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ISSUE #28-2005
Friday, July 22, 2005

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In this issue:

  • BC Juvenile Track & Field Championships BC Summer Games Midget Alternate Meet Canada Games Trials - July 22 2005 - URGENT UPDATES & REVISED SCHEDULE !!
  • 2005 BC Junior Development Awards Criteria & Nomination Form
  • Rising Star - Angela Shaw.
  • Track & Field Meet Requirements - Meet Directors Take Special Note.
  • IAAF Competition Rules for Road Running.
  • BC Road Running Championships
  • 2005 BC Cross Country Championships
  • Letter of intent to Bid - BC Cross Country Championships 2006 - 2007
  • Canadian Cross Country Championships
  • IAAF Competition Rules for Cross Country Running
  • 2nd Annual Whitworth College Cross Country Coaches Clinic
  • Vancouver's Elizabeth Gleadle smashes Canadian record placing fifth in javelin at world youth track and field championships
  • North Vancouver's Kevin Lim just misses berth in final at track and field youth worlds
  • British Columbia Region Bobsleigh- Testing Session


BC Juvenile Track & Field Championships BC Summer Games Midget Alternate Meet Canada Games Trials - URGENT UPDATES

July 23 - 24 2005 - Abbotsford BC


  • The revised schedule below is to be used for start times--not the start lists that are posted on the Valley Royals web page.
  • Most track events on Saturday have changed start times, but the order of events remains the same.
  • Some events will be going direct to finals rather than heats - please check event times and status carefully.
  • Hammer start times on Saturday have changed for the Midget and Juvenile Boys and Girls
  • Javelin start times on Sunday have changed for Juvenile and CSG Men
  • Long Jump start times on Sunday have changed for Juvenile and CSG Women
  • PLEASE CHECK all events that concern you to ensure you have the correct start times and event details.
  • This schedule is also posted on the Valley Royals website at: 

BC Juvenile Championships, CSG Trials and Midget Alternate Meet
Swan Track, Abbotsford - July 23rd & 24th, 2005

Day 1

1	12:30	1500m RW	Midget	Girls		Final
2	12:30	1500m RW	JuvenileGirls		Final
3	12:45	1500m RW	Midget	Boys		Final
4	12:45	1500m RW	Juvenile Boys		Final
5	1:00	110mH		CSG Men			Final
6	1:10	110mhur		Juvenile Boys		Final
7	1:20	100mH		Midget Boys		Final
8	1:30	100mH		Juvenile Girls		Final
9	1:40	100mH Hept.	Juvenile Girls	
10	1:50	100mH		CSG Women		Final
11	1:50	100mH Hept.	CSG Girls	
12	2:00	80mH		Midget	Girls		Final
13	2:10	100m Dec.	Juvenile Boys	
15	2:20	100m		Midget	Girls		Heats
16	2:30	100m 		Midget	Boys		Final
17	2:40	100m		Juvenile Girls		Heats
18	2:50	100m 		Juvenile Boys		Heats
19	3:00	100m		CSG Women		Final
20	3:10	100m		CSG Men			Heats
21	3:20	400m		Midget	Girls		Final
22	3:30	400m		Midget	Boys		Final
23	3:40	400m		Juvenile Girls		Heats
24	3:50	400m		Juvenile Boys		Heats
25	4:00	400m		CSG Men			Heats
26	4:10	400m		CSG Women		Final
	4:20	200m Hept.	Juv/CSG			Girls


13	5:30	400m Dec.	Juvenile Boys	
15	5:40	100m		Midget	Girls		Final
17	5:50	100m		Juvenile Girls		Final
18	6:00	100m		Juvenile Boys 		Final
20	6:10	100m		CSG Men			Final
27	6:20	1500m		Midget	Girls		Final
28	6:20	1500m		Juvenile Girls 		Final
29	6:30	1500m		Midget Boys		Final
30	6:30	1500m		Juvenile Boys		Final
31	6:45	1500m		CSG Women		Final
32	6:55	1500m		CSG Men			Final
23	7:05	400m		Juvenile Girls		Final
24	7:10	400m		Juvenile Boys  		Final
25	7:20	400m		CSG Men 		Final
39	7:30	1500m SC	Midget	Boys		Final
40	7:30	1500m SC	Juvenile Boys		Final
41	7:40	3000m SC	CSG Men			Final
42	7:55	1500m SC	Midget	Girls		Final
43	7:55	1500m  SC	Juvenile Girls		Final
44	8:10	2000m SC	CSG Women		Final


45	12:30	Javelin 	CSG Women		Final
46	12:30	Javelin		Midget	Girls		Final
47	12:30	Javelin 	Juvenile Girls		Final
48	12:30	Hammer 		CSG Women		Final
49	1:30	Hammer		Midget	Girls		Final
50	1:30	Hammer		Juvenile Girls 		Final
51	12:30	Pole Vault	Midget	Girls 		Final
52	12:30	Pole Vault	Juvenile Girls		Final
53	12:30	Pole Vault	CSG Women 		Final
	1:50	High Jump Hept.	Juv/CSG			Women
57	1:50	High Jump	Midget	Girls		Final
58	1:50	High Jump	Juvenile Girls		Final
59	1:50	High Jump	CSG Women		Final
13	2:40	Long Jump	Decathlon Boys		
54	2:40	Long Jump	Midget	Boys		Final
55	2:40	Long Jump	Juvenile Boys		Final
56	2:40	Long Jump	CSG Men			Final
	3:00	Shot Put Hept.	Juv/CSG Women
60	3:00	Shot Put	Midget	Girls		Final
61	3:00	Shot Put	Juvenile Girls		Final
62	3:00	Shot Put	CSG Women		Final
13	3:30	Shot Put	Decathlon Boys	
63	3:15	Hammer		CSG Men			Final
64	4:15	Hammer		Midget	Boys		Final
65	4:15	Hammer		Juvenile Boys		Final
66	3:30	Pole Vault	Midget	Boys		Final
67	3:30	Pole Vault	Juvenile Boys		Final
68	3:30	Pole Vault	CSG Men			Final
69	3:30	Triple Jump	Midget	Girls		Final
70	3:30	Triple Jump	Juvenile Girls		Final
71	3:30	Triple Jump	CSG Women		Final
13	4:20	High Jump	Decathlon Boys	

