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ISSUE #40-2007
Thursday, December 6, 2007

Questions or comments? Ph: (604) 737-3177 Email:

Highlights from this issue:

  • 2008 BCA AGM – important deadlines
  • Athletics Canada Update – Round Table notes from May 27, 07
  • AC Newsletter – Gold Standard December issue available
  • Coolsaet and Douma-Hassar win National XC titles
  • Road Running update – Athletics Canada Round Table notes


2008 BC Athletics Annual General Meeting
January 25, 26 & 27 2008
Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Richmond BC

2008 BC Athletics Annual Awards Banquet
January 26, 2008

As in past years the BC Athletics office will use the website to provide information, forms and details regarding the upcoming 2008 BC Athletics Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet. Information will be updated regularly. 

Please pay particular attention to the deadlines listed:

  • December 7, 2007 - 2007 Award Nominations for the 15 Year Old category
  • January 4, 2008 - 2008 AGM Resolutions
  • January 18, 2008 - BC Athletics Guest Rate - Hilton Vancouver Airport
  • January 23, 2008 - 2008 Awards Banquet tickets
  • January 25, 2008 - Voting Delegate Registration Forms must be submitted to the BC Athletics office
  • January 26, 2008 - 2008 Board of Directors Nominations

2007 BC Athletics Annual Awards

For the descriptions of categories awarded and nomination forms for the 2007 BC Athletics Annual Awards visit 

The Youth 15 yr Award information/form DUE Dec 7:

Long Term Athlete Development - A Sport Parent's Guide

This guide is an indispensable tool for any coach, club or association looking to introduce parents to good sport for their children. The latest (but not the last) of Canadian Sport for Life publications includes A Sport Parent’s Guide, a look at LTAD (long-term athlete development) from the parent’s perspective. Introducing concepts such as physical literacy, the five S’s (stamina, strength, speed, skill & suppleness (flexibility), this guide introduces the seven stages of athlete development and demonstrates how parents can support their child as they move through these stages. A must have for any parent of active children; available to download from

Is the Purchase of Track and Field Equipment From the USA In Your Near Term Plans?

Then Perhaps You Should Take Advantage of Current Exchange Rates

As the Canadian dollar approaches $1.09 in comparison to the American dollar, for those contemplating purchasing track and field equipment from a United States supplier, this might be the ideal time to do so. Even if you do not wish to make the purchase for a few months, perhaps it would be wise to convert some Canadian dollars to American dollars and place them in an American interest bearing account.

There is no certainty that the Canadian dollar will not appreciate further against its USA counterpart—predicting the future trend of currencies is a hazardous occupation. But one thing I have learned in the past is that whenever an asset appreciates very quickly, as has the Canadian dollar, there is a very good chance that a top in its value is fast approaching and that drop in value is very possible.

For those who intend to make a purchase but not for the next three to six months, perhaps a good method would be to establish the cost of the purchase and place half that amount in a USA account. By doing so, you have hedged against a fall in the Canuck buck with at least 50% of the purchase price.

Contact me if you need any further information or a few tips on purchasing from a US supplier.

Gerry Swan

Children's Fitness Tax Credit Information

The Children's Tax Credit is an initiative put forth by the Government of Canada to provide some financial relief to parents to pay for the rising cost of organized sports, in order to keep our children involved in physical activity. The form can be found on the BC Athletics website at 

Below are the instructions (also available from the above link) for filling out the form.

Receipt Number:

The receipt number includes the child's BC Athletics membership number preceded by the applicable year – example: 2007-95-24187

Calculating eligible fees:

Registration and membership costs can include the costs of administration, instruction and the rental of facilities. If the fees charged to parents include part for accommodation, travel, food, or beverages then this part must be deducted when calculating the part of the fees that qualify for the tax credit. For example if club membership fees total $400 and includes a charge of $50 for travel and $50 for a club uniform then the eligible amount would be $400 - $50 - $50 = $300.

