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ISSUE #6-2005
Friday, February 18, 2005

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In this issue:

  • Timex Series: Exhilarating Day on the Seawall for 'First Half' Half Marathon
  • 2005 Canadian Cross Country Team to the World Cross Country Championships
  • ING Run for Something Better at Ottawa Marathon: "Fastest City" competition
  • Stanley Park interactive trail map
  • Free U.S. College Admission Seminar in Vancouver
  • Non-BC T&F meet results links
  • Aboriginal Coaching Manual Courses
  • Rising Stars in Athletics: Malindi Elmore


Club Contact Information:

The 2005 Calendar of Events will be going to print shortly. Any clubs who have not submitted their 2005 BC Athletics Club Membership Application should do so as quickly as possible and/or make sure that the BC Athletics office has the correct contact information to include in the Calendar of Events and to post on the website. The specific information needed is:

  • Full club name
  • Club Code - The 2005 Club Membership application requests that clubs identify their preferred code. The code is to be 2 to 4 figures and can be a mix of numbers and letters. Choose a code that is particular to your club and cannot be confused with another club. If a new code is not indicated the old one will be used.
  • Full mailing address
  • Club Phone
  • Club Fax
  • Club E-mail
  • Club Website
  • Club Colours

Attention All 2005 BC Athletics Sanctioned Events

All 2005 BC Athletics sanctioned events are reminded to get their Sanction forms and fees in to the BC Athletics office as soon as possible. Sanction forms can be found at:

Rising Stars in Athletics

A weekly snapshot of BC's brightest stars. Each week we'll include a snapshot glimpse of the athletes that are making waves in the athletic scene in BC and around the World. This week's profile is 2004 Canadian Olympian - Malindi Elmore.

Athletics Canada

2005 Canadian Cross Country Team to the World Cross Country Championships

LOCATION: Saint-Galmier / Saint-Étienne (France) March 19-20, 2005
Head of Delegation: Sean Holman
Head Coach: Martin Goulet
Team Manager: Nathalie Muller

Team Coaches

Junior Men/Women Christine Laverty
Senior LC Men/Women Marek Jedrzejek (B.C.)

Medical Team

Team Doctor: Linda Thyer (B.C.)
Physiotherapist: Julie Gardiner
Massage Therapist: Frank Manzo


Jeremy Fisico
Jake Gallagher
Alex Genest
Braden Novakowski
Nick Sunseri
Chris Winter (B.C.)

Anita Campbell (B.C.)
Danette Doetzel
Katie Engel
Tarah McKay
Gina Stewart
Kate Van Buskirk

Joel Bourgeois
Reid Coolsaet
Matt Johnston (B.C.)
Matt Kerr
Ryan McKenzie
Kevin Sullivan

Carmen Douma-Hussar
Hilary Edmondson
Courtney Inman (B.C.)
Lisa Labrecque
Megan Metcalfe
Rebecca Stallwood

Brent Corbitt (B.C.)
Eric Gillis
Marcel Hewamudalige (B.C.)
James Nielsen
Andrew Smith
Calvin Staples

Shari Boyle
Rosie Mullins
Tara Quinn-Smith
Kristina Rody
Beth Wightman

Road Running

ING Run for Something Better at Ottawa Marathon: "Fastest City" competition

For details see application form:

Timex BC Road Running Series schedule in Vancouver Sun

Look for Timex Series schedules in the Vancouver Sun newspaper on the following dates: Feb 22, March 15, April 12, May 3, June 7, July 4 and August 23.

Timex Series: Exhilarating Day on the Seawall for 'First Half' Half Marathon

Start - T. Nightingale photoFebruary 13, 2005, Vancouver – This year's 'First Half' Half marathon filled up nearly 3 months before race day, a testament to the popularity of this fixture of the Vancouver running scene. For the first time, organizers reserved a small block of entries for elite athletes who had run a certain time standard in the past 12 months or were previous winners of the event. This strategy paid off as one of the most competitive fields in some time took to the streets on Sunday morning.

