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ISSUE #38-2005
Friday, September 30, 2005

Questions or comments? Ph: (604) 737-3177 Email:

Highlights from this issue:

  • Schedule update for the South Fraser Cross Country Championships - Saturday, October 1, 2005
  • 2005 Junior Development Awards Announced
  • 2005 Junior Development Awards Banquet Luncheon
  • 2005/2006 BC Athlete Assistance Program
  • 2005 BC Athletics Annual Awards Nomination Forms


Schedule update for the South Fraser Cross Country Championships - Saturday, October 1, 2005

The 1st race time is still 10:30 a.m., all other races will be moved up and start earlier than previously scheduled.

  • Morning races will be moved up by 15 - 30 minutes.
  • Afternoon races will be moved up by 30 - 60 minutes.

Jim Clifford
Meet Director
South Fraser Track & Field Club

2005 Junior Development Awards Announced

The BC Athletics Junior Development Committee is pleased to announce the names of the 2005 Junior Development Award Winners. Awards will be presented at the 2005 Junior Development Awards Banquet.

2005 Junior Development Awards Banquet Luncheon

Sunday October 30, 2005
Croatian Cultural Centre 3250 Commercial Drive (close to Victoria Drive/Commercial Drive intersection), Vancouver BC

  • 11:15 pm Social Hour
  • 12:00 noon Luncheon followed by Awards Presentations and a PowerPoint presentation

See Junior Development page for more details and online ticket ordering:

(Updated Oct 5th)

1990 Female

Hayley Falkins VTFC Jumps PV/2.80m
Nicolle Fraser CC Throws/Combined Events JT/41.91m BCR
Sarah Gallagher CVC Throws HT/43.64m
Nicole Hindle CVAC Distance 1500mRW/8:05.40
Christine Lowe CC Hurdles/Combined Events 80mH/11.89, PENT/2681
Laura Macauley AVTC Throws DT/38.62m,SP/12.89m,JT/37.85m
Emmalynne MacCorquodale VISSA Throws SP/13.46m BCR, HT/48.72m
Courtenay Meade CVC Distance 1500mRW/8:23.24
Katherine Murphy PATH Hurdles 300mH/44.57
Alana Pattison LM Sprints 400m/57.56
Stephanie Trenholm CRC Distance 1500m/4:40.03, 800m/2:15.41
Heather Warwick KAJ Distance 1500mRW/7:37.18
Amy Wilde CVC Distance 1500mRW/8:25.49

1990 Male

Steven Braun KEL Jumps Dominant & within 3% TJ/12.48m
Kris Burleigh KAJ Throws JT/54.66m, DT/51.44m, SP/13.29m
Ryan Chester CVC Hurdles/Sprints 300mH/38.7h BCR, 400m/51.08
James Clark GEA Distance Dominant & within 3% 1500m/4:11.92
Gurinder Dosanjh UAC Throws DT/49.87m
Evan Dunfee KAJ Distance 1500RW/6:41.4h BCR, 3000RW/15:00.46 BCR
Kristopher Gaiesky PGTF Distance 1500RW/8:32.6h
Oren Hanscomb CRC Distance Dominant & within 3% 800m/2:02.60
Curtis Holt VTFC Throws JT/48.31m
Norman Morton CVC Sprints Dominant & within 3% 200m/22.92
100m/11.34, 200m/22.092
Keynan Parker BBY Sprints 100m/11.12, 200m/22.97
Angus Taylor KAJ Throws HT/62.88m BCR, SP/16.11m BCR, DT/53.75m
Gareth Wells LM Throws JT/55.66 BCR

1991 Female

Trina Chartrand NTFC Jumps/Combined Events HJ/1.65m, PENT/2607
Ashley Cousens CVC Throws SP/10.66m
Quinn Erickson CVC Throws SP/11.53m
Justine Johnson VTFC Distance 800m/2:17.41
Kaitlin Nelson VTFC Sprints 400m/57.62, 200m/26.01
Christabel Nettey SFTC Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps 100m/12.39, 80mH/12.02, LJ/5.75m, TJ/11.48m
Holly Parent VTFC Jumps/Combined Events HJ/1.65m, PENT/2727
Natalie Stasiak NORW Sprints 100m/12.48
Michelle Stuart LM Throws JT/33.62m, SP/10.59m
Alexis Thornhill PGTF Distance 1500mSC/5:46.46

