Hy-Tek Database Download Request Form

BC Athletics is able to provide a direct download of all current, BC Athletics competitive members to events using the Hy-Tek system. This will save a lot of time keying in athletes and their required information. It will also ensure that names and BC Athletics/ACDirect ID numbers are correct. This is particularly important as results from meets who have properly formatted Hy-Tek are the only results that will be accepted for use in provincial and national rankings and team selection.

Meets need to make sure they set up the meet correctly in order to use the download. Hy-Tek set up instructions are available at: www.bcathletics.org/main/pdf/meetmgr_setup_export.pdf 

It is advisable to request a download at least once a week leading up to your event to make sure you are aware of all new and renewing members. Please use this form each time you request a Hy-Tek download of BC Athletics members.

The form below can be used to request specific membership types and clubs or to request all members. Narrowing down your request will help to keep the number of athletes down and may help to make navigating Hy-Tek a little easier.

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Date of Meet:
Meet Registrar:
Please send the download to the following email address:
1. Membership Types Requested: (Select individual types or ALL)
JD (9-13)
Midget (14/15)
Youth (16/17)
Junior (18/19)
Senior (20+)
Master 35-39
Master 40+
Road & Trail Runner (20+)
Junior Road & Trail Runner (18/19)
2. Clubs Requested: (Select individual categories or ALL)
Track and Field Clubs
Lower Mainland Clubs
Vancouver Island Clubs
Interior Clubs
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3. Entries for individuals who are not annual BC Athletics athlete members:

Athletes from outside B.C.:

If your meet includes athletes from other provinces make sure they provide their ACDirect ID number when submitting their entries. In some cases provincial membership numbers are different from the ACDirect ID number. The ACDirect ID number is 7 numerical digits with the first 2 digits being the year of birth (same format as the BC Athletics/ACDirect membership number).

BC Athletics School Club Members:

BC Athletics School and School District Club Memberships are valid for entry in sanctioned events from September 15 June 30th each year. BC Athletics assigns each member a school or school district number comprised of a seven digits with the first two digits being "SC". A list of 2009 School and School District Club members is available at: www.bcathletics.org/schoolmembers.pdf. The list is updated each week. When entering athletes from member schools on Hy-Tek use the school's membership number for all athletes entering with that school. Be aware that some of the athletes in the school may be annual competitive members of BC Athletics and in those cases their BCA/ACDirect numbers should be used.

BC Athletics School Day of Event entries:

The School Day of Event membership is valid from September 15th June 30th each year and is used by elementary and high school athletes entering BC Athletics sanctioned events when their school does not have a School or School District membership in place. When entering a School Day of Event athlete on Hy-Tek use the number XX12345.

4. Meet Results

Once you have completed your meet and are satisfied with the results create a backup and send it to sam.collier@bcathletics.org. BC Athletics will see that your results are included in the Athletics Canada and BC Athletics rankings.

Send a link to results posted on your club site to sam.collier@bcathletics.org and BC Athletics will list your results with a link on the BCA Website in the "Results Round-up" section. Be sure to include the meet name, date and city in the email.

For further information and for any questions please contact Sam Collier at (604) 333-3556 or sam.collier@bcathletics.org.