BC Juvenile Championships, CSG Trials and Midget Alternate Meet
Swan Track, Abbotsford-July 23rd & 24th, 2005

Day 2

13	10:00	110mH Dec.	Juvenile Boys	
72	10:10	5000m		CSG Women		Final
73	10:30	5000m		CSG Men			Final
74	10:50	3000m		Midget	Girls		Final
75	10:50	3000m		Juvenile Girls		Final
76	11:05	3000m		Midget	Boys		Final
77	11:05	3000m		Juvenile Boys		Final
78	11:20	200m		Midget	Girls		Heats
79	11:35	200m		Midget	Boys		Heats
80	11:50	200m		Juvenile Girls		Heats
81	12:00	200m		Juvenile Boys		Heats
82	12:15	200m		CSG Men			Heats
83	12:30	200m		CSG Women		Heats
84	1:00	300Mh		Midget	Girls		Final
85	1:10	300mH		Midget	Boys		Final
86	1:20	400mH		Juvenile Girls		Final
87	1:30	400mH		CSG Women		Final
113	1:35	400mH		Juvenile Boys		Final
88	1:40	400mH		CSG Men			Final
1:50	800m Hept		Juv/CSG			Women
78	2:00	200m		Midget	Girls		Final
79	2:05	200m		Midget	Boys		Final
80	2:10	200m		Juvenile Girls		Final
81	2:15	200m		Juvenile Boys		Final
82	2:20	200m		CSG Women		Final
83	2:25	200m 		CSG Men			Final
13	2:30	1500m Dec	Juv Men	
114	2:35	800m		Midget	Girls		Final
115	2:45	800m		Midget	Boys		Final
116	2:55	800m		Juvenile Girls		Final
117	3:05	800m		Juvenile Boys		Final
118	3:15	800m		CSG Women		Final
119	3:25	800m		CSG Men			Final


13	10:30	Discus Dec	Juv/CSG Men	
120	10:30	Discus		Midget	Boys		Final
89	10:30	Discus		Juvenile Boys		Final
90	10:30	Discus	 	CSG Men			Final
91	10:30	Javelin		Midget	Men		Final
92	11:30	Javelin		Juvenile Boys		Final
93	11:30	Javelin		CSG Men			Final
94	11:15	Long Jump	Midget	Girls		Final
95	12:00	Long Jump 	Juvenile Girls		Final
96	12:00	Long Jump	CSG Women		Final
	11:15	Long Jump Hept.	Juv/CSG Women
13	11:30	PV Dec		Juvenile Men	
	12:00	Javelin Hept.	Juv/CSG Women
100	1:00	Discus		Midget	Girls		Final
101	1:00	Discus		Juvenile Girls		Final
102	1:00	Discus		CSG Women 		Final
103	1:00	High Jump	Midget	Boys 		Final
104	1:00	High Jump	Juvenile Boys	  	Final
105	1:00	High Jump	CSG Men			Final
106	1:30	Shot Put	Midget	Boys		Final
107	1:30	Shot Put	Juvenile Boys		Final
108	1:30	Shot Put	CSG Men			Final
109	1:30	Triple Jump	Midget	Boys		Final
110	1:30	Triple Jump	Juvenile Boys		Final
111	1:30	Triple Jump	CSG Men			Final
112	1:40	Javelin Dec	Juv/CSG Men	
  • In numbering the events for next week's BC Championships there were several events with duplicate numbers. We have corrected the entry form as it appears on the Valley Royals web page. But clubs may have copied the original form so they need to be warned that there are corrections.
  • The Juvenile Boys 400mH event has now been added: #113 - 1:35pm - Sunday, 7/24/05
  • New numbering for the following events:
    • 114 - 800 Midget girls
    • 115 - 800 Midget boys
    • 116 - 800 Juvenile girls
    • 117 - 800 Juvenile boys
    • 118 - 800 Canada Games Women
    • 119 - 800 Canada Games Men
    • 120 - Discus Midget Boys
  • Consult the Valley Royals web page Thursday evening or Friday morning. There will be an updated schedule noting cancelled heats, if any, etc at that time.
  • 2005 BC Juvenile Team Selection Standards for the National Canadian Juvenile Championships Juvenile Boys - Corrected from Octathlon to Decathlon - July 15/05 
  • 2005 BC Athletics Team Athlete Declarations: By putting names forward, it is understood and agreed to by the Coach, Athlete, Parent and/or Club that all BC Team and other fees relating to BC Team Selection will be paid to BC Athletics upon notification of athlete selection. For more information, please visit this link:
  • Team Selection: Athletes must meet the General Criteria for BC Team Selection and Funding Support. For more information on team selection, please visit this link:

2005 BC Junior Development Awards Criteria & Nomination Form

Deadline - Must be received in the BC Athletics office by August 31, 2005

The BC Junior Development Awards Criteria & Nomination Form is now available on the BC Athletics website along with selection criteria at

An online version will be available on the website next week - please refer to the "Junior Development" link on the left side navigation bar.