1991 Male

Imrose Baga UAC Throws DT/45.53m, SP/13.70m
Kublai Barranda VAAA Throws JT/40.95m
Quinn Campbell VR Throws HT/40.63m
Joseph Horan TRA Throws HT/42.19m, DT/44.49m, SP/12.19m
Benson Lubben KEL Throws HT/38.53m
Ian Miller VR Jumps Dominant & within 3% HJ/1.75m
Erik Nielsen CC Throws JT/41.23m, SP/12.48m
Adam Peacock KAM Jumps PV/3.10m
Jonathan Rathjen PGTF Throws SP/12.27m, HT/41.25m
Timothy Smith U Sprints 400m/52.52
Tom Willcox CC Throws DT/48.53m BCR, SP/11.60m

1992 Female

Florence Clifford SFTC Throws HT/36.90m, DT/30.64m
Chantelle Deacon KEL Sprints/Distance Dominant & within 3% 400m/61.85
Haleigh Lloyd CVAC Combined Events PENT/2311
Sandra Ngongo UAC Sprints Dominant & within 3% 200m/26.55
Jade Richardson NTFC Combined Events PENT/2274

1992 Male

Douglas Fraser NTFC Distance 1500RW/8:29.4h
Jared Heldman LM Combined Events PENT/2862
Brodie Ingvaldson SFTC Sprints 200m/24.43
Delling Ingvaldson SFTC Throws SP/12.19m
Isaac Jacobsen KAJ Throws JT/34.80m
Karn Kang SFTC Combined Events PENT/2704
David Ling KAJ Combined Events PENT/2818
Daniel Medland-Marchen KEL Sprints/Distance Dominant & within 3% 400m/56.83 & 800m/2:11.99
Emerson Murray U Throws SP/12.98m, DT/37.81m
Cody Parker CVC Throws JT/37.85m
Stuart Pope LM Combined Events PENT/ 2693
Isaac Powrie TBIR Distance 1500RW/8:42.3h
Spencer Prince LM Throws SP/12.65m, JT/35.97m
Eric Schneebeli U Sprints Dominant & within 3% 100m/12.20
Ian Smith KAM Throws HT/38.54m

1993 Female

Rachael Inglis VTFC Distance 800mRW/4:39.3
Jade Palm U Throws JT/27.00m

1993 Male

Kevin Gaiesky PGTF Distance 800mRW/4:28.4
Jacob Powrie TBIR Sprints/Combined Events PENT/2754, 200mH/29.68

1994 Female

Ayla Akehurst CRC Throws JT/23.10m
Serena Graf SFTC Throws/Combined Events SP/11.27m, DT/23.68m, PENT/1844
Carmalita Robertson VOC Hurdles/Combined Events 60mH/10.45, PENT/1878
Madison Sands GEA Combined Events PENT/1991
Katherine Tourigny TBIR Hurdles 60mH/10.62

1994 Male

Pauljit Bhandal KAJ Throws DT/29.70m
Scott McHaffie SFTC Combined Events PENT/2029
Connor Oughtred KEL Sprints 200m/27.68
Nolan Stubbs PEN Combined Events PENT/2090

1995 Female

Petranella Daviel KAJ Distance 800mRW/5:09.1
Andrea Di Lorenzo BBY Sprints 200m/29.58
Natasha Lazecki CITY Combined Events PENT/1589
Kathryn van Ryswyk SFTC Hurdles 60mh/11.50

1995 Male

Jacob Houlton LM Combined Events PENT/1839
Vladislav Moldavanov GEA Distance 800mRW/5:07.80
Matthew van der Eyden CITY Combined Events PENT/1852

1996 Female

Jenika Bannerman NTFC Sprints/Throws/Combined Events 100m/14.9, SP/5.80m, PENT/1043
Meghan Ho NORW Throws SP/6:13m
Sonja Jacobsen KAJ Combined Events PENT/833
Taylor Neveu SFTC Combined Events PENT/996
Rachel Ross PEN Throws SP/5.94m
Alannah Vetterl SFTC Jumps/Combined Events HJ/1.17m, PENT/1141

1996 Male

Connor Hadath GEA Hurdles/Combined Events 60mH/11.88, PENT/1617
Nicolaus Karamanian GEA Combined Events PENT/1495
Cole Lamont GEA Hurdles/Combined Events 60mH/11.20, PENT/1767
Joshua Lampen GEA Combined Events PENT/1280
Michael North CC Sprints/Combined Events 200m/30.62, PENT/1560
Nathan Wadhwani GEA Distance/Combined Events 1500m/5:25.4, PENT/1476

2005/2006 BC Athlete Assistance Program

Information and Application Forms will be available on the BC Athletics website later next week.

