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Calendar of Events >> Event Listing Management System

Event Listing Management System

We have implemented a brand new system for the Calendar of Events starting in 2007. As a race director you can add and manage your own event listing(s) by creating your own account. Detailed instructions are on this page.

In this section:

Register With Us
Apply to become an Event Author
Add an Event to the Calendar & Sanction it
Pay for my unpaid Event Listing
Manage My Event Listings

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Online Calendar (as created from this system)

Register With Us

  1. Go to www.bcathletics.org/cf_registration/account.cfm
  2. You will come to the screen shown below.
  3. Fill in all the required information within the Contact Information.
  4. Fill in your Email Address (this will enable you to log into your account).
  5. Select your password.
  6. Click "Register".
  7. You have now registered for an account - Go to Apply to become an Event Author.

screen 1 - register


Apply to become an Event Author

  1. Now that you have just finished Registering for an account, you will be asked to log into your account using your email address and password.
  2. Once you have logged into your account, you will come to the screen shown below.
  3. Click on "Apply to become an event author".

  1. Your next screen will have details within - this screen is below:

Apply to become an event author

  1. There are three different type of accounts
    1. BCA Club Member Account - if you organize many events and want multiple listings. This account is for current BCA Club Members only and listings are included with your membership - note mandatory sanction is in effect for all BCA Club Member accounts.
    2. Sanctioned Event Member Account - For Non-BCA member clubs that organize events which are BCA sanctioned. Each listing for this account type is $10 payable with your Credit Card. Note: When you sanction your event you are not charged an additional listing fee, only the sanctioning fee.
    3. Non-Sanctioned Account - For organizers who want to list one or more events per year but are Non-Club and do not sanction their events. Each listing is $20 payable with your Credit Card.
  2. Make your selection for which type of account you would like to register for - select from the drop down menu as shown in the above screen shot.
  3. For those who have selected BCA Member account, you will be required to select which club you belong to.
  4. For Non-BCA Member accounts: fill in the information directly below BCA Member Accounts and click Register
  5. All applications will be reviewed by BCA staff - once verified you will receive an email and have the ability to create events (this is a one time only step).


Add an Event to the Calendar & Sanction it

  1. Once you have logged into your account using your Email address and password you will be able to add events to the calendar.
  2. You will come to the screen shown above - click on "Add an event to the calendar".

Add an Event

  1. After you have clicked on Add An Event you will fill in the above form
    1. Enter your Event Name and Description (these are mandatory fields)
    2. Select your Event Type
    3. If your event belongs to a series select the drop down menu titled Event Series
    4. Enter the Event Series Number…for example if your Event is 6 in the Timex Series - enter 6
    5. Important - when selecting multiple Event Category types - hold down the Ctrl key and at the same time click on the items

  1. When entering the Event Web Site, ensure you include www if part of your web URL.
    1. If your account is BCA CLUB MEMBER you are required to sanction your event - this is your default.
    2. If your account is Sanctioned Event Member Account you are also required to Sanction your Event - click Yes on the drop down menu.
    3. If you have a non-sanctioned event account you can still sanction your event - simply click yes. If you choose not to sanction click no and submit and you will be taken to the Shopping Cart.
  3. You may create multiple listings - after you have completed creating your listing, return to the main menu.
  4. Within your main menu you can manage listings and pay for your events.
  5. Note: only paid events will be published - until they are paid they will remain within your account (only BCA Club member accounts do not pay for listings)

Sanction Event Process

  1. After you have selected Yes to Sanctioning your event, you will be brought to the screen shown below, where you will review the information which you have just submitted for the Calendar of Event Listing (Note: Different forms will be displayed depending on which Event Type you have selected. The screen below is for Road Running).

  1. As Event Authors may be placing their listings in the Calendar of Events 6-8 months prior to the Event, BCA is asking for preliminary sanctioning information as all the details required to sanction an event may not be confirmed at this time.
  2. Fill in the preliminary information. If you do not know the details click Save & Exit to Main Menu; 3 months prior to your event you will receive an email from BCA requesting you go back to the Sanction form and complete the required information in order to complete the sanctioning of your event.
    1. Important - when you return to the Main Menu, click on Pay for my unpaid event listings (1). If you do not click and submit payment your event will not be published in the BCA Calendar of Events.
  3. If you clicked Save & Continue you will see the screen shown below.

  1. In Step 2 you will be required to complete
    1. Medical Support information
    2. Insurance information
    3. Sponsorship and Awards information
  2. Once complete you have the option to Save & Continue or Save & Exit (note: if your event is 3 months away you are required to complete all information and submit).

  1. In Step 3 you will be required to fill in
    1. Course Information
    2. Race Categories and Distances
  2. Once complete click either Save & Exit or Save & Continue
  3. Step 4 is the last step in Sanctioning your event with BCA - ensure you list your name and click Agree
  4. Click Save & Continue to Checkout.


Pay for my unpaid Event Listing

  1. Within your Main Menu select pay for my unpaid event listings
  2. Depending on how many events you have created there may be many listings.
  3. You can remove events (this will delete your authored event)
  4. To continue - fill in the credit card information (note: this will be pre-populated for you - place change the information if you would like to change your billing address
  5. You will be required to select your credit card (Visa / MasterCard / American Express)
  6. Select your card expiry date
  7. Please note that we are using Secure Socket Layer Technology to help protect your information. This is the same technology that banks use - that is SSL 128Bit Security Encryption.


Manage My Event Listings

At any time you may log into your account and manage your event listings.

  1. Go to www.bcathletics.org/cf_registration/account.cfm
  2. Within your Main Menu - select - Manage My Event Listings.
  3. It will indicate which events have been paid, the date they were published.
  4. You also have the ability to sort your events.
  5. To Change events, simply select one of your events.
  6. You may change any/all information.
  7. Once a year (depending on your account type) you will be required to pay for your event.



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