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 BC Athletics Bulletin 
Your weekly source of up-to-date Athletics news in BC

ISSUE #14-2003
Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Track & Field Results
Meet Directors are reminded to submit the completed Event Equipment/Technical Specifications Information form included in the Meet Directors Package to BC Athletics along with a complete set of results. This is a requirement for all BC Athletics sanctioned Track & Field Meets. Among other things the information submitted clarifies hurdle heights and implement weights. Please ensure that posted results include:

  • athlete’s club affiliation
  • year of birth
  • wind readings for 100m, 200m, sprint hurdles, LJ & TJ.
  • Indication of any mixed events (male and females)
Your assistance will help to facilitate a quick transfer of results to rankings.

Sprint/Hurdle Round Table
Saturday, June 14th 12:00pm - Langley Pacific Meet

BC Athletics Track & Field Championship Dates:
BC Masters Track & Field Championships
June 14 - 15 2003 - Langley, BC 

BC Senior & Junior Track & Field Championships
June 21 - 22 2003 - Abbotsford, BC 

BC Juvenile Track & Field Championships, Western Canada Games Trials and Alternate BC Summer Games Midget Age Group Meet
July 12 - 13 2003 - Langley, BC
Information available shortly at 

BC Junior Development Pentathlon Championships
July 19 2003 - Kelowna, BC
Information available shortly at 

BC Junior Development Track & Field Championships
July 25 - 27 2003 - Kamloops, BC
Information available shortly at 

Western Canada Games Men's 4x400m Relay Team Development
Interested coaches of athletes 23 and under contact Eugene Konart or (604) 737-3176

2003 Pacific Coast High Performance and All Comers Meets
1. All Comers Meets (Tuesday nights) schedule will be available on the Hershey Harriers Athletic Club website shortly.
2. Pacific Coast High Performance and All Comers Meets: Swangard Stadium, Burnaby BC Tuesday July 22, & Wednesday July 23, 2003. Entry form available shortly on the HHAC website at or contact

2003 BC High School Track & Field Championships Results 

PacifiCanada Track & Field Series 
Victoria International Track Classic - Wednesday June 11th at Centennial Stadium - 7:00pm

World Youth Championships - Nomination for Acceptance Forms - NEW FORM 
Please mail the forms in (no faxes) to:
Eugene Konart
#206 - 1367 W. Broadway
Vancouver BC V6H 4A9

Canadian Junior Track & Field Championships Technical Package
As mentioned last week here is the corrected package: correction 

BC Team Athlete Declaration Forms 
Submit to Eugene Konart or fax to (604) 737-3171.

Sport Leadership 2003 & ICCE Global Coach Conference 
To apply: 


Level I Coaching Clinic - Abbotsford - June
Contact Eugene Konart at if you are interested in taking part.


Bid Request - BC Cross Country Championships 2004 - 2005 

Cross Country Division Meeting
Saturday, June 21 - 4:30pm at the BC Junior and Senior Track & Field Championships in Abbotsford.
2003 Cross Country Championships:

  • Host, venue, ideas to improve - marketing, raising profile, awards-feedback on process, ideas to improve.
  • Future Championships - bidding process, letters of intent.
  • Cross Country Series in B.C. - Can we increase support
  • World Cross Country - athlete preparation, more meets in early spring.
  • Other items.

Frank Reynolds
Chairman - Cross Country Division of B.C. Athletics

8A.1 The Cross Country Division shall be responsible for examining the current status of Cross Country in British Columbia, designing, planning, and recommending programs and policies to the Board of Directors and implementing approved programs and policies to ensure the existence, growth, and development of Cross Country in British Columbia.
8A.2 The Division's responsibility for Cross Country in the province is primarily to ensure a co-ordinated Cross Country program for all age groups (J.D./Juvenile/Junior/Senior/Masters).
8A.3 The Division may establish such committees as it deems required to carry out its objectives, limited only in so far as its committees do not interfere with duties and responsibilities of the Association's general committees.
RSVP: Jerry Tighe - Technical Manager of Road & Cross Country, B.C. Athletics, 604-737-3174


Timex Series
New email contact: 


NEW AND IMPROVED Athletics Canada Website:
Athletics Canada has just launched a completely new website 

BC Athletics Sanctioned Events Technical Organization and Requirements
Meet/Race Directors of BC Athletics sanctioned events should refer to the link below for valuable information 

Registering as a Not for Profit Society
Prepared by BC Athletics - amended June 2003
BC Athletics has put together the following information on the benefits to registering as a Not For Profit Society through the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Finance, Government of British Columbia. The intent of this document is to bring to your attention the benefits and the processes (as outlined on the websites listed below) to registering your club or organization.
If you have any questions or wish to speak to a BC Athletics Member Club that has gone through the process of registering, please contact the BC Athletics Office at: or call 604-737-3173.
Reasons For:

  1. The registering of a group or club with the Registrar of Companies, Province of British Columbia as a not for profit society (non-profit society) is a process of registering a group or club as a legal entity for the provision of limited liability for contract or the provision of goods and services. This may apply to the group, club or organization in the following way:
    1. purchase of property (lands, buildings).
    2. entering into contracts.
    3. borrowing money.
    4. legitimate registering of your group, organization or club name and by doing so protect that name or similar names from being used so as not to confuse the public.
    5. to receive funding from public agencies.
    6. to be eligible for grants or donations from private groups, clubs or charities.
    7. to be eligible for grants from federal, provincial and municipal governments.
    8. to be eligible for Gaming Revenue (Casino, Bingo and others as fall into the definition of Gaming) as provided through the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor - Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch.
    9. to open bank accounts (may be required by financial institutions).
    10. to access existing tax receipt capabilities through National Agencies (ie. use of the Athletics Canada or National Sport Trust Fund tax receipt # through the outlined process).
    11. to limit the individual and personal liability of the directors of a club or organization - ie: buying equipment, contracting for services or carrying out a service. NOTE: The directors of unregistered groups or organizations would be personally liable should the group or organization be sued.
    12. reduces the risk of personal liability with regard to being sued for negligence (Tort Law). Therefore the inclusion of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for errors, omissions, wrongful acts as part of the BC Athletics liability insurance policy.
    13. assurance of a Board of Directors, constitution, bylaws, operating policies, rules and regulations relative to:
      1. providing an operating structure for the group or organization
      2. providing a degree of legitimacy for the municipal/provincial authorities to base acceptance of the group or organization as a legitimate entity for the purpose of facility use, community support and grants.
      3. limiting the liability of the city, municipality, provincial government relative to the activities of the group or organization through the liability insurance provided for.
      4. operating as group or organization whose records and activities are open to public review.
      5. providing assurances to the provincial or national sport governing bodies of the legitimacy of the group or organization.

Information as provided by and from:

  1. Registrar of Companies, Government of British Columbia - See the government website for Corporate Registration at:
  2. The Society Act of British Columbia - See the specific government website for Society Act Information and Registration Forms at:
  3. Peter Spencer, Legal Counsel for BC Athletics
    Reference should also be made to the publications from the Centre for Sport & Law, Brock University, 500 Glenridge Avenue, St Catherines, Ontario, L2S 3A1 or contact them through their website at:
  4. Negligence & Liability
  5. Your Risk Managing Program
  6. Good Policies Good Governance


Details, direct links and contacts 

For complete listings of upcoming events (BC events highlighted in yellow) with contact information:

Track & Field 

Road Running 


Road Relays & Ultra 

Cross Country and Trail Running 

Race Walking – see Track & Field above

Back issues of the BCAB are now available at  

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