2005 BC Athletics Annual Awards Nomination Forms

Deadline for nomination: November 30, 2005

2006-2012 Strategic Plan - DRAFT - of the identified Foundation Components and Critical Elements that are proposed as the framework of the 2006-2012 Strategic Plan.

The BC Athletics Planning Committee (Chair, Jim Cummins, Jim Gallagher, John Bird, Tom Hastie and BC Athletics staff Brian McCalder) would like to present, as a first step in the process of membership involvement and consultation, the 2006-2012 Strategic Plan - DRAFT - of the identified Foundation Components and Critical Elements that are proposed as the framework of the 2006-2012 Strategic Plan.

The presentation contains 4 main areas:

  • Preamble to the BC Athletics Strategic Plan - Setting the Environment
  • The identification of the Foundation Components of:
    • Athlete / Participant Development
    • Competition / Participation Program
    • Officials
    • Coaching
    • Organizational Capacity
  • Guiding Statements for each of the Foundation Components that help set the framework to guide the Critical Elements of each of the Foundation Components
  • Critical Elements - which have been identified as a critical component essential for success within each of the Foundation Components

The Planning Committee has presented this draft to the Board of Directors who have approved it in principle. The next step is to have the membership (clubs, individuals and association committees):

  • review the presentation
  • ask questions of the Planning Committee
  • make recommendations for additions and changes which the planning committee will receive, review, consult with the individual, club or committee on in order to determine how this best fits into the plan.
  • validate the:
    • direction the plan has taken
    • Foundation Elements (notwithstanding any recommendations or proposed changes)
    • Critical components (notwithstanding any recommendations or proposed changes)

This is a very critical step in the planning process as it sets the framework around which the Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Actions/Activities are developed. It is the foundation and framework of the plan and the Planning Committee needs your input.

The intent of the Planning Committee is that the Strategic Plan should be Robust, Dynamic and Flexible.

You can direct any questions to the following members of the Planning Committee:

Your replies, feedback and recommendations of additions and changes should be sent to: all of the Planning Committee members by October 3/05.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review, input and being involved in the future direction of BC Athletics and Athletics in British Columbia.

Brian McCalder

Rising Stars in Athletics - Billie Whitegibson

This week's profile is on 2005 BC Junior Team Member, BC Juvenile Team Member, Canada Games Team Member and Pan Am Junior Team Member—Billie Whitegibson.

Billie Whitegibson
Born: 1988
Hometown: Burnaby, BC
Club: Coquitlam Cheetahs
Coach: Tara Perry
Event: 100m & 200m

2005 Best Performance & Ranking:

100m - 12.01 BC Juvenile#2nd / Can Juvenile#5th
200m - 25.58 BC Juvenile#2nd


2005 Canada Games 4x100m Gold Medallist
2005 Canada Summer Games 100m finalist - 4th
2005 Canadian National Junior Championships 100m Bronze Medallist
2005 Canadian National Legion 100m silver medallist
2005 BC Juvenile Championships 100m Champion
2005 BC High School 100m Champion

Track & Field Team Selection:

2005 BC Junior Team member
2005 BC Juvenile Team member
2005 TEAM BC - Canada Summer Games member
2005 Canadian Junior Team member


On-line registration for the Timex Canadian 10 km Road Running Championships ~ Deadline Tuesday, October 4, 2005

2005 Canadian Cross Country Championships - Technical Information package

Road Running

Winter 2005/2005 Road Running Performance Clinic

This clinic is for all runners who wish to improve their running fitness level and performance. Should already be comfortable running 25-30 miles per week (regardless of pace). Includes a formal interval training session every Wednesday night, plus coaching and personal consultation from John Hill (certified Level 2 coach). Presented by the Road Running Division of BC Athletics.

  • Long Program 2:
    24 weeks Wednesday nights starting October 19, 2005 at 6 p.m. through to May 3, 2006.
  • Short Program:
    17 weeks January 4 2006 though to May 3, 2006

Drop-in available
For complete information and registration: 

Runners Survey Results

Here are the results of a survey on what runners look for in a race.