Description of Eligible Programs:

Eligible activities must include the following in order to qualify. Make sure descriptions of club programs makes mention and details all of the following:

  • Ongoing (either a minimum of eight weeks duration, with a minimum of one session per week or, in the case of children's camps, five consecutive days;
  • Supervision;
  • Activities suitable for children; and
  • Substantially all of the activities must include a significant amount of physical activity that contributes to cardio-respiratory endurance plus one or more of: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, or balance.

If you have any further questions please contact Sam Collier – Manager, Registration & Membership Services at (604) 737-3177 or

Athletics Canada

Athletics Canada Update

(Notes from the ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION May 27 2007 - Ottawa as part of the Athletics Canada Governance Congress and AGM)

Following up on the Round Table discussion held as part of the 2007 Athletics Canada AGM and Governance Congress, please refer to the link and related sections in the Bulletin for the summary from these discussions. These four round table discussions held simultaneously focused on 4 key areas for Athletics in Canada and Athletics Canada, all of which are included in the next four year phase (2008 to 2012) Athletics Canada Strategic Plan. These round table discussions were focused on:

  1. Club Development
  2. Road Running
  3. Run Jump Throw
  4. Membership Framework

For a complete review of the summary notes from these four round table discussions please see the following link: 

2007 Athletics Canada Award Winners

OTTAWA - Athletics Canada is pleased to announce the 2007 Award winners. The winners were presented with their awards at an Awards Gala on Saturday in Toronto coinciding with the 2007 Technical Congress. Congratulations to all recipients, finalists and nominees.

For more information on Athletics Canada’s Awards, please visit: 

For full list of Award Recipients, visit 


Athletics Canada finalizes 2008 Olympic Qualifying Standards

OTTAWA - Athletics Canada announced today the final qualifying standards for the 2008 Olympic Games which will be held in Beijing, China. The 2008 qualifying period begins on April 1 and concludes with the Canadian Championships on July 6. The 2008 Canadian Championships will serve as the trials for the Olympic Games.


2008 National Cross Country Program – Preliminary information

Due to unforeseen NACAC XC delays, Athletics Canada (AC) is unable to publish full details about the 2008 Cross Country National Team Programs at this time. In order to allow coaches and athletes to adequately prepare for the Canadian Cross Country Championships, AC wishes to minimally offer the selection guidelines since the event is just a few weeks away. Further details will be made available by AC staff at the championships in Guelph.

Selection Guidelines as of Nov. 13, 2007 -

The Gold Standard

The December/ January edition of the Gold Standard is now available. This month's newsletter includes:

  • The 2007 Athletics Canada Award Winners
  • The Canadian Cross Country Championship Results
  • The 2008 Olympic Qualifying Standards and Repeat Performance Schedule
  • Information on the 2008 Legion Coaching Academy
  • And Much More

Please click here to view the December/ January edition of The Gold Standard.

Results from around the Track (and Field)

December 3, 2007 - 

Track and Field


The 2008 Spring Break Camp will be in San Diego, and features many of the top coaches in Western Canada, including Stephanie McAnn (Olympic finalist, pole vault), Tom Nielsen (coach of Canadian Jr. javelin champion), and Graeme Fell (Canadian record holder, steeplechase).

There are still FOUR spots remaining for the 2008 Spring Break Track and Field Tour to San Diego. For information on coaching and a tentative itinerary, go to: 

Spring Break Vertical Jumps Camp - Arizona

Hey Leapers! If you are a high jump or pole vault enthusiast, here is your chance to a get a jump on your competitors. Join us in the Arizona sun for some spring training and competition.

Pole Vaulters: Train with vaulting guru Todd Lehman, jumps coach at Paradise Valley College and Sky Athletics. Vaulters at Sky Athletics include 2000 Olympic Champion Nick Hysong and former world record holder Stacy Dragila. Vaulters from around North America visit Todd for his advice.

High Jumpers: Train with Team B.C. Jumps coach Greg Peters. Greg coaches the top two junior women pole vaulters in Canada and has coached several of the top high jumpers in B.C. in the past 20 years.

