BC Athletics

Discipline Committee Report

The Discipline Committee sat four times this year and I wish to thank Maureen De St. Croix, Ian Fisher, Ron Bunting, Blair Miller and Ann Kirk who volunteered their time to listen to the cases presented to them.

The first three cases involved male athletes representing B.C. at the Western Canada Summer Games in Selkirk, Manitoba. All three athletes violated the B.C. Athletes Code of Conduct with respect to the misuse of alcohol while at the games. Consequences were given to all three, which included suspensions, community service and modeling of appropriate behaviour. The athletes have performed their community service to B.C.A. by assisting at the B.C. Cross Country Championships and the B.C. High School Championships.

The fourth case involved the misuse of power and influence exerted by a coach on athletes in his charge. The coach in question has been refused membership in B.C.A. for the period of one year after which time his status will be reviewed by a discipline panel.

In the light of the numerous infractions displayed by athletes representing B.C.A. in competition over the past few years, it was felt by the Discipline Committee that a review of the athletes' code of conduct should be undertaken. The Executive Committee therefore recommended that a Task Force be established to conduct such a review. There has been a call to any interested persons to be on this task force. Anyone interested should submit their names to B.C. Athletics as soon as possible in order that this review can be dealt with early in the new year.

Submitted by
Tom Hastie
Chair, Discipline Committee