If a race is timed using a chip system which do you think should be used as your "official" finishing time / place and the time used for age awards scoring, the gun time (time from the start of the race until you cross the finish line) or the net time (elapsed time from the time you cross the starting line to when you cross the finish line)?

Official time should be gun time: 102, 16.2%
Official time should be net time: 533, 84.6%


A race with 5000 runners and using the chip system could pay close to $15000 to time and score the race. How important is it to you to actually be timed and scored in a local short distance (5K or 5M) race (say a digital display clock was positioned at the finish where you could see your finishing time).

Extremely important: 104, 16.5%
Important: 219, 34.8%
Marginally important: 179, 28.4%
Not important: 132, 21%


If a runner wins an award in one category and also qualifies for an award in another category (for example a 40-year-old places 3rd overall and 1st in the 40-49 age category) should that runner receive both awards or should they only receive the greater of the two awards and be eliminated from the other category?

Runner should receive BOTH awards: 260, 41.3%
Runner should only receive one award: 373, 59.2%


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday, November 21, 2005
Roundhouse Community Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews (Pacific Blvd @ Davie St.)

Cross-training is a powerful tool to get a competitive edge in your running and to avoid 2 negative consequences of training: over-training and burnout. Cross-training is defined as using another sport, activity or training technique to help improve your performance, in this case running. Attend this presentation to learn how cross-training can enhance your running.

Wendy Epp, one of Vancouver's leading sports physiotherapists and Christine Fletcher, podium finisher Ironman Canada 2005 will discuss the practicalities of cross training and how it can lead to new performance outcomes! Wendy will give specific examples on techniques that she uses in her clinical role. Christine will motivate you with how the diversity of activities enhances your total fitness and ultimately benefits you to reach new levels of sport success.

Christine Fletcher is a professional long course triathlete training and living in Vancouver, BC. In 2003, Christine entered the professional circuit and was named Top Female Triathlete by both Triathlon British Columbia and Triathlon Canada and went on to take the national and provincial championship titles that same year. Christine is a nine-time Ironman competitor, including four times in Hawaii at the World Ironman Championships. Most recently, she placed third at Ironman Canada and grabbed the title at the inaugural Desert Half Ironman in early July.

Wendy Epp (B.Sc.P.T.) is a registered sports physiotherapist in the Province of BC. She has practiced in the lower mainland for over 13 years and specializes in orthopaedics and Sports Injuries. She has lectured for the Sun Run Training Clinics and Sports Medicine Council of BC. Wendy has worked with professional athletes from various sports and was a member of the Canadian Health Care Team for the 2002 Winter Olympics and Paralympics (Salt Lake City) and is a member of the Canadian Health Care Team for the 2006 Winter Olympics and Paralympics (Torino). She served as president and member at large for Sport Physiotherapy BC for 5 years, and sat on the National Committee for Sport Physiotherapy for 2 years. When not fixing other athletes, Wendy is a middle distance runner, triathlete and Ironman athlete - always injury free. Wendy practices at FORM PHYSIOTHERAPY in Vancouver.

Upon completion of the question and answer segment of the seminar, some lucky people will walk away with great running gear compliments of Forerunners.

Final 2005 Timex Series Rankings

BC 10K Road Race Team - Selection Criteria

The 2005 Canadian 10k Road Running Championships will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Sunday, October 9th. Stay tuned to the Athletics Canada website for additional information regarding entries and the technical package.

All athletes who achieve the Performance Standards listed below are eligible to compete in the 2005 Timex Canadian Road Race Championships. All runners must be registered members of a member branch of Athletics Canada prior to the championship date, in order to participate in the championships. All performances must be achieved in 2005 sanctioned road races.

Performance Standards:

Distance        Male    Female
5 km           15:50     18:45
10 km          33:30     40:00
1/2 Marathon 1:14:05   1:28:30
Marathon     2:36:10   3:06:40

Standards for 5 km, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon are based on the 10 km standards, calculated using the Mercier Tables.