Rising Stars in Athletics - This week's spotlight is on Angela Shaw

This week's profile is on 2005 BC Junior Team member, 2005 BC High School Medallist, 2004 BCJD 800m Champion & BC Summer Games 400m Champion - Angela Shaw.

Angela Shaw
Born: 1989
Hometown: Surrey
Club: Valley Royals
Coach: Brit Townsend
Event: 800m

2005 Best Performance & Ranking:

800m - 2:09.25 BC #2 Youth, Canada Youth #3


2005 BC Junior Champs 800m - 1st
2005 Canadian Junior National Championships - 5th
2004 BCJD 400m - 1st
2004 BCJD 800m - 1st
2004 BC Summer Games 400m Champion
2004 National Legion Championships 800m - 1st
2004 National Legion Championships 400m - 3rd

Track & Field Team Selection:

2005 BC Junior Team
2004 BC 15 Year Old Team
2004 BC Summer Games - Zone 3

Track & Field Meet Requirements!

  • Make sure that throws implements are weighed and measured correctly. Communicate a request to have implements weighed to the BC Athletics Officials responsible for the throws well before your competition date.
  • A large percentage of track meets are still not listing throws events properly in their results. The implement weight (metric only) must be clearly noted in the title of the event and in results listings. Example: "Sr. Men's Hammer (7.260kg)". If the weight of the implement is not stated in the title of the event the performances will not be used for provincial, national or international rankings or records.
  • Make sure hurdle heights are clearly noted in the title of the event and in results listings ie: "Juvenile Women 100mH (30")"

World Track & Field Coverage Over the Internet

British Columbia Region Bobsleigh - Testing Session

Saturday - July 30th, 2005
Location: Simon Fraser University Track and Weight Room
Time: Registration - 9:00am - Testing begins at 10:00am sharp.
Testing Protocol:

  • 30m sprint
  • 60m sprint
  • 20m sled pull
  • Power clean
  • Front Squat
  • Close-Grip Bench Press
  • Five double leg bounds

Please contact either of the coaches listed below to confirm your attendance:

  • Derek Hansen - Strength and Conditioning Coach - SFU
    Phone: 604-773-9102
  • Bill Morrish - Sprint Coach - UBC


Vancouver's Elizabeth Gleadle smashes Canadian record placing fifth in javelin at world youth track and field championships

North Vancouver's Kevin Lim just misses berth in final at track and field youth worlds


(Ottawa, July 18, 2005) - Athletics Canada is pleased to announce 28 athletes who have been selected to the national team which will represent Canada at the 2005 IAAF World Championships in Athletics taking place in Helsinki, Finland, August 5-15.

Team members are listed below:

Name, Age, Event, Hometown

Jeff Adams, 34, 200m WCh (T54)*, Toronto, ON
Richard Adu-Bobie, 21, 4x100m, Ottawa, ON
Charles Allen, 28, 110mH, Brampton, ON
Tim Berrett, 40, 50km RW, Edmonton, AB
Mark Boswell, 27, High Jump, Brampton, ON
Pierre Browne, 25, 100m, 4x100m, Toronto, ON
Tyler Christopher, 21, 400m, Chilliwack, BC
Diane Cummins, 31, 800m, Vancouver, BC
Tawa Dortch, 25, 400mH, Edmonton, AB
Carmen Douma-Hussar, 28, 1500m, Cambridge, ON
Dana Ellis, 25, Pole Vault, Kitchener, ON
Perdita Felicien, 24, 100m Hurdles, Pickering, ON
Kelsie Hendry, 23, Pole Vault, Saskatoon, SK
Anson Henry, 26, 4x100m, Pickering, ON
Karl Jennings, 26, 110mH, Brampton, ON
Jennifer Joyce, 24, Hammer, Richmond, BC
Jarek Kulesza, 27, 4x100m, Laval, QC
Priscilla Lopes, 22, 100mH, Whitby, ON
Nicolas Macrozonaris, 24, 4x100m, 100m, Laval, QC
Colin Mathieson, 26, 100m WCh (T54)*, Winnipeg, MB
Toyin Olupona, 22, 100m, London, ON
Hank Palmer, 20, 4x100m, Dollard-des-Orme, QC
Gary Reed, 23, 800m, Kamloops, BC
Kevin Sullivan, 31, 1500m, Brantford, ON
Achraf Tadili, 25, 800m, Montreal, QC
Jason Tunks, 30, Discus, London, ON
Angela Whyte, 25, 100m Hurdles, Edmonton, AB
Jessica Zelinka, 23, Heptathlon, London, ON

*Wheelchair demonstration events

Team members have had to meet a series of tough performance standards during certain time periods over the past year in order to be considered for selection to the team in an individual event. Depending on the event, the majority of the nominees also had to finish in the top four of The Surin Group 2005 Track and Field Championships which took place this past weekend in Winnipeg.

Athletes still have the chance to qualify for selection by achieving standards up until July 25th or at the Super Grand Prix Meet in Stockholm, Sweden taking place on July 26th. The final team announcement will be made following July 26th.

Athletics Canada is the national sport governing body for the sport of track and field including cross-country running and road running. Its purpose is to support high performance athletics excellence at the world level and to provide leadership in developmental athletics. Athletics Canada is a not for profit, charitable organization operating under a board of directors elected by provincial / territorial members.

For more information:

Penny Joyce        or             Ivonne Shoucair
Athletics Canada                 Athletics Canada
(613) 260-5580 ext 3305      (613) 260-5580 ext 3311
(613) 784-0013                    (613) 878-3861 

2005 - 2006 Carding Criteria are now available. Have a look by clicking on the following link.

