BC Athletics

2003 Masters Committee Report for the BC Athletics AGM

The Masters Committee organized the Third Annual Masters Team Club Challenge this year. Participation was up a little from last year. The Kajaks T&F club won the grand prize of free entries to the 2004 event, to be held at Burnaby Lake on March 20, 2004, 9 am.

Masters membership in BC Athletics has been relatively stable over the last few years at around 360, however, I suspect that the increase in the Supporting Membership (from 323 in 1999 to 769 last year) includes a significant number of master age runners.

The participation of over 40 age athletes in the Timex BC Road Running Series has been steadily climbing since 1996. The men have gone from 1157 entries (excluding the Sun Run and Times Colonist) in 1996 to 1512 in 2003. Women's participation has increased from 549 to 1018. Masters runners now represent more than 50% of the total entries in the series.

The Langley Mustangs are to be thanked for hosting the BC Masters T&F Championships again this year. Participation was up from previous years, and we hope to do even better in 2004, again in June with the Langley Mustangs.

A highlight of the Track and Field season for some was the World Championships in Puerto Rico and for many more, the Canadian Masters Championships hosted by the Kajaks T&F Club in Richmond.

Completing the season was the successful defense of the Bluenose Trophy symbolic of the Canadian Masters Cross Country Championship. BC Athletics sponsored a very strong team for the Canadian Championships in Toronto.

Thanks go to all of the members of the Masters Committee. Active members were Jake Madderom (Chair), Gerry Dragomir (Secretary), Frank Stebner (Vice-chair), Bill Hooker (Communications), Harold Morioka (T&F and Records), George Gluppe (T&F and Road Running), and Val Jenkinson, Bernadette Duffy, Barb Vida and Olga Kotelko.

Submitted by Jake Madderom