Leading the way for the men were Calgary's Jeremy Deere, Vancouver's Jerry Ziak, and Winnipeg's Michael Booth, who quickly left the rest of the field behind, clocking 4:50 for the first mile before settling into a longer-distance pace. All are gearing up for the National Half Marathon Champs in Edmonton, May 15.

Ziak is just recovering from a quadriceps injury, having done most of his training on an elliptical machine since Christmas, plus battling a head cold and mid-term exams at UBC. He had nearly given up on racing the First Half but decided last minute that he was good to go. His plan for his second ever half marathon was to stick with Deere as long as possible.

Michael Booth - T. Nightingale photoBetween 4 and 5 miles Booth dropped off the pace and had to be content on his own after that, behind the other two. Coming from Winnipeg, he was just happy to be racing outdoors at this time of year—with no snow—to assess his current fitness level. Booth's reaction to his first experience at the 'First Half': "The level of competition was excellent! Running a half marathon in the middle of February is unbelievable."

Meanwhile, Deere and Ziak passed 6 miles in 30:15, halfway in 33:02, running side by side. "I felt strong and comfortable at that pace," said Ziak. Then they slowed down coming into the wind along the seawall, and "it was at this point that my legs suddenly began to feel the pounding," recalled Ziak.

Deere and Ziak - T. Nightingale photoDeere began to pull ahead just before the 10 mile mark, when Ziak began to suffer from calf and quadriceps spasms—something he'd never experienced before while running. He was forced to adjust his stride to a quick shuffle, hoping to get to the finish line without doing any damage, at the same time avoiding too much reduction in speed for fear of being caught by Booth. Admits Ziak: "I also held out some hope that Jeremy [Deere] might be suffering as well and could come back to me if I didn't totally give up—alas this did not occur!"

Deere cruised in for a 1:07:08 win, good for 16th place in the First Half all-time top 20 rankings, with Ziak not far behind in 1:07:29. Booth easily held onto third in 1:08:04, with Vancouver's David Wambui edging out Calgary's Ken Myers for 4th and 5th respectively, 1:09:21 to 1:09:22. Vancouver's Oliver Utting, winner of Timex race #1 in Steveston, had a great day to finish 6th in 1:09:49 after running with Myers and Wambui for most of the race.

Simon Driver (Vancouver), David Polisi (Burnaby), Richard Lee (Port Coquitlam), and Ben Haber (Seattle) made up the bulk of the chase pack working together up to the 10k mark. Polisi and Haber started moving up just after the 10k point and quickly caught masters leader Norm Tinkham of Maple Ridge at the 13k mark, consequently making their way around the back side of the seawall—working together against the wind and waves.

Haber and Polisi eventually moved away from Tinkham at the 17k point. Later, Polisi pulled away from Haber at Lost Lagoon and continued on his own until the end of the race. Tinkham stayed ahead of Lee for 1st and 2nd masters honours, respectively (1:12:43 and 1:13:11), while Jorge Parra of Surrey and Anthony Skuce of Vancouver worked together to pass Driver, Skuce taking 3rd masters spot in 1:14:00.

In the women's race Coquitlam's Leah Pells was, like Ziak, running her second ever half marathon, following her 1:16 debut at the Vancouver International half last May. Her goal was twofold: to run 1:15 and to build confidence for the half marathon distance.

Lisa Harvey and Leah Pells - Mynor Campos photoFrom the start, Pells stayed calm and controlled, running beside even-paced Paul Slaymaker for the first five miles while 3-time past winner Lisa Harvey of Calgary led the way. At this point Pells caught up to Harvey and the two ran together to the halfway point. Then, says Pells, "I felt good—just really tried to increase my tempo," and pulled away on her own fairly quickly to run the rest of the course solo. Her final time was 1:15:25, good for 7th in the all-time First Half list. Of her pre-race goals Pells says, "I feel happy that both were accomplished. I really enjoyed it and now I am focused on making the half team for October … I kinda like the distance." Pells is now in the F4044 division so won the masters competition as well as the overall race title. In fact, she set a F4044 Canadian age best.

