BC Athletics

Hurdles Committee Report
Annual General Meeting of BC Athletics

Submitted by Ron Parker

Once again hurdles remain one of the weaker events in BC Athletics with some notable bright spots. This year, there were three women under 15 seconds over 100m hurdles and three junior men under 15 seconds, a more difficult feat.

Notable was the success of Laurier Primeau’s athletes over both 400m and sprint hurdles. This confirms that if we have coaches willing to invest time and energy into getting athletes to pursue hurdles diligently, the results will come. We have hurdles in every meet but more coaches have to encourage athletes after the JD age to work on hurdles.

Unfortunately, with the high school meet raising the height for the women’s sprint hurdles, fewer athletes will be pursuing the hurdles at the school level. It would make a lot of sense at the high school level to have the sprint hurdles 3” lower for both men and women and the 400m hurdles reduced to 300m hurdles to encourage more school age athletes to try hurdles.