BC Athletics


Cross Country Committee Report to B.C. Athletics Annual General Meeting

January 22, 2005

This committee was formed three years ago to handle the responsibilities of awarding our annual Cross Country Championships to a hosting club; to select the B.C. Team for the Canadian Cross Country Championships; to select the B.C. Cross Country awards; and to promote and assist with the growth and enjoyment of cross country running in British Columbia. It is in the area of promotion and growth of our sport that is our most challenging but valuable contribution. Areas we focus on include improvement in the level of participation and caliber of athletes competing. As required we will recommend actions to ensure there will be continued existence, growth and development of our sport. As well we need to ensure there is a coordinated program for the various age groups from Junior Development to Masters. The ultimate goal is to provide top quality races for everyone and thereby provide opportunities for athlete development. A further benefit of a well-developed program will be to produce runners who will represent our province well at regional, national and international competitions.

The committee is ideally structured to have representatives from the 8 provincial zones, the age group committees and 4 members at large. Unfortunately we have never been able to form such an ideal committee, as everyone is just too busy it seems; however, if anyone at this year’s AGM has an interest in cross-country we would love to have you join our committee and get your valued input, particularly if you are from an outlying zone as we are lacking representatives from those areas. We do most of our communicating by emails and schedule meetings for times when we are all centrally gathered. I continue to look forward to the exciting possibilities that can be achieved by an enthusiastic and creative committee.

It is gratifying to note the continued increased participation levels across all levels of competition in the past season. We are following the lead in the growth of cross-country in the US as more athletes are discovering the benefits of a good season of cross-country in helping their development in the sport of Athletics. Participation at the National level continues to be high and Canada’s teams are doing exceptionally well internationally. For example the 6 member Senior Women’s 2004 Short-Course team included 4 British Columbians and a transplanted Quebecer on the team that captured the bronze medal at the World Cross Country Championships.

The Provincial Championships this year were held at Crescent Park and were hosted by Tom Hastie and the Semiahmoo Sunrunners. Everyone agreed the courses were terrific, the races well organized and all categories were hotly contested. The crowning touch was the unbelievable weather Tom laid on for us. Thanks Tom and all your crew for an exceptional job. Again this year it was very difficult choosing winners of the annual Cross Country awards. This is a pleasant problem to have to deal with and bodes well for the future growth of Cross Country in BC. Congratulations to those selected, you have worked very hard in achieving your successes. To those who were so close, keep on plugging away and give it your all again next season. Best of luck to all of you.

Semiahmoo will host the championships again next year but bids will be solicited shortly for the 2006 – 07 Championships. If your club is interested I recommend getting started on putting together a bid package. It was a tough decision choosing the host club for this and next year’s championships, but the quality of the bid submitted by Tom and his crew was a huge factor in the committee’s decision on who was awarded the Championships. As chair of the committee I would like to thank all of the members who actively participated in our many duties in the past year. Your help made my job very easy and I look forward to continued cooperation in the future. I also look forward to the 2005 cross-country season. Best wishes to all athletes no matter what level you are participating in. I hope things improve for the better and with everyone’s enthusiasm and ingenuity I’m sure we will have a very successful season. Spread the word and get some of those soccer and basketball players out. It will help their game!

On behalf of the current committee:

Brent Fougner, Marek Jedrzejek, Al Johnson, Andrew Lenton, Mike Lonergan, Mike O'Connor, Gerry Swan, Sue Northey

Respectfully, Frank Reynolds