Nancy Tinari followed by Jill Savege - Mynor Campos photoBehind her, Harvey held onto second place in 1:16:51, not far ahead of a fast-moving Victoria's Lauren Groves who was running her best half marathon yet (1:17:03). Next to appear was Coquitlam's Nancy Tinari in 1:18:55 (2nd master). Not only was this her fastest time yet in this race since the organizers have been keeping track, but also a F4549 Canadian age best. Her state of mind before the start probably helped, as New Westminster's Joan McGrath later commented, "It was the first time I have ever seen Nancy so relaxed before a race!"

The next few positions were shuffled around quite a bit during the 13.1 mile distance. McGrath ran with Tinari for the first few miles before Tinari's characteristic "take off after an easy start" surge. Heading across Stanley Park via Lost Lagoon, McGrath was passed by Penticton triathlete Jill Savege and West Vancouver's Cindy O'Krane. Also in the mix was Gwen Greiner of Seattle, also running just ahead of McGrath.

Coming around the seawall into the strong headwinds and spraying waves, McGrath began to gain back ground, finally passing O'Krane at English Bay, then Greiner at the Aquatic Centre. "The last hill under the bridge was difficult—my legs were giving out and cramping up. I ran as hard as I could to the finish line," recalled McGrath. Though unable to catch Savege, her 1:19:52 placed her 3rd among the masters and 2nd in the F4044 grouping.

For a more detailed account of the masters men's race, see Richard Lee's report linked below.

For full race results visit Photo galleries are posted in the photo gallery at

Next Timex Series event is the Spring Run-Off 10k in Kamloops, March 20th. See for details and entry form.

First Half Race Report from the Grey Zone by Richard Lee

Track and Field

Non-BC meet results

Links are now provided on the Track and Field page to meet results outside of BC that are of interest to BC athletes.

Cross Country and Trail Running

Stanley Park interactive trail map

Figure out how far you run on the trails and seawall!


Coaching Certification 2005

Any coaches interested in upgrading their current coaching level(s) or new coaches wanting to become certified during 2005 should email Peter Ogilvie at Please include the following information:

  • the city/ region you live in.
  • the event group area (i.e. - distance, sprints & hurdles, throws, jumps) you wish to take the coaching level course in.
  • the level of course you wish to take
  • the current coaching level you have (or please indicate if you are new to coaching)
  • your contact details (i.e. - current phone number, email, address & fax)

U.S. College Admission Seminar in Vancouver

Track & Field athletes may be interested in this free U.S. College Admission Seminar in Vancouver.

Topics covered include: The NEW SAT test, the SAT II, ACT, the NEW TOEFL test, GPA, IB, AP, Early decision/Early Action, the personal statement, letter of recommendation, the interview, volunteer and or club participation, students visas, affording college, how to choose a college etc....

Date: Saturday, March 5th
Time: 1:00 - 4:00pm
Location: UBC at Robson Square, downtown Vancouver
Cost: Free

To register call: 1-800-527-8378

Aboriginal Coaching Manual Courses

University College of the Cariboo - Kamloops
March 5, 2005
8:00am - 5:00pm
Registration Deadline: February 25, 2005

North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John
March 5, 2005
8:00am - 5:00pm
Registration Deadline: February 25, 2005

Pre-Registration Fee Deposit $50

For further information and registration forms please contact the Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association of BC at Ph: (250) 544-8172, Fax: (250) 544-8173 or Email:

The Aboriginal Coaching Manual is a supplement training resource for coaches. The manual responds to the desire to have a national training curriculum with content that reflects the uniqueness of Aboriginal cultures, values and lifestyles.

The Aboriginal Coaching Manual Course will be offered at the Spirit of Excellence Symposium to the held on March 19-20, 2005 at the Best Western Richmond Hotel and Conference Centre.

