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 BC Athletics Bulletin 
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ISSUE #16-2003
Wednesday, June 25, 2003

2003 BC Junior Track & Field Team
BC Athletics is pleased to announce the 2003 BC Junior Track & Field Team competing in Saskatoon SK - July 4th to 6th:

Yvonne Mensah 100m, 200m 100mH Surrey BC KAJ
Ira Thomson 100m, 200m Gillies Bay BC PR
Cody Smith 200m, 400m North Vancouver BC METRO
Jordan Shimell 400m, 400mH Port Alberni BC AVTF
Jennifer Rogers 400m, TJ Parksville BC NAN
Corri-Ann Campbell-Fell 400mH Vancouver BC TBIRD
Lauren Welch 400mH Vancouver BC TBIRD
Alexandra Krasovska 800m Burnaby BC VR
Kol Henrikson 800m Richmond BC KAJ
Carmen Ballard 1500m Kelowna BC KEL
Kristen Kolstad 1500m Surrey BC SOF
Sabrina Reeve 1500m Langley BC CITY
Samuel Pawluk 1500m, 5000m Richmond BC KAJ
Bevin Kennelly 2000m S/C Quesnel BC PGTF
Meredith MacGregor 2000m S/C Surrey BC SOF
Jeffrey Symonds 3000m S/C Penticton BC OKSK
Mandy Macalister 5000m Burnaby BC U
Megan Huzzey RW Victoria BC VTF
Catrina Chisholm HT, DT Delta BC KAJ
Sean La Forest HT / DT Mission BC VR
Patrick Smith HT / DT Port Moody BC KAJ
Brock Richardson DT 150 Mile House BC PGTF
Novelle Murray SP, DT Surrey BC KAJ
Mikaela Patterson SP, DT Abbotsford BC VR
Krista Woodward JT New Westminster, BC WCP
Cole McDonald JT Deroche BC VR
Owen Kirby JT Quesnel BC PGTF
Michael Sychrava HJ Coquitlam BC CC
Daniel Mezheritsky DEC Vancouver BC TBIRD
Jodi Schaufele HEP Delta BC TBIRD

Team Staff:

Sprints Linda Noble    
Jumps Ziggy Szelagowicz    
Throws Harold Willers     
Distance Andrew Lenton    
Combined Events/Head Coach Ron Parker    
Manager Tony Dickson    

Travel, Accommodation and Meal (Breakfast) Arrangements

  • BC Athletics has blocked 35 seats on Air Canada to Saskatoon. The Airfare is:
    • $379.20 + Taxes of $45.89 + Documentation Fee of $25.00 = $450.09
    BC Team athletes and coaches must travel as part of the BC Team Group.
    Club fund athletes, coaches and parents can request space with the BC Athletics Team however, this will be subject to space available and may not be at the same time as the whole group. Note: Flights and space to Saskatoon is very limited due to reductions in number of flights in and out of Saskatoon.
  • Dates and times of travel:
    • Thursday, July 3/03 - Air Canada 6342 - Depart Vancouver 12:50pm Arrive Saskatoon 15:49
    • Sunday, July 6/03 - Note: Two Departures for the group:
      • Air Cd 6283 via Calgary - depart Saskatoon 18:30 Arrive Vancouver 21:29
      • Air Cd 8440 via Edmonton - depart Saskatoon 18:50 Arrive Vancouver 22:56
  • Accommodation - has been arranged at the University of Saskatchewan residences at 2 to a room, individual beds. We have blocked accommodation for 40 but can request additional space.
  • Cost: Double Room - $22.00 + 1.54 GST = $23.54 per person per night x 3 nights = $70.62 per person + $6.00 U of Sask. Administration fee = $76.62
  • Meals: BC Athletics has arranged for a breakfast (all you can eat) for each morning you are at the residence (3). The meals are an additional cost but must be booked in advance. The cost of the breakfast is $6.15 + 0.43 GST = $6.58. Total cost of breakfasts (3) is $19.74.
Total cost of Accommodation and Meals for 3 nights and 3 breakfasts is: $96.36

The cost of Accommodation and Meals is the responsibility of BC team athletes and club funded athletes and coaches. Payment must be made to BC Athletics prior to departure to Saskatoon.