Cost: $1900

  • Local Transport
  • Accommodation (based on three per room)
  • Facility rental and Coaching fees
  • Transportation from Vancouver
  • Meet Entries

We have placed a limit of 6 vaulters and 6 high jumpers for the camp to ensure a high quality training environment.

For information and camp registration call
Greg Peters: 250-847-9696 or 250-877-9413 (cell), email: 


Coolsaet and Douma-Hussar win national cross country running titles

GUELPH, Ont. – Reid Coolsaet of Guelph, Ont., and Carmen Douma-Hussar of Cambridge, Ont., endured freezing temperatures to win the men’s and women’s senior titles on Saturday at the Canadian cross country running championships.

In the senior women’ seven kilometre race, Douma-Hussar earned the victory in 23 minutes and 46.8 seconds. Megan Metcalfe of Edmonton was second in 23:55.1 and Alexandra Becker of Guelph third in 23:58.1.

Douma-Hussar is one of Canada’s top middle distance runners on the track. She was a member of the 2004 Olympic team and this year’s world championship squad. She posted a personal best time in the mile this season at the IAAF Golden League stop in Brussels.

In the other three races Saturday, last year’s runners’-ups all took the gold this time.

In the senior men’s 10 kilometre race, Coolsaet won a close battle for the gold in 29:55.7. Eric Gillis of Guelph was second in 29:56.2 and Dylan Wykes of Kingston, Ont., third in 30:12.7.

Coolsaet was second at last year’s cross country nationals and this season took the men’s 5,000-metre title at the Canadian track and field championships. He set a personal best times this summer in the 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 metre races on the track this season.

‘’It was a similar race to last year for me except Simon wasn’t there,’’ said Coolsaet referring to Simon Bairu of Regina who won the previous five cross country nationals. ‘’It would have been interesting to have him in the race. But Eric and I really battled it out. I stayed patient and pushed hard at the end and that really dwindled the pack.’’

In the junior women’s five kilometre race, three-time Saskatchewan high school champion Kendra Schaaf of Saskatoon collected her fist national title in 16:53.7 after last year’s second place. Lindsay Carson of Cambridge was second in 17:07.6 and defending champion Danelle Woods of Ottawa third in 17:29.0.

‘’The cold didn’t bother me too much, compared to home it wasn’t bad,’’ said Schaaf, 17, who led the entire race. ‘’I was happy with my race. Everything went well especially the middle part which can be tricky when you start to feel tired.’’

In the junior men’s eight kilometre race, Matt Leeder of Brockville, Ont., improved one position this year winning in 25:09.3 with Kyle Boorsma of Guelph second in 25:16.3 and Matthew Hughes of Toronto third in 25:51.2.

‘’I really nailed this race,’’ said Leeder, 17, a first year student at Florida State University. ‘’It was a real battle with Kyle and I’m pleased with how I finished in the last 300 metres and survived this weather. I certainly did have a better race than last year. I’ve really put in the miles this season and it paid off today.’’

The competition served as the junior and senior selection trials for the 2008 NACAC (North American and Carribean) Cross Country Championships and 2008 IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh, Great Britain.

Full results at 

Road Running

Road Running - Athletics Canada Update – notes from the Road Running discussions held as part of the Round Table Sessions held May 27 2007 in Ottawa as part of the Athletics Canada Governance Congress and AGM

Following up on the Round Table discussion on Road Running held as part of the 2007 Athletics Canada AGM and Governance Congress, “the BC Athletics Road Running Committee supports this Athletics Canada initiative and will assist AC in trying to meet these Objectives,” said Frank Stebner, Chair, BCA Road Running Committee. The summary of the Road Running discussions follows:

Q: How do we (AC) integrate with the Canadian Road Running Community?

Benefits to the road running community – new website;

  • Rankings (Open, age group)
  • Results (2nd highest priority)
  • Events calendar (Highest priority)
  • Athlete profiles (top 20 elite, as well as the average joe/joan)
  • Profile events
  • Awards
  • Tips (i.e. nutrition, training, etc.)
  • Surveys, focus groups, etc. for corporate partners
  • Direct access

Q: How do we (AC) grow our base?