2005 - 2006 Carding Application Form is also available. Follow the same link, or see below to access this form.

Road Running

IAAF Competition Rules for Road Running 

BC Road Running Championships

November 20, Fall Classic 10km, Vancouver BC (UBC)

Cross Country

2005 BC Cross Country Championships

October 22, Crescent Park, Surrey BC (White Rock) 

Letter of intent to Bid - BC Cross Country Championships 2006 - 2007

Letters of intent to bid for the 2006 - 2007 BCA Cross Country Division should be received at the BC Athletics office by Sunday July 24, 2005.

Each bid will receive a cross country championship bid package to be completed by August 21st. Upon completion the bid package will be forwarded to the Cross Country Division Chair - Mr. Frank Reynolds. A selection sub-committee of the Cross Country Division will award the Championships in September.

Canadian Cross Country Championships

December 3, 2005
Jericho Park - Vancouver
Call for committee members and volunteers. If you would like to assist with the planning and organizing of the Canadian Cross Country Championships or to volunteer notify 604-737-3174.

IAAF Competition Rules for Cross Country Running. 

Employment & volunteer Opportunities

PacificSport - Fraser Valley Regional Athletics Centre

Sprints, Hurdles and Jumps Coach Position

The Valley Royals Track and Field Club, in partnership with BC Athletics and the PacificSport Fraser Valley Regional Athletics Centre, headquartered in Abbotsford, BC is seeking a person to assume the position of sprints, hurdles and jumps coach. This is a part time position that will offer remuneration of $1,500.00 per month for a total of $18,000 per year.

The main training venue will be the Swan Track & Field Complex located at Rotary Stadium in Abbotsford, BC. The track is an excellent facility that is fully equipped. There are two pole vault pits that are covered by rollaway sheds. During the late fall and winter months, weight training sessions are booked into a local school.

The successful candidate should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • Have obtained their complete NCCP level 3 certification in sprints, hurdles and jumps.
  • Be a person that has a proven record of developing skills in the full range of sprint, hurdle and jumping events for athletes primarily 16-years of age and older.
  • Be a coach that is particularly competent in developing high-level skills in the pole vault and high jump events.
  • Be a person that recognizes talent and has the ability to recruit that talent for the sport of Athletics.
  • Be a coach that is capable of developing the skills of athletes to a level that would enable them to achieve the standards needed to be selected to both BC and Canadian teams.
  • Be a coach that is able to motivate in a positive manner the athletes under his/her charge.
  • Be an effective communicator both written and verbally.

The successful candidate will be required:

  • To coach 20-hours per week.
  • To develop a schedule of practices that will allow the coach to give attention to all events and athletes included in his/her discipline.
  • To develop and put into use training and competition programs that are suitable for the athletes.
  • To assist at competitions and other events hosted by the Valley Royals or Fraser Valley Regional Centre.
  • To attend as many competitions that are feasible at which his/her athletes will take part.
  • Be able to organize and instruct technical coaching certification clinics for levels 1 and 2 for sprints, hurdles and jumps.
  • To work cooperatively with other coaches in the club and centre.
  • To plan and instruct at camps.
  • Be a self-starter who can initiate programs that will further the development of the sport of Athletics.
  • Be a member in good standing with BC Athletics or another Provincial/Territorial Branch of Athletics Canada
    To communicate effectively with club and centre members, Fraser Valley Schools and Clubs, BC Athletics and Athletics Canada as required.

This position would be most suitable for a person that is able to earn other income during the hours that he/she is not involved in the coaching obligations as stated above. There is also the opportunity to share income from new projects that the coach initiates and plays a leadership role in organizing.

Interested candidates should mail or email resumes to:

  • Mike Inman, President
    Valley Royals Track Club
    31051 Downes Road
    Mt. Lehman, BC V4X 1Y6

Distance Coach Required - West Vancouver Track & Field Club

The West Vancouver Track & Field Club requires a distance coach for our High School and older athletes training for cross-country and middle distance track events. Level 2 NCCP certification or equivalent education experience is required. Time commitment is 1 ½ hour sessions 3 days per week. If you are interested in this position with our growing club of enthusiastic athletes, coaches and parent volunteers please contact Patricia Watts, WVTFC President at 604-925-8867.

Coach Needed - South Fraser Track & Field Club

To work with Junior Development athletes (ages 9 - 14).
Part time, March to August each year - great for a student or former athlete. Focus will be primarily sprints, runs or throws.
Call Glen: 604-524-5976. South Fraser Track Club, Surrey

Courses & Seminars

2nd Annual Whitworth College Cross Country Coaches Clinic

Date: Saturday Aug 20, 2005
Time: 8:30am - 2:00pm
Location: Whitworth College - Spokane, WA (Weyerhaeuser Hall - Robinson Teaching Theater)
Clock hours: Five (5) WIAA approved clock hours will be provided.

This clinic is designed to provide both new and veteran high school/middle school cross country and track and field distance coaches with increased knowledge in the areas of periodization training, core strength training, injury prevention, nutrition, rest/recovery, mental preparation, race strategy and team building. Other areas will also be provided if time allows. Specific workouts will also be discussed.

Information will be presented in both lecture form (PowerPoint) and through demonstrations.

Each coach will be provided a packet of notes, including examples of workouts that may be used or adapted to specific programs.

Snacks and Lunch will be provided.

This is a great opportunity to add to your current knowledge base and help jump start your season.