BC Team Fees: All BC Team members must pay the BC team fee of $250.00 as per in the information in the General Criteria for Funding Support and Selection. See below for the appropriate section.

  1. All selected athletes MUST pay BC Team Fees. The Team fees are: $250.00 for the first out of province BC Team for the 12 month period April 1 to March 31 of each year. Any subsequent out of province BC Team that an athlete is selected to in that same 12 month period, the fee is $125.00 per team. For In-Province BC Team Competitions the Team Fee is $100.00 for the first in-province BC Team. Any subsequent in-province team that an athlete is selected to in that same 12 month period, the fee is $50.00 per team. (Approved by the Board of Directors May 2003)

    BC Team members are provided with:
    1.Travel (air and/or ground as appropriate);
    2.Connecting flight and ground transportation costs as appropriate;
    3.Travel agent booking fees at a reduced rate and as appropriate;
    4.Entry fee(s);
    5.Team Uniform - 1 per year;
    6.Event Banquet fee (as appropriate);
    7.Equipment transportation costs as appropriate - e.g. pole vault poles;
    8.Team accommodation arrangements. Note: The costs of accommodation and meals are the responsibility of all BC Team athletes, club funded athletes and club funded coaches;
    9.Travel arrangements and best possible group airfares;
    10.Provision of BC Team Staff - Coaches and Manager(s);
    11.BC Team Program Sport Injury/Accident Insurance for all team members;
    12.BC Team Program General Liability Insurance for all team members;
    13.Communication and the circulation of BC Team and competition information;
    14.Overall coordination of the BC Team program
  2. NOTE: Nationally Carded athletes are exempt from the BC Team Fee if selected to the BC Team.

Other: Any changes to the details and costs as outlined above will be made known to all athletes and coaches immediately.
Questions: Please contact the BC Athletics office - 604-737-3176 (Eugene Konart) or Email at:

Team Canada at the 2003 World Youth Championships


HUCUL, Jenni, F, 1988, 100m, 11.74, Saskatoon, SK
PEART, Teneshia, F, 1986, 100m, 11.97, Calgary, AB
JOHNSON, Emily, F, 1986, 200m, 24.47, Guelph, ON
MUIR, Carline, F, 1987, 200m, 24.79, Weston, ON
MARTIN, Jenna, F, 1988, 400m, 55.66, Bridgetown, NS
WELLINGTON, Whitney, F, 1988, 400m, 55.89, Surrey, BC
EDWARDS, Nicole, F, 1986, 800m, 2:09.44, Winnipeg, MB
ALLEN, Chloe, F, 1986, 800m, 2:12.37, Montréal, QC
KOHLMEIER, Alyson, F, 1986, 1500m, 4:32.46, Sarnia, ON
BALLARD, Carmen, F, 1986, 1500m, 4:33.42, Kelowna, BC
CAMPBELL, Anita, F, 1987, 3000m, 9:57.36, Aldergrove, BC

CRUICKSHANK, Jaime, F, 1986, 100mH, 14.18a, Saskatoon, SK
THIBAULT, Geneviève, F, 1986, 100mH, 14.24, Québec, QC
CAMPBELL-FELL, Corri-Ann, F, 1987, 400mH, 61.78, Vancouver, BC
RODRIGUEZ, Chelsea, F, 1986, 5km RW, 25:19, Fenwick, ON
PATTERSON, Mikaela, F, 1986, SP, 12.10, Abbotsford, BC
PATTERSON, Mikaela, F , 1986, DT, 37.49

WIEBE, Theresea, F, 1987, PV, 3.70, Saskatoon, SK
HUFFMAN, Nicole, F, 1987, PV, 3.50, Aberdeen, SK
SHEPPARD, Emily, F, 1988, HJ, 1.76, North Vancouver, BC
DROUIN, Jill, F, 1987, HJ, 1.73, Corunna, ON
GALLAGHER, Katie, F, 1988, LJ, 5.21, Courtenay, BC
TSE, Kim, F, 1986, TJ, 11.22, Calgary, AB
BOISSELLE, Marie-Ève, F, 1986, HT, 51.92, Verchères, QC
KOKAYKO, Rochelle, F, 1986, HT, 48.84, Kelowna, BC
DUMAS, Elaine, F, 1986, JT, 42.25, Waterloo, ON
BROSSEAU, Mylene, F, 1986, HEP, 4175, Waterloo, QC