  • Membership – join your branch, portal to AC
  • By having the benefits, easier sell to get people to join – however don’t want it to look like a money grab (money used to benefit road running community)

Q: How to create a renewed focus on high performance road running in Canada?

  • Recruiting
  • Coaching
  • Media
  • Clubs
  • Event Groups

Road Running and the other 3 key areas of Club Development, Run Jump Throw and Membership Framework included in the AC Round Table Sessions in May ’07 are included in the next four year phase (2008 to 2012) Athletics Canada Strategic Plan.


Club Officials Needed

BCA Officials provide a valuable service to Clubs, there is a great need to recruit new, young, energetic officials, as many of the current officials have been contributing service to BCA for a very long time.

The BCA Officials' Committee would like to invite all Clubs to place a Link on their website to BCA Officials' web page through BCA's site. On this link please list the number of officials that are associated or belong to your Club. If there are no officials in your Club, please let your members know that a recruitment drive is on for new officials.

If all Clubs encourage at least one member to become an official, the number of officials would increase dramatically and a lasting service would be provided to our athletes.

Jacqueline Barrington

Job / Volunteer opportunities

Job Opportunity at the National Coaching Institute–British Columbia

Director, NCI-BC

Located on the University of Victoria campus, the National Coaching Institute–British Columbia (NCI–BC) offers advanced coaching programs to achieve its mission: to develop world-class professional coaches who are capable of preparing athletes for podium performances in sport and for life outside sport.

Due to the retirement of the incumbent, the NCI is seeking a Director to lead the development and delivery of programs aimed at improving the quality of coaching.

To download the job description, go to

Job Opportunities with Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association BC

Marketing and Communications Coordinator -

Administrative Coordinator -

For job opportunities with specific BC Athletics member clubs, please see the BC Athletics home page under "What's Happening."


2007 USOC Olympic Coach E-Magazine, fall issue

View the USOC Coach E-Magazine as a Web page: 


  • Message from the Performance Services Managing Director

SIRC Newsletter - Female Participation

Females that participate in sport and fitness have better self-image, higher self-esteem and decreased likelihood of depression. However the Canadian Strategy on Sport and Physical Activity for Girls and Women indicate that girls and women are underrepresented in all areas of sport. Many barriers keep women from participating including time and comfort level however there are ways to motivate women to participate including role models and creating a welcoming environment.

SIRC would like to thank the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) and Women in Coaching (Coaching Association of Canada), for their assistance with this issue of the SIRC Newsletter.

Featured Articles:

  • Developing Female Leadership in the Canadian Sport System
  • Physical Activity and Women 55–70
  • Females' Constraints in Physical Recreation Participation
  • To Coach or Not?
  • Girls, Sport and Becoming Active
  • Fit Female

To read these articles, visit 

New Sport Science articles are posted to the Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre website every Wednesday. Access can be found at either through the "Sport Science Articles" link on the main page or through the sport science page. You can also access the articles listed above through the weekly "Top Stories" link.

REMINDERS and Quick Links

Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association of BC Press Releases

To find ASRA News such as Press Releases, Employment Opportunities and Important Reminders, visit

PODIUM - Canadian Olympic Committee's Newsletter Vol. 5, Issue 5 is now available.

Managing Risk - Keeping our Sport Safe

In the continuing effort to provide information and tools to assist member clubs in managing risk and providing a safe environment for children, youth and adults to train, participate and compete in Athletics (Road Running, Track & Field, Race Walking, Cross Country Running, Marathons, Ultras, Trail and Mtn Running), please find below the link to the Sport BC website and information on:

  • Harassment and Abuse in Sport
  • Safety in Sport
  • Screening Staff and Volunteers Management/ Risk Management Main.asp

New Online Drug Database Helps Canadian Athletes Compete Doping-Free

Back issues of the BCAB are available at