$55 (includes snacks, lunch, clock hour fee, notes and registration fee)
$45 (excludes clock hours)

Dr. Toby C. Schwarz, Head Cross Country/Track and Field Coach
Whitworth College
(509) 777- 4361


BC Athletics Board of Directors

Chair: Tom Hastie -
Board of Directors:
May 14, 2005
August 20, 2005
November 26, 2005

Board of Directors - Executive Committee:

April 27, 2005
June 22, 2005
October 26, 2005
December 7, 2005
January 1, 2006

Juvenile, Junior, Senior Track & Field Committee

Committee Chair: Ron Bunting -
2005 dates:
April 3, 2005
June 26, 2005
July 24, 2005

Branch Officials Committee

Committee Chair: Ann Lansdell - 
2005 dates- TBA

Masters Committee

Committee Chair: Jake Madderom - 
April 6, 2005
June 1, 2005 - CANCELLED
September 7, 2005
November 9, 2005

Road Running Committee

Contact: Jerry Tighe - 
2005 dates - TBA

Junior Development Committee

Committee Chairs: Alwilda van Ryswyk - 
Denise Clements - 
April 3, 2005
September 11, 2005

Cross Country Committee

Committee Chair: Frank Reynolds - 
June 25, 2005


Special Offer to BC Athletics Clubs - "Never Let Go" by Ron Wallingford

Borealis Press has directed part of its publicity project for Ron Wallingford's novel Never Let Go into providing each interested track and field club in British Columbia with a complimentary copy. This novel was recently reviewed in the May-June issue of Athletics Magazine (Can). Clubs wishing a gratuitous copy should contact Ron Wallingford with specific mailing instructions.
Fax: (705) 675-8787
Mailing Address: 1292 Lakewood Dr., Sudbury, ON P3E 6H9

2005-2006 RBC Olympians Program

Today RBC Financial Group launched the 2005-2006 RBC Olympians Program. The program will employee current and former Olympic and Paralympic athletes on flexible work arrangements to allow for their training and competition needs. The athletes will act as community ambassadors, sharing their past experiences and current Olympic dreams with schools, community groups and RBC clients and employees. In addition to their community outreach role, the athletes will work in various departments within RBC gaining valuable work experience to help prepare for their lives after competition.

RBC is offering contract positions of 12 months in main urban centres such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax beginning in late August 2005.

Athletes must be carded national team athletes in an Olympic or Paralympic sport or have previously competed in an Olympic or Paralympic Games.

Please see for more details. On the website, there is a link to the job posting on the RBC Careers website. Candidates are encouraged to submit their resume online. The deadline for submission is July 27, 2005.

For more information, please contact:
Shawn Redmond
RBC Financial Group

Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Association of BC - Talent ID Camps

ASRA is the recognized multi-sport umbrella organization for the Aboriginal peoples of British Columbia. Since inception in 1989, it has become a catalyst to support and guide the provision of opportunities for Aboriginal peoples in sport, physical activity and recreation. ASRA services athletes, coaches and sport leaders in more than 200 communities throughout BC. This not-for-profit society has played a leadership role in the development of the Aboriginal sports movement in BC, in Canada and the establishment of the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG).

ASRA aims to involve a significant higher proportion of Aboriginal people in quality sport activities at all levels and in all forms of participation. ASRA ensures effective leadership by maintaining and supporting programs in three areas: Leadership, Coaching, Athlete, and Team Development. Major programs are the Aboriginal Youth in Action, Aboriginal Coaches in Action, Aboriginal Athletes in Action (Team BC Talent ID Camps), and Aboriginal Team BC for the NAIG and the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC).

With the introduction of the Aboriginal Youth F.I.R.S.T (Futures in Recreation and Sport Training) Sport Excellence Program, ASRA aims to increase Aboriginal youth participation in sport; increase participation of elite Aboriginal athletes; create opportunities for Aboriginal athletes to compete in Major Games such as the North American Indigenous Games, BC Summer and Winter Games, Western Canada Games and to increase athlete services and programs. Once again, two components of the Sport Excellence Program are the ID and Provincial Camp(s). With the implementation of the Sport Excellence Program Work Plan and ongoing assessment of each program components, ASRA aims to continuously focus on strengthening the program's objectives.

For information regarding the 2005 Talent ID Camp please go to the ASRA website at

If anyone has extra bib numbers that ASRA can use for the Talent ID Camps please contact Joe Akerman at - Ph: (250) 544.8172 Fax: (250) 544-8173

Around the Track - What's new on the track scene in BC

NEW! Check here for BC Athletics media/press releases, news articles/stories on athletes and coaches, information on upcoming major sporting events and interesting articles from within our provincial track and field program and local clubs. Articles will be archived.

Athletics Canada names team for Pan Am Junior Championships July 29-31 in Windsor, Ontario

July 13, 2005 OTTAWA - Geneviève Thibault of Val-Belair, Quebec, who won three national junior titles this past weekend, leads a 75-member Canadian team to the Pan American Junior Track and Field Championships July 29-31 at Windsor, Ontario.

Thibault, 19, took gold in the 100m, 200m, and 100m hurdles in Montreal at junior nationals this past weekend. Also leading the women's side will be Marie-Eve Boiselle of Verchères, who set a new championship record in the hammer throw, and Carline Muir of Weston, ON who is currently the top ranked 400m runner in Canada.

On the men's side, Justyn Warner of Etobicoke, ON looks to continue his strong string of running in Windsor after claiming both the 100 and 200 metre sprints. Canada will also boast a solid 1-2 punch in the men's throws with Kyle Helf of Alliston, ON and Mike Barnes of Hamilton, ON. Both men qualified for the Shot Put and Discus.