PEDNEAULT, David, M, 1986, 100m, 10.54, Montréal, QC
HORACIUS, Pierre-Hanz, M, 1986, 100m, 10.71, Montréal, QC
FRALICK, Brandt, M, 1986, 200m, 22.03, Kelowna, BC
SMITH, Seyi, M, 1987, 200m, 22.04, Ottawa, ON
GEER, Keenan, M, 1986, 400m, 50.13, Port Perry, ON
KALINOWSKI, Ed, M, 1986, 400m, 50.38, Saskatoon, SK
MARTINSON, Geoff, M, 1986, 800m, 1:51.46, Prince George, BC
FINN, Ryan, M, 1987, 800m, 1:54.62, Pickering, ON
PRIMUS, Joel, M, 1986, 1500m, 3:55.53, Abbotsford, BC
ROBSON, Aaron, M, 1986, 1500m, 3:56.62, Edmonton, AB
WOODS, Mike, M, 1986, 3000m, 8:17.84, Ottawa, ON
NOVAKOWSKI, Braden, M, 1986, 3000m, 8:53.47, Kingston, ON
WINTER, Chris, M, 1986, 2000mSC, 5:52.25, North Vancouver, BC
GENEST, Alex, M, 1986, 2000mSC, 5:58.57, Lac aux Sables, QC
STEWART, Jason, M, 1986, 110mH, 14.58, Martensville, SK
GAMBLE, Quinton, M, 1986, 400mH, 54.86, Fort St. John, BC
RATZLAFF, Trent, M, 1986, 400mH, 54.98, Calgary, AB
MENARD, Pierre-Luc, M, 1986, 10kmRW, 47:15, Dolbeau-Mistassini, QC
HELF, Kyle, M, 1986, SP, 19.48, Alliston, ON
HELF, Kyle, M, 1986, DT, 56.20
DUROCHER, Curtis, M, 1986, DT, 52.96, Bell River, ON
PETRUCHA, Taylor, M, 1987, PV, 4.30, Saskatoon, SK
BANNINGA, Jordon, M, 1986, JT, 62.00, Sarnia, ON
POCOCK, Joe, M, 1986, JT, 59.43, Windsor, ON
STEACY, Sean, M, 1986, HT, 62.99, Lethbridge, AB
SMITH, Seyi, M, 1987, LJ, 7.12,
HARRIOT, Dwayne, M, 1986, TJ, 14.78, Kitchener, ON
MASON, Michael, M, 1986, HJ, 2.00, Nanoose Bay, BC
ARNASON, Stefan, M, 1987, OCT, 5292, Gimli, MB
KING, Shannon, M, 1986, Relay Alternate, Brampton, ON


Richard Crevier - Head Coach Sherbrooke, QC
Rashed Din Montreal, QC
Glenroy Gilbert Ottawa, ON
Denice Hebert Windsor, ON
Molly Killingbeck Toronto, ON
Christine Laverty Calgary, AB
Gary Lubin Toronto, ON
Bruce Pirnie Winnipeg, MB
Gerry Swan Abbotsford, BC
Gaby Szanto Georgetown, ON
Kevin Bean Ottawa, ON
Dennis Hoy Vancouver, BC
Nathalie Muller Toronto, ON
Blaise Dubois - PT Stoneham, QC

2003 Midget Age Group Alternate Summer Games Track & Field Championship
July 12 & 13 - Langley, BC
Hosted by the Langley Mustangs Track & Field Club
The 2003 edition of the Midget (14/15 yr old) Alternate Summer Games Track & Field Championship is set to go July 12 & 13 at McLeod Municipal Park, Langley.
This is an excellent competition opportunity for Midget Age Athletes who:

  • Would make your zone BC Summer Games Team; or
  • Are preparing for the BC Athletics Junior Development Track & Field Championships.
Draws, Information, T-shirts, Awards, Canada’s International Athletes
See the following link for meet information and the entry package. 
Watch the BC Athletics Website at: for more information.