Level 1 Track & Field Technical Coaching Certification Course

Dates: February 26-27, 2005
Location: Vanier Sports Centre, Courtenay
Instructor: Tony Dickson, Level 3 Certified Coach & BC Athletics Team Coach Registration Registration Information:

Level 1 Track & Field Technical Coaching Certification Course

Dates: March 5-6, 2005
Location: Victoria - Oak Bay Secondary School Track & Field Facility
Instructor: Ron Parker, Level 4 Certified Coach & BC Athletics and
Athletics Canada Team Coach
Registration Information:

Level 2 Track & Field - Jumps NCCP Technical Coaching Certification Course

Dates: March 12-13, 2005
Location: Victoria - National Coaching Institute, University of Victoria
Instructor: Ron Parker, Level 4 Certified Coach & BC Athletics and
Athletics Canada Team Coach
Registration Information:

Level 2 Track & Field - Distance NCCP Technical Coaching Certification Course

Dates: February 26-27, 2005
Location: Nanaimo - Rotary Bowl Stadium - Club House (behind Nanaimo Dist. Sec. School)
Instructor - Al Johnston, Certified Course Conductor, Level 4 Coach
Registration Information:

The New NCCP Coaching Certification Program

Information regarding the new NCCP program can be found on the CABC website: For additional information on courses offered, contact Brian McCalder at or go to the website at


Canada Games/FAST Athlete Fund

This is a reminder that all applications for the Canada Games/FAST Athlete Fund are due on March 4, 2005. Please remind any athletes that have not yet applied to get their applications in as soon as possible. Applications can be found in PDF format or completed on-line at
The Canada Games/FAST Athlete Fund is a program that will provide direct financial assistance to next generation national team athletes to support their training and competition needs.

2005 Pan American Race Walk Cup - Selection Criteria

Paralympic Training Camp Information and Declaration

2005 CAAWS Women and sport breakthrough awards

COC Calls for Applications for the 2005 Carol Anne Letheren Leadership and Sport Scholarship

2004 Junior Development Best Performances and All Times Top 10 Listings

2005 Junior Relay Camp

2005 Junior Relay Camp Invitation and Information, Athlete Declaration Document and Eligible Athletes List:

Athletics Canada Committee Application

Here is the link on the AC website for the call for committee applications:

2005 BC Team Standards and Selection Criteria for Juvenile, Junior and Senior Teams

Juvenile Standards and Selection Criteria:

Junior Standards and Selection Criteria:

Senior Standards and Selection Criteria:

Note: The BCJD Committee is reviewing the proposed 15 year old team selection criteria and standards. They will be posted when available.

Related Information:

General Criteria for Funding Support and BC Team Selection

Athlete Declaration Form and Event/Best Performance 2005

Family Tax Credits for Children's Sports

On February 2, 2005, MLA Christy Clark announced her plans for a Private Member's Motion asking the provincial government to implement family tax credits for children's sports, recreation and arts program registration fees. Please see the attached media release and Vancouver Sun article.
Sport BC strongly believes in supporting initiatives that increase accessibility to amateur sport. When barriers to participation are lowered, more British Columbians will be active. If you support this initiative, it's easy to voice your opinion:

  1. Write a letter, or send an email, stating your personal support of this motion as a British Columbian taxpayer (not your organization's position)
  2. Send it to Ms. Christy Clark's constituency office at 2816 St. John's St., Port Moody, BC V3H 2C1 or email it to: 
  3. Courtesy copy (cc) your local MLA (use this website to find address and/or email information:
  4. Blind carbon copy (bcc) Sport BC at or send us a copy of your letter for our records. (You may be contacted for future campaigns.)
  5. Visit Christy Clark's website and complete the on-line petition 
  6. Send this request out to your contacts all over the province.

It will only take a few minutes out of your time but there are numerous benefits to getting involved:

  • At a provincial level, it demonstrates a united effort for the betterment of amateur sport.
  • On a community level, this grass-roots action demonstrates teamwork and builds our network of sport leaders.
  • At a club level, membership numbers may increase.
  • On a personal level, your family's income taxes could be reduced.