Head coach Dennis Fairall heads into the meet feeling quite confident about his athletes' abilities. "I believe that Canada will field a very strong junior team at the Pan Am Junior Championships in Windsor. With the Championships attracting 44 of the 45 eligible countries, the meet will be one of the most competitive in the history of the Championships. That being said, Canada hopes to surpass the medal count of 12 which Team Canada captured in Barbados at the 2003 Pan Am Juniors. Home country advantage should help the Canadians rise to the occasion and capture a record number of medals", says the Windsor native.

Canada won 12 medals at the 2003 Pan Am juniors including one gold.

The Canadian team for the Pan American Junior Championships July 29-31 in Windsor:


Name, Year of Birth, Sex, Event, Best Performance, Hometown / Province

ANDREWS, Kaitlyn, 1988, W, Shot Put, 13.34, Georgetown, ON
ARNASON, Stefan, 1987, M, Decathlon, 5807, Winnipeg, ON
BARNES, Michael, 1986, M, Shot Put, 18.35, Caledonia, ON
BARNES, Michael, 1986, M, Discus, 49.29, Caledonia, ON
BECKFORD-STEWARD, Alecia, 1987, W, Heptathlon, 4576, Brampton, ON
BERNARD, Alex, 1986, M, Javelin, 59, Rockland, ON
BARNETT, Brian, 1987, M, 400, 48.15, Edmonton, AB
BEST, Kelsey, 1986, W, Javelin, 40.52, Berwick, NS
BOISELLE, Marie-Eve, 1986, W, Hammer, 57.34, Verchères, QC
BOURGON, Sherri, 1987, W, Long Jump, 5.55, Kamsack, SK
BOYLE, Sarah, 1987, W, High Jump, 1.74, Simcoe County, ON
CAMPBELL-FELL, Corri-Ann, 1987, W, 400H, 60.04, Vancouver, BC
COTTEN, Jen, 1987, W, 400H, 61.00, Barrie, ON
CUMMINGS, Brian, 1986, M, 400, 48.04, Ottawa, ON
DAYLEY, Kelsey, 1986, W, 1500, 04:30.8, Fredericton, NB
DIXON, Aaron, 1987, M, Decathlon, 6340, Mackenzie, BC
DROUIN, Jillian, 1987, W, Heptathlon, 4625, Corunna, ON
DUNCAN, Justin, 1988, M, 800, 01:52.1, Brampton, ON
EDWARDS, Nicole, 1986, W, 1500, 04:19.3, Winnipeg, MB
EPPELE, Joe, 1987, M, Hammer, 54.98, Brackendale, BC
FISICO, Jeremy, 1986, M, 10000, Windsor, ON
FRIESEN, Kevin, 1987, M, 10000, Nanaimo, BC
GALLAGHER, Jake, 1986, M, 5000, 14:44.2, Bedford, NS
GAGNE, Alexandre, 1988, M, 10k Race Walk, 47:38:00, St-Jeanne D'Arc, QC
GARRATT, Philip, 1988, M, Pole Vault, 4.4, Toronto, ON
GENEST, Alex, 1986, M, 3000mSC, 08:37.8, Lac aux Sables, QC
GREENAWAY, Chris, 1987, M, Long Jump, 7.09, Brossard, QC
HARRIOT, Dwayne, 1986, M, Triple Jump, 14.78, Kitchener, ON
HELF, Kyle, 1986, M, Shot Put (19.03) and Discus (55.26), Alliston, ON
HOLDER, Nikkita, 1987, W, 100H, 14.07, Pickering, ON
HOLM, David, 1986, M, 800, 01:51.9, Calgary, AB
HUNTER, Raeleen, 1987, W, 800, 02:10.0, Beaumont, AB
JESTADT, Ian, 1986, M, Triple Jump, 14.43, Regina, SK
KOHLMEIER, Alyson, 1986, W, 3000, 09:23.0, Sarnia, ON
KOKAYKO, Rochelle, 1987, W, Hammer, 56.28, Kelowna, BC
KOLSTAD, Kristen, 1986, W, 1500, 04:33.0, Surrey, BC