Both individual performances and rankings in the BC Timex Road Running Series will be considered for Team Selection. Please see the General Criteria for Selection at:

IAAF Competition Rules for Road Running 

BC 10k Road Running Championships

November 20, FILA Fall Classic 10km, Vancouver BC (UBC)

Cross Country

2005 Fall Cross Country and Trail Running Calendar 

2005 Lower Mainland Cross Country Series

The Lower Mainland Cross Country Series is looking for volunteers wishing to assist with the coordination of the series. If you have participated in this series in the past or would just like to help please contact Jake Madderom, 604-433-3371 or Email:

Regional X-C Series in BC

Download a printable one-page flyer listing all the regional Cross Country Series meets in BC:

2005 BC Cross Country Championships

October 22, Crescent Park, Surrey BC (White Rock) 

Canadian Cross Country Championships

December 3, 2005
Jericho Park - Vancouver
Technical Package and entry forms:
Call for committee members and volunteers. If you would like to assist with the planning and organizing of the Canadian Cross Country Championships or to volunteer notify 604-737-3174.

BC & Canadian Cross Country Championships Flyer

Download a printable 2-page flyer with information and schedules for both the 2005 BC Cross Country Championships and Canadian Cross Country Championships: 

IAAF Competition Rules for Cross Country Running 

Courses & Seminars

Run Jump Throw Teachers Instructor Workshop - Smithers, Oct 21 (new date)

See the following link for more course and registration information:

Workshop Listings for Fall 2005

See the following link for a list of upcoming RJT Instructor Training Workshops:

Run Jump Throw Learning Outcomes for Instructors and Requirements for Certification

See the following link for an outline of the Learning Outcomes and Requirements for RJT Instructor Certification:

Employment & volunteer Opportunities

South Fraser Track Club - Coaches Needed

South Fraser Track and Field club in Surrey needs a Distance coach immediately to assist in their Junior Develop development program. Javelin and Shot Put coaches are also needed for the spring. Please call Eustace (604) 588-3483.

BC Athletics - Technical Manager Track & Field and Director Power/Speed Event Group

BC Athletics in partnership with the Pacific Sport, National Sport Centre - Greater Vancouver invites applications for the full time position of Technical Manager Track & Field and Director Power/Speed Event Group. This is one position that will have responsibility for the Technical Management and Development of Track & Field in British Columbia along with providing enhanced leadership in the Power/Speed Event Group (Throws, Jumps, Sprints, Hurdles, and Combined Events). This individual must be a visionary, energized by the opportunity and have the ability to engage others in the collective achievement of the goals and objectives of the Track and Field program in British Columbia.

Working with Athletes, Coaches, Officials, BC Athletics Committees and Staff the responsibilities include:

  • The management of Coaches and Officials Education and Training.
  • Leadership and liason with the Age Group Committees (3) in the Track & Field Division.
  • In cooperation with BC Athletics Committees; Event Groups; Clubs; National / Regional Centres; and other Agencies initiate and manage athlete development and competition opportunities, including programs for Disabled and targeted athlete groups.
  • Manage the BC Team program, the Track & Field Championships program and liaise with National Championship host committees when held in BC.
  • Communication and liaison with Regional, Provincial, National and International Athletics Centres.
  • Initiating and managing together with the Power/Speed Event Group Reps - P/S Development Camps.
  • Outreach Programs, together with the Event Group Reps, to identified P/S athletes and personal coaches.
  • Providing leadership together with the BC Event Group Reps for Power/Speed event development in BC.
  • National Power/Speed Event Group liaison.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A self starter and effective communicator with a proven ability to work well with volunteers, committees and staff in a team environment.
  • Coaching Certification - fully certified Level 3 and be eligible for or have Athletics Course Conductor status.
  • A degree in Physical Education; Kinesiology; Human Kinetics; Coaching; Sport Management; Recreation; Education or related field - is desirable.
  • Experience in: Coaching at the Club/School/University level; Management; Program Design/Implementation; Planning; and Leadership within a work and/or volunteer environment is important.
  • Computer knowledge and experience using Word Processing; Spreadsheets; and the Internet.
  • Knowledge of the sport of Athletics at the club, provincial and national levels.

This is a full time position located at the BC Athletics office in Vancouver and will require some travelling. The salary is dependent upon training and experience. The position also provides benefits and travel support. The projected starting time: October/November 2005.

BC Athletics as an equal opportunity employer, invites applications from all interested and qualified individuals.