Thank you for your support of amateur sport in British Columbia.
Sandra Stevenson
President & CEO
Sport BC

Caribbean training camp and competition

Lord Byng Secondary School is going to the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago) for a training camp and competition. They still have spots available for outside athletes. The cost is $1500. They will depart on March 12th and return on March 21st. They are particularly short on boys but anyone is welcome, including all athletes from 13-19 years of age.
In 2003 they had a very successful trip to Hawaii that included several Kitsilano Secondary and Kajaks athletes. For more information please contact Byron Jack @ School: 604-713-8171; Cell: 604-341-5879 or Email:

Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run - Event Update

Please visit the website for new information on cash prizes. The event is also taking  applications for a limited number of comp elite entries.

Hammer Handle Rule Deferred

IAAF Council Meetings - December 04/05 2004 - Helsinki, Finland
Council agreed to defer the implementation of the rule, due to be introduced January 1, 2005 until at least January 1, 2006, to allow manufacturers to comply with the new requirements.

Interested in helping out with BC School Sports?

You can make a difference! This is a much needed call to all alumni, current athletes, parents and coaches that would be willing to donate a couple of hours per week (March until June 2005) to help develop a coaching assistance program for our school sports system.

Please email Peter Ogilvie - at BC Athletics if you want to take part in this program for 2005. Please include:

  • Please indicate the city/region you live in.
  • Please indicate if you'd like to help in an elementary, middle or secondary school.
  • Please indicate the event group area (i.e. - distance, sprints & hurdles, throws, jumps) you wish to help in.
  • Please indicate the level of certification you currently have or please indicate if you want to help but haven't any formal certification.
  • Please indicate if you have experience in the Run, Jump, Throw program.
  • Please indicate your contact details (i.e. - current phone number, email, address & fax)
  • Please indicate what days and hours best suit your schedule.

2005 Canada Games BC Team Selection Criteria & Standards

2005 IAAF World Cross Country Championships

World Anti-doping Agency

See the following link for:
1. 2005 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods
2. 2005 Monitoring Program (substances being monitored by WADA in order to detect patterns of misuse in sport.
3. 2005 Summary of Modifications vis-a-vis 2004 Prohibited List

2004 BC Road Running Rankings

BC Communities invited to bid to host BC Games

The BC Games Society announced today that bids to host the 2008 and 2010 BC Summer and BC Winter Games are now being accepted. Bid packages for BC's largest multi-disciplinary organized competitions were sent to community mayors and regional districts across BC. The deadline for submission of completed bids from potential host communities is February 28, 2005.

"The BC Games are a positive investment in communities," said Kelly Mann, President and CEO of the BC Games Society. "Government, businesses and volunteers come together in the spirit of sport and contribute to an event which generates an economic impact of approximately $1.2 million from the BC Winter Games and $2.2 million from the BC Summer Games."

The City of Port Alberni is the only community in BC to have hosted four BC Games events, including the recent 2004 BC Winter Games. Mayor Ken McRae understands the benefits. "The BC Games created a network volunteers, inspired our young athletes, and contributed to first class facilities. Through the BC Games our community acquired the infrastructure and talent necessary to accomplish great things."

From the local playground to the Olympic and Paralympic podiums, the BC Games are part of the rich fabric of sport and physical activity in BC. "BC's best developing athletes and coaches attend the Games on their path to athletic excellence," said the Honourable John Les, Minster of Small Business and Economic Development and the Minister responsible for amateur sport. "Our goal in this province is to continue to provide the strongest amateur sports system in the country as we prepare for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."

Since 1978, the BC Games Society has staged the BC Summer and BC Winter Games. Over the 26-year history, the Games have been hosted in 37 communities around BC and have involved 100,000 athletes representing every region of the province.

For detailed information on the BC Games bid process and the associated documents please visit


Major and upcoming events sanctioned by BC Athletics

Details, direct links and contacts 

For complete listings of upcoming events (BC sanctioned events highlighted in yellow) with contact information:

Track & Field (2005)

Road Running (2005)


Road Relays & Ultra 

Cross Country and Trail Running (2005)

Race Walking

see Track & Field above



Road Running:

Track & Field 

Back issues of the BCAB are available at