LATOUCHE, Marc, 1986, M, 100, 10.56, Stoufville, ON
LAVALLEE, Rachel, 1986, W, 10k Race Walk, 53:40.1, Peterborough, ON
LEBLANC, Michael, 1987, M, Relay, 10.54, Moncton, NB
LEWIS, Bailey, 1986, W, 400, 54.53, Inkerman, ON
MASON, Michael, 1986, M, High Jump, 2.21, Nanoose Bay, BC
MCBEAN, Mandy, 1987, W, 3000, 09:31.3, Scarborough, ON
MCCORQUINDALE, Michael, 1986, M, High Jump, 2.01, Calgary, AB
MÉNARD, Pierre-Luc, 1986, M, 10k Race Walk, 44:49:00, Dolbeau-Mistassini, QC
MERRILL, Victoria, 1987, W, Triple Jump, 11.56, Orangeville, ON
MILNE, Blair, 1986, M, Pole Vault, 4.4, Toronto, ON
MUIR, Carline, 1986, W, 200 (24.37) and 400 (52.74), Weston, ON
NEWTON, Adam, 1986, M, Relay, 10.77, North Bay,ON
NOVAKOWSKI, Braden, 1986, M, 1500, 03:49.9, Kingston, ON
OMAYE, Ugiabe, 1987, W, 200, 24.79, Scarborough, ON
PARE, Leanne, 1986, W, High Jump, 1.77, Welland, ON
PATTERSON, Heather, 1986, W, Shot Put, 13.07, Guelph, ON
PATTERSON, Mikaela, 1986, W, Discus, 44.56, Abbotsford, BC
PIQUETTE, Samantha, 1986, W, Javelin, 42.91, Casselman, ON
RATZLAFF, Trent, 1986, M, 400H, 52.92, Calgary, AB
RICHARD, Camille, 1987, W, Triple Jump, 11.84, West Vancouver, BC
RODRIGUEZ, Chelsea, 1986, W, 10k Race Walk, 55:34.2, Fenwick, ON
RYDER, Jamie, 1987, M, 110H, 14.38, London, ON
SMELLIE, Gavin, 1986, M, 200, 21.86, Toronto, ON
SMITH, Seyi, 1987, M, Long Jump, 7.37, Ottawa, ON
SPARKES, Liliane, 1986, W, 5000, 17:36.6, Oshawa, ON
STEADS, Mark, 1986, M, 10000, Paris, ON
STEACY, Sean, 1986, M, Hammer, 64.46, Lethbridge, AB
THERIAU, Chris, 1987, M, 110H, 14.96, Kentville, NS
THIBAULT, Geneviève, 1986, W, 100H (13.71) and 100 (11.55), Val-Belair, QC
TRUSTY, Rhonda K, 1988, W, 100, 12.34, Brampton, ON
VAN BUSKIRK, Kate, 1987, W, 800, 02:09.6, Brampton, ON
VANOS, Jennifer, 1986, W, 3000m SC, Forest, ON
VAUSE, Leah, 1987, W, Pole Vault, 3.9, Saskatoon, SK
WARNER, Justyn, 1987, M, 100 (10.38) and 200 (21.30), Etobicoke, ON
WHITE, Aaron, 1986, M, 400H, 53.01, Trenton, ON
WHITEGIBSON, Billie, 1988, W, Relay, 12.37, Coquitlam, BC
WILLEMSE, Lydia, 1986, W, 3000m SC, Sarnia, ON
WINTER, Chris, 1986, M, 3000m SC, 08:54.9, North Vancouver, BC
WOLKINS, Adam, 1986, M, Javelin, 62.24, Shelburne, NS
WOODS, Mike, 1986, M, 1500, 03:42.5, Ottawa, ON
YOULTON, Carly, 1986, W, Long Jump, 5.66m, Chatham, ON
ZAVADUK, Heather, 1986, W, Pole Vault, 3.7, Smithers, BC


Dennis Fairall, Head Coach, Windsor, ON
Molly Killingbeck, Assistant Coach, Toronto, ON
Carla Nichols, Assistant Coach, Regina, SK
Jill Mallon, Assistant Coach, Toronto, ON
Laurier Primeau, Assistant Coach, Vancouver, BC
David Christianni, Assistant Coach, Toronto, ON
Hugh Conlin, Assistant Coach, Winchester, ON
Yvan Pelletier, Assistant Coach, Fredericton, NB
Jesus Ulloa-Lopez, Assistant Coach, Verdun, QC
Ming Pu Wu, Assistant Coach, Montreal Lake, SK


Steve Morley, Halifax, NS
Gwen Young, Yellowknife, NWT
Richard Borek, Omemee, ON
Tony Dickson, Comox, BC
Marc-Elie Toussaint, Montreal, QC


Kevin Bean, Ottawa, ON
Janine Platana, Saskatoon, SK


Stuart Love, Chiro, Victoria, BC
Carolyn Daubeny, Massage, Vancouver, BC

Al Bodnarchuk, Massage, Saskatoon, SK
Richard Gregory, Physio, Montreal, QC

For more information:

Ivonne Shoucair
Athletics Canada
(613) 260-5580 ext. 3311


Miles Rowat
Athletics Canada
(613) 260-5580 ext. 3312

2005 Cross Country Trip to California

September 23 - 26, 2005
Meet: Dana Hills Cross Country Invitational
Costs: $600 approximately (includes airfare & all taxes, ground transportation, meet entry, meet t-shirt, Accommodation). Athletes responsible for food costs
Group Size: 26
Ages: Athletes in grades 9 -12 (Fall 2005)
Group Leader: Andrew Lenton

Interested athletes, coaches, & parents should contact Andrew Lenton ASAP to reserve a space. A $100 deposit will be required to save you a spot on the tour. First come, first served. Bookings have been completed.

Team leader Andrew Lenton is a cross country coach at Terry Fox Secondary School and a coach with Golden Ears Athletics. He has previously lived in the Beverly Hills area for several years and is very familiar with the Los Angeles area.

For a sample itinerary and further information please contact Andrew Lenton:
Telephone: (604) 463-4796

NorWesters 3rd Annual X-Country Camp at Whistler (Aug 26-31)

*Registration for Norwesters X-Country Camp is now FULL*
*Athletes may sign up on Wait List in the case of spots becoming available*
Information on program specifics, coaches, accommodation and social activities can be found at the NorWesters Track & Field Club website:

Wheelchair Athletics Opportunity - Vancouver Island

In an attempt to improve the opportunities for Wheelchair athletes in Athletics here on the island, Peter Lawless and Al Johnston are looking for individuals who would be interested in acting in a supervisory role during workouts for these athletes (particularly in the North). Programs will be devised by Peter and your job would be to oversee their completion. Should anyone become interested in furthering their knowledge in this area, technical courses will be provided.

Athlete identification (both young and old) will be another facet of this role. There are a number of potential athletes in our communities who have little knowledge of the opportunities we offer. We need to let them know we exist and that their are a number of opportunities in a number of event areas in which they can get involved.