Applications must be received by Friday, September 30/05 and should include: A covering letter; your resume; and at least 3 references. Mail, fax or eMail applications to: BC Athletics, 1367 West Broadway, Ste 206, Vancouver, BC V6H 4A9
Fax: (604) 737-3171 / Email:

BC Athletics RunJumpThrow Administrative Assistant Employment Opportunity - Part Time

BC Athletics is currently seeking a part time administrative assistant for the BC Athletics Run Jump Throw Program. Under the direction of the Provincial RunJumpThrow Program Coordinator, the Administrative Assistant will:

  • Manage the RJT data base, filing and information systems
  • Manage the contacts for the RJT program
  • Coordinate mailings, electronic communications and respond to general enquiries regarding the RJT program
  • Prepare and coordinate the materials and equipment for RJT workshops
  • Order and inventory RJT materials and equipment
  • Be familiar with the RJT Program and have the ability to assist in workshop delivery

Desirable Skills, Knowledge, Interest

  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of and experience in working with Excel, Word and other computer communication programs
  • Be able to work in a team and individual environment
  • Be adaptable and have the ability to respond quickly and effectively
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • An interest in physical activity and youth

Employment details:

  • A contract position ongoing as per project funding
  • Wage rate $15/hr + expenses related to the delivery of the RJT program
  • 2 days per week totalling 10 hrs per week
  • Working from the BC Athletics Office in Vancouver

This is a part time position located at the BC Athletics office in Vancouver and may require some lifting, set up and travelling.

BC Athletics as an equal opportunity employer, invites applications from all interested and qualified individuals.

Application and Deadline:

  • Please submit a letter of application along with your resume and references by: September 30, 2005
  • Your application should be sent to: BC Athletics, ATTN. Thelma Wright, RJT Program Coordinator, 1367 West Broadway, Ste 206, Vancouver, BC V6H 4A9
    Fax: 604-737-3171


BC Athletics Officials 2005 Annual General Meeting

Sunday, November 20, 2005
Madison's Restaurant, 2nd floor - 33305 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, B. C.
9:30 a.m. Coffee
10:00 a.m. Meeting Start
If you have any agenda items, notice(s) of motion, etc. please reply by October 15th to Anne Lansdell, 1040 Adeline Place, Victoria, B. C. V8Y 3E7 or to or by phone at 250-477-1407.

Officials Incentive Awards

Each year BC Officials have the opportunity to qualify for the incentive awards program. These awards include BC Athletics golf shirts, fleece vest, poncho, sports bag, and new for this year, a sweatshirt. Officials qualify for incentive awards through credits earned at BCA sanctioned events through out the season.

To determine your eligibility, send a COPY of your credit card, before October 15, to:
Shirley Young
#24 730 122 Street
Surrey BC V3W 1B4

Awards will be available for pick up at the BC Officials AGM.


BC Athletics Board of Directors

Chair: Tom Hastie -
Board of Directors:
May 14, 2005
August 20, 2005
November 26, 2005

Board of Directors - Executive Committee:

April 27, 2005
June 22, 2005
October 26, 2005
December 7, 2005
January 1, 2006

Juvenile, Junior, Senior Track & Field Committee

Committee Chair: Ron Bunting -
2005 dates:
April 3, 2005
June 26, 2005
July 24, 2005

Branch Officials Committee

Committee Chair: Ann Lansdell - 
2005 dates- TBA

Masters Committee

Committee Chair: Jake Madderom - 
April 6, 2005
September 7, 2005
November 9, 2005

Road Running Committee

Contact: Jerry Tighe - 
2005 dates - TBA

Junior Development Committee

Committee Chairs: Alwilda van Ryswyk - 
Denise Clements - 
April 3, 2005
September 11, 2005

Cross Country Committee

Committee Chair: Frank Reynolds - 
June 25, 2005


Carding Criteria, Application Forms and Contracts - 2005/2006

2006 Commonwealth Games - Athlete Declaration deadline 

Compliance with Athlete Whereabouts Program

(Ottawa, Ontario - August 30, 2005) - The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) wishes to advise the sport community that, as of October 1, 2005, it will implement the compliance component of the revised Athlete Whereabouts Program Guidelines which accompany the Canadian Anti-Doping Program.

