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Senior Coaches Committee Throws Report 2005

2005 was an outstanding year for BC Throwers with 10 athletes shattering 11 records nationally and provincially. Of the 11 records set four were Canadian national records.

We would like to acknowledge the following athletes and their record breaking performances in 2005 in the Senior through to Midget age categories:

  • Jennifer Joyce: Sr.Women's Hammer - 68.48m Canadian and BC Native Record.
  • Derek Woodske: Sr. Men's Hammer - 73.91m Canadian and BC Native Record.
  • Elizabeth Gleadle: Youth Women's Javelin - 50.53m Canadian and BC Open/Native record.
  • Nolan " Trey " Henderson: Youth Men's Hammer - 65.53m Canadian and BC Open/Native record.
  • Dylan Armstrong: Sr. Men's Shot Put - 19.89m BC Native Record
  • Tyrell Mara: Jr. Men's Discus - 52.18m BC Open/Native Record.
  • Curtis Moss: Jr. Men's Javelin - 68.37m BC Open/Native Record
  • Nicole Fraser: Midget Women's Javelin - 41.91m BC Open/Native Record.
  • Angus Taylor: Midget Men's 4kg Hammer - 62.88m BC Open/Native Record.
  • Emma MacCorquodale: Midget Women's 4kg Hammer - 51.71m and Women's 3kg Shot Put - 13.46m BC Open/Native Records.

Numerous meet records were also set by Jennifer Joyce at Sr. Nationals, Elizabeth Gleadle and Nolan Henderson at Canadian Legions and Curtis Moss at Canada Games.


This past year we sent 11 throwers to Edmonton for the Canadian Legion Championships and came home with 14 medals. Midget age athletes had a terrific showing with 6 of them winning 7 medals. Outstanding midgets were Laura Macauley winning 3 medals, - 2 silver (Javelin, Shot Put) and 1 gold (Discus), Angus Taylor 2 golds (Shot Put and Discus) and Nicole Fraser and Kris Burleigh both winning gold (Javelin).


BC sent 9 throwers to the Canadian Junior Championships and returned with 9 medals. Rob Negrin of Prince George collected 2 bronze medals in Shot Put and Discus; Chelsea Payne of Kajaks also won 2 bronze medals in Discus and Hammer.

Trey Henderson a first year juvenile placed 2nd in men's hammer but could not be selected to the Canadian Pan Am team because of his age. Third place Joe Eppele was then selected to the Pan Am team and placed 7th at the games.


In the Senior age category we still need to see more athletes in some areas.

In men's discus we did not have representation from BC at the Canadian National Championships and have only one thrower in the Canadian rankings.

In Shot Put we have number one in the national rankings and the national champion but as in the rest of Canada we need to see more athletes in this event.

In men's Hammer again BC ranks at the top of the Canadian rankings. BC hammer throwers had 4 throwers in the top 6 at the Canadian national championships.

In men's javelin we sent only one of our throwers to the national championships yet we have some of the top javelin throwers in Canada

In women's hammer as in shot put we rank number one in the country and have the Canadian national champion, but after that we have no other senior women in the hammer throw.

In women's discus again we rank 1st but then have little participation and we don't have much participation at any level in Shot Put.

BC's women's javelin throwers are among the best in Canada. Of the top 5 javelin throwers in Canada 4 are from BC, however only one represented BC in the Canadian Senior championships. Javelin coaches here in BC should encourage their athletes to participate in the BC championships so they can get selected to the BC team and represent out province at nationals.


This year as in others we show great talent and promise with our younger athletes but fail to follow through with the older categories and encourage athletes to stay on in throws and progress to the more senior level.

This talent among the younger athletes proves that with the right environment BC stands a good chance at producing top notch Throwers. The Throws events in BC need to come together to share knowledge and help all Throwers in the province to succeed. The Espoire aged group represent the next level of achievement and need special attention and encouragement. A Throws centre would go a long way towards reaching that goal.

I would also like to acknowledge the work and dedication of all the BC Throws coaches in helping our athletes to achieve an outstanding year.

For additional results and rankings go to the BC Athletics or Athletics Canada websites.

Richard Collier
Caroline Hay