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Banquet Team
Buffet Menu
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Banquet Evening
Setup and Cleanup

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The Junior Development Awards Banquet is held in October each year. This event is organized by the JD Committee in a central location.


  • BC Athletics staff will send out letters to the awards winners notifying them of their selection and outlining the banquet information.
  • BC Athletics staff will post the awards winners names on the website.
  • BC Athletics staff order the plaques and the awards programs.
  • The JD Committee will need to make arrangements to bring the award plaques and the programs from the BC Athletics office to the banquet site.
  • BC Athletics pays the bill for the event. All funds collected are to be turned over to the BC Athletics staff.


  • Master of Ceremonies ~ organizes the evening program and introduces the guest speakers. The Master of Ceremonies is often the Chair of the Junior Development committee.
  • Award Presenters ~ can be one or two individuals. The presenters prepare the testimonials from the information sheets submitted by the recipients and then speak briefly about each individual.
  • Guest Speakers ~ can be juvenile or older athletes, or can be well-known older athletes from the track and field community. The recommended length of their speech is about 10 minutes. The guest speakers can also assist with the award presentations to each athlete and can shake their hands.
  • Photographers ~ will take photographs of each age group. They escort each group away from the podium area, and take the group photograph while the next group is on stage. The film and a list of the athletes in each photo are given to the host club representative who sees that they are sent to the editor of the BC Athletics Record.
  • BC Athletics Representatives ~ often the CEO and/or the Chair of the Board of directors will attend the banquet. They can also be invited to speak at the banquet. Guests of honour who are seated at the head table do not pay for their tickets or the ticket of the guests.


  • The price of tickets is set by the Junior Development Committee. The price is subject to change.
  • The deadline for ordering tickets is the Monday before the event. The caterers need a definite number of guests by this date. This deadline needs to be firm.
  • Selling extra tickets after the the JD Committee has ordered the meals causes overcrowding and/or shortage of food.
  • Tickets can be ordered by fax or e-mail so the host club will have a record of each request. It is important to keep careful records of telephone orders.
  • Name one person within the JD Committee to be responsible for ticket orders.
  • People ordering tickets are expected to pay for all of the tickets ordered.


  • As the evening is for the athletes, be sure to included food which they enjoy such as pasta and chicken.
  • Try to have two buffet tables with both sides available to keep things moving quickly.
  • Remind the caterer that athletes have good appetites. Make sure there will be plenty of food.
  • Ask for punch and coffee/tea to be available for the social hour and during the meal


  • Each club with athletes attending the banquet is requested to send two draw prizes for the banquet.
  • The master of ceremonies or awards presenters can draw the prizes during the dinner or during the awards presentations.


  • Book a facility that is close to the freeway or on a major route that is easy to locate for people from out-of-town.
  • Provide a map and/or written directions.
  • Be sure the facility is large enough for the numbers expected and that there is adequate parking.
  • If there are any additional costs such as parking, inform people when they book their tickets.


  • Ask if there are any hidden costs, or if the price per plate is the total. Does the charge include taxes? The tip? Parking charge?
  • Aim for the banquet to be self-supporting and to break even.
  • BC Athletics will send a deposit for the dinner and will pay the final bill.
  • All funds collected from ticket sales are turned over to BC Athletics.


  • Set up a table near the door for ticket sales. Have a cash box and a float.
  • Have two people assist with the ticket sales at this point.
  • People will start arriving at least one half hour ahead of time.
  • Have the programs distributed here or set them on the tables.


  • Arrive early to set up the trophies and awards.
  • Display the awards on a large table.
  • Organize your group to cover setup and cleanup jobs.
  • Ask about tablecloths, flowers for the tables, and other details.
  • Reserve tables for the guests and speakers at the front of the room.
  • Arrange for a microphone, a good speaker system, and a podium.

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