshops for 2004 is to be formulated in next few months. Individuals and Clubs need to submit their requests.

Upgrading Changes:
Last April, N.O.C. revised and approved changes in the upgrading policy. There were no major changes but level 5’s can now be “fast tracked” for second disciplines. Provincial and National categories of Announcer, Technical Manager and Competition Secretary are now included. (electronic copies of the upgrading criteria may be requested from Keith Newell at knewell@telus.net)

Remember that requests for upgrading up to and including level 3 is submitted to B.C. Officials committee. Requests for mentoring and upgrading are submitted to B.C. Officials committee and processed by N.O.C.

Rule Changes for 2004 –2005:
The new I.A.A.F. rules for 2004 are available on line at www.iaaf.org/newsfiles/23484.pdf
Clarification of duties of Track referee (starts), Start Coordinator, Starter’s Asst., Protests of starts, and False starts.
Changes in Pole Vault re: moving bar supports only toward pit, taping pole (‘two layers’ not specified)
Jumps runway’s width now 1.22m plus or minus 0.01m
Hammer: new cage specs and handle shape

Committee Member Sanda Turner
Duties Upgrading/Education

Past Year in Review

One of the members of the committee to Evaluations & Upgrading

Got out more information as to how to get the evaluation & upgrading done properly

Recruitment strategies
Talked to different people - either people who are on the Exec. of the Club or unhappy coaches looking for a change

Only did one Level 1 clinic in Surrey this year

Upcoming Year/Goals/Events
Help enforce the importance of the clinics for the different clubs and somehow get the message as to the correct way to be upgrading correctly.

Committee Member Kathy Terlicher
Duties Upgrading

Past Year in Review

17 people upgraded through level 3
3 for level 4 and 1 for Level 5

Branch Statistics
Number of Meets over 20 Indoor No Outdoor All
Calibre of meets P:Yes N/NC:Yes
Total number of Officials:152
Level 1: 16
Level 2: 44
Level 3: 33
Level 4: 25
Level 5: 34
NTO: 2
ATO: 1
ITO :1
Number of Mentors: 22
Number of Clinicians: 15
Number of Junior Officials: 2
Level 1: 2

Personally I went to 2 - Racewalk and Track Referee both in Winnipeg

Personally I did 2
Level 3 Umpire here
Level 4 Umpire in Winnipeg