For More Info:

Or Download the PDF:

Community Sport Programs for Aboriginal Girls and Young Women Announced

The 2005 Athletics Canada Technical Congress

“Making the difference as a Canadian Coach: Coaching Development & System Building”
November 25th to 27th, 2005
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr. Anatoly Bondarchuk, Past Head Coach, Soviet Union Track & Field Team, and personal coach to 23 Olympic medallists.
  • Peter Eriksson: Head Coach US Paralympics Track & Field Team & personal coach to Chantal Petitclerc, world record holder & winner of 16 Paralympic medals.
  • Gary Winckler: Head Coach, University of Illinois Women’s Track & Field Team & personal coach to 2003 World Outdoor & 2004 World Indoor Champion Perdita Felicien.


Friday, November 25th, 2005

Foote Field Board Room
9:00 am to 5:00 pm Athletics Canada Board of Directors Meeting

University of Alberta: School of Business: Stollery Centre
7:00 pm to 9.00 pm Coaching Education Session #1
9:00 pm to 11:30pm Reception: Stollery Centre

Saturday, November 26th, 2005:

University of Alberta School of Business: Stollery Centre
08:45 am to 12:00 pm Domestic Business
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm Lunch: Keynote Speaker
1:45 pm to 3:15 pm Coaching Education Session #2: Concurrent Speakers
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Coaching Education Session #3: Concurrent Speakers
7:30 pm to 10:00 pm Dinner with Guest Speaker. Club Development

Sunday, November 27th, 2005:

University of Alberta School of Business: Stollery Centre
8:45 am to 10:00 am Women in Coaching Roundtable
10:15 am to 11:45 am Club Development in Canada
12:15 pm to 1:45 pm Performance Enhancement Teams: Forum
1:45 pm to 2:15 pm Closing Address

Event Site: University of Alberta, School of Business: Stollery Centre.

Accommodation: The Campus Towers Suite Hotel. The Campus Towers is a five-minute walk from the Stollery Centre. We have secured a nightly rate of $102 per room per night plus taxes at the Campus Towers. Please call the hotel directly to make reservations at 1-888-962-2522. Quote booking number 114994 when making the reservation.

To register for the Technical Congress please contact Scott Luck at the
Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre: 780 492 6868
Cost: $150 includes Friday night reception, Saturday Lunch & Saturday Dinner.

Canadian Masters Athletic Association Records

The Canadian Masters Athletic Association keeps Canadian Records in five-year age groups from 35-39 and older for men and women in the following;

  • Indoor track and field
  • Outdoor track & field
  • Racewalking (road & track)
  • Relays
  • Multi-events (decathlon, etc)
  • Roadrunning (men 40-44 +)

The CMAA also publishes the current marks in the annual Canadian Masters Record Book, published in May.

If you have broken a listed CAN record, you have to fill out an application to let the CMAA know of your achievement. Certain details are required – wind readings, photo timing, downhill courses, certified throwing implements, etc, that affect the validity of a potential record. Records and application forms are on the CMAA site

Please take the time to submit an application to help keep the records up to date.

Doug Smith
CMAA Director Of Communications


Contact: Thelma Wright BC Athletics RunJumpThrow Coordinator
Phone 604 737 3175

Coaching Certification 2005

Information regarding the new NCCP program can be found on the CABC website: For additional information on courses offered, contact Brian McCalder at or go to the website at

Any coaches interested in upgrading their current coaching level(s) or new coaches wanting to become certified during 2005 should email Brian McCalder at Please include the following information:

  • the city/ region you live in.
  • the event group area (i.e. - distance, sprints & hurdles, throws, jumps) you wish to take the coaching level course in.
  • the level of course you wish to take
  • the current coaching level you have (or please indicate if you are new to coaching)
  • your contact details (i.e. - current phone number, email, address & fax)

BC Games

100 Mile House 2006 Northern BC Winter Games - Feb 2-5
Greater Trail 2006 BC Winter Games - Feb 23-26
Kamloops 2006 BC Summer Games - July 27-30
2008 BC Winter Games - Kimberley-Cranbrook - Feb 21-24, 2008
2008 BC Summer Games - Kelowna - July 24-27, 2008
2010 BC Winter Games - Terrace - Mar 4-7, 2010
2010 BC Summer Games - Langley - July 22-25, 2010

World Anti-doping Agency

See the following link for:
1. 2005 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods
2. 2005 Monitoring Program (substances being monitored by WADA in order to detect patterns of misuse in sport.
3. 2005 Summary of Modifications vis-a-vis 2004 Prohibited List


Major and upcoming events sanctioned by BC Athletics

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