Volunteer Opportunity - Track & Field Equipment Manager
BC Athletics is looking for a volunteer to manage the Track & Field Equipment owned by BC Athletics and stored at Swangard Stadium, Burnaby.
Under the supervision of BC Athletics staff and in cooperation with the BC Athletics Officials Committee and the City of Burnaby Swangard Stadium Staff:
Be responsible for:

  • Overseeing and managing the distribution, lending and return of the Track & Field Equipment, as approved by BC Athletics;
  • Reporting of damaged equipment for the purpose of recovering the costs for repair and replacement from the user group;
  • Maintaining a record of equipment users;
  • Maintaining an inventory of the equipment;
  • Identifying the needed repairs to and replacement of equipment;
  • Undertaking repairs;
  • Arranging for approved repairs and equipment replacement; and
  • Making recommendations as relates to the storage, maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment.
Qualifications and Abilities:
  • An interest in and enthusiasm for Track & Field;
  • Experience in equipment management or similar activities;
  • Ability to do minor repairs;
  • Experience in working with people both volunteer and professional;
  • Creative and energetic; and
  • Physically capable, with assistance, of moving equipment e.g. hurdles, high jump and pole vault standards, high jump and pole vault landing mats.
Please submit your application by July 11/03 to BC Athletics, Attn: Brian McCalder by:
Email:, Fax: 604-737-3173 Ph: 604-737-3173

2003 Track and Field Rankings
A reminder to clubs that when posting results they include the athlete’s year of birth, club affiliation and wind readings for 100, 200, hurdles, Long Jump and Triple Jump. This helps make the rankings more accurate and ensures that they are posted quickly. It is time consuming to look up every athlete’s age and club and track down the wind readings. Also when posting results please include the date each event occurred. It is not accurate to say for example, that Juvenile Men’s High Jump happened on June 21-22. For athletes that went to school in the USA, or competed at meets outside of Canada, please submit any performances that do not appear on the current rankings. Suggestions, additions and corrections will gratefully be received at

BC Junior, Senior Track & Field Championships:

Track and Field Rankings Posted
The 2003 Track and Field Rankings can now be found at  
Please send corrections and submissions to Jeremy Edwards at

BC Juvenile Track & Field Championships, Western Canada Games Trials and Alternate BC Summer Games Midget Age Group Meet
July 12-13 2003 - Langley, BC 

BC Junior Development Pentathlon Championships
July 19 2003 - Kelowna, BC 

BC Junior Development Track & Field Championships
July 25-27 2003 - Kamloops, BC 

2003 Pacific Coast High Performance and All Comers Meets June 22nd & 23rd at Swangard Stadium
Information and entry form now available at: 

Canadian Junior Track & Field Championships Technical Package 

BC Team Athlete Declaration Forms
Forms will be accepted for those athletes wishing to be considered for the following BC Teams:

  • BC Juvenile Track & Field Team (Legion Camp)
  • Western Canada Games Team
  • BC Junior, Senior and Masters Cross Country Teams
  • BC Road Running Team (Open)
The form can be found at:
Submit to Eugene Konart or fax to (604) 737-3171.

Employment Opportunity
The Capital City Track Club (Edmonton) is seeking nominations/applications for track and field coaches in all disciplines (sprints, middle distance, jumps, throws) at a 3M NCCP level 2 or equivalent to complement our current staff. The review of nominations/applications will begin immediately and will continue until candidates are selected. Send résumé, cover letter, and the names, addresses, and phone numbers of references to: Mr. Paul Shelby, Capital City Track Club, Box 52148 Garneau PO, 8210 - 109 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2T5, or E-mail:

PacificSport Group Newsletter
Please click on the link below to view the latest edition of “Three Waves” from the PacificSport Group - the BC Network of Canadian and Regional Sport Centres. 


NCCP Level 1 Technical Coaching Workshop:
Abbotsford - June 28-29, 2003. Course conductor - Barb Vida


BCA 10K Road Running Championship
Richmond Flatlands event October 19. 

ScotiaBank Vancouver Half Marathon
"Records fall along with the rain in Vancouver!" Read full race report at:  
Results and photos:

Timex BC Road Running Series 
Series Coordinator / webmaster

Athletics Canada / Run Canada 

Measurement Newsletter 


Details, direct links and contacts 

For complete listings of upcoming events (BC events highlighted in yellow) with contact information:

Track & Field 

Road Running 


Road Relays & Ultra 

Cross Country and Trail Running 

Race Walking – see Track & Field above

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