If you are interested in this and would like more information feel free to contact Al Johnston or Peter Lawless

BC Teams Staff Announced

BC Juvenile Team:

Head Coach & Throws - Richard Collier
Distance - Rob Connors
Sprints & Hurdles - Peter Raddatz
Jumps - Elena Voloshin
Managers - Irene Hanson-Monnie

BC Canada Summer Games Team:

Head Coach & Jumps - Ron Parker
Throws - Ron Bunting
Distance - Sue Northey
Sprints & Hurdles - Tony Dickson
Combined Events - Amber Gilbert
Manager - Bev Dilorio
Manager - Ryan Sullivan


RunJumpThrow is the core development program adopted by BC Athletics and Athletics Canada as the foundation of the sport of track and field /athletics.

The skills of running, jumping and throwing form the basis of all land based sport and as such, RunJumpThrow is a foundation program all youth can benefit from.

RJT is:

  • Integrated for development at all levels
  • Broad based and progressive
  • FUNdamental to all land based sports
  • Inclusive for all abilities and maturational stages
  • Adaptive to special needs and athletes with disabilities
  • Gender equitable

RJT stresses:

  • Skills of RUNNING, JUMPING and THROWING in age appropriate sequential progressions
  • Individual improvement and positive reinforcement
  • FUN and active learning environment
  • Improvement in physical and emotional well being
  • Safety and certified instruction


  • Instructor courses offered
  • promotional presentations to school districts, administrators
  • school piloting programs
  • summer sports camps

Contact: Thelma Wright BC Athletics RunJumpThrow Coordinator
Phone 604 737 3175

2005 All Comer Track & Field Meets & High Performance Events

Burnaby Central Secondary School Track (Canada Way & Norland)
Dates: Tuesday: June 21, June 28, July 5, 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9.
Start: 7:00 PM. (3k Walks 6:45 PM). Schedule subject to change.

  • July 26 3000 Walk, 400, 800, 200, 1500, 5,000, Discus, Shot Put
  • Aug 2 1500 Walk, 400, 800, 100, 1500, 10,000
  • Aug 9 1500 Walk, 400, 800, 200, Mile, 3000

Hosted by Hershey Harriers A.C.
Sanctioned By: British Columbia Athletics

Entries: 6:15 P.M. Participants should register at least 1/2 hour prior to their event.

Cost: $3.00 BC Athletics Member (All Types) or equivalent from another Province/State/Country Athletics/Track & Field Association for 2005. $6.00 Non-Members. Enter as many events as you like for one fee.

Event Order: Rolling time schedule. Fast sections go first. One section or event follows the previous. Other events may be added. Some events if requested, will be gender separated.

These meets are open to anyone wishing to participate. All ages/abilities. Mixed performances are not eligible for Records, International Standards or National/Provincial Team Selection. Mixed performances in Provincial/National Rankings will be noted as occurring in mixed events.

Information: Jerry Tighe, 604-731-9475,

2005 Espoo European Paralympics Championships - Selection Criteria

Francophone Games - Selection Criteria

Medical and vaccination information for the Francophone Games (Niamey, NIG)

Selection Criteria for the 2005 International Combined Events Meeting 

2005 JDLF (Francophone Games) selection criteria as been revised 

2006 Commonwealth Games selection criteria now available 

BC Team Selection Criteria and Standards & General Criteria for Funding Support

Information available on the BC Athletics website at:

AWD carding criteria for 2005-2006: 

2005 Pan American Junior Coaching Conference
July 27 - 28 2005 
Information contacts:
(519) 253-3000 ext 4058

IAAF Helsinki World Championships in Athletics - Selection Criteria 

Universiade (FISU Games) - Selection Criteria

BC Championship Meets 2005

See Calendar of Events for complete information on competitions, contact information with links.

  • Canada Summer Games Trials, BC Juvenile Championships & BC Summer Games Midget Alternate Meet, July 23-24, Abbotsford
  • BC Interior Championships, August 6-7, Penticton
  • BC Senior Games, August 24-27, Duncan

Coaching Certification 2005

Information regarding the new NCCP program can be found on the CABC website: For additional information on courses offered, contact Brian McCalder at or go to the website at

Any coaches interested in upgrading their current coaching level(s) or new coaches wanting to become certified during 2005 should email Peter Ogilvie at Please include the following information:

  • the city/ region you live in.
  • the event group area (i.e. - distance, sprints & hurdles, throws, jumps) you wish to take the coaching level course in.
  • the level of course you wish to take
  • the current coaching level you have (or please indicate if you are new to coaching)
  • your contact details (i.e. - current phone number, email, address & fax)

BC Games
BC Summer and BC Winter Games

Cowichan Valley 2005 BC Seniors Games - Aug 24-27
100 Mile House 2006 Northern BC Winter Games - Feb 2-5
Greater Trail 2006 BC Winter Games - Feb 23-26
Kamloops 2006 BC Summer Games - July 27-30
2008 BC Winter Games - Kimberley-Cranbrook - Feb 21-24, 2008
2008 BC Summer Games - Kelowna - July 24-27, 2008
2010 BC Winter Games - Terrace - Mar 4-7, 2010
2010 BC Summer Games - Langley - July 22-25, 2010

World Anti-doping Agency

See the following link for:
1. 2005 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods
2. 2005 Monitoring Program (substances being monitored by WADA in order to detect patterns of misuse in sport.
3. 2005 Summary of Modifications vis-a-vis 2004 Prohibited List


Major and upcoming events sanctioned by BC Athletics

Details, direct links and contacts 

For complete listings of upcoming events (BC sanctioned events highlighted in yellow) with contact information:

Track & Field

Road Running


Road Relays & Ultra 

Cross Country and Trail Running

Race Walking

see Track & Field above



2005 rankings to date:

Road Running:

Track & Field


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