BC Athletics JD Manual

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2.1 Meet Registration Forms
2.2 Registration Information
2.3 Finances
2.4 Entry Fees for Championship Meets

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Registration forms for Championship Meets are to be prepared by the host club in consultation with the BC Athletics office. 

Sample registration forms can be obtained from the BC Athletics office.

The registration forms must display the BC Athletics logo and that of any corporate sponsor or sponsors as required under any existing agreements.

A copy of the registration form is to be sent to BC Athletics to be distributed to all clubs registered with BC Athletics. Host clubs are requested to submit the registration forms 2 months prior to the event.

BC Athletics should send out the form to the clubs a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event.

Forms are to be returned directly to the host club with the date of return to be as late as possible.

Fax numbers and e-mail addresses are to be included, if available, to assist clubs with late entries or changes in their registration information.

Times for seeding must be submitted for each athlete listed on the application form.

Relay teams are to be listed separately and may be registered on the day of the meet. Relay fees may be deferred until teams are registered at the meet.

Late entries not included with the registration form must be added before the deadline on each day of the meet. These are on an availability only basis, as space permits.


The registration forms for a Junior Development Track and Field Meet should contain the following information:

  • Contact person for each club.
  • Phone number, fax number, and e-mail address for each club.
  • Every athlete's BC Athletics registration number.
  • Seed times for all track events for each athlete up to and including the 800 metre races.
  • A brief note giving the reason why athletes do not have times listed on the form (i.e., athlete has not participated in the particular event during the current track and field season).

Each club is to be responsible for the BC Athletics numbers of its athletes. Individual clubs are to be notified if any athletes do not have their numbers.

Any late entries must be accompanied by the athlete's current BC Athletics membership number or the notation AP (applied for).

BC Athletics will supply the meet registrar with a list of pending membership names and numbers the day before the start of the meet.


A hosting grant is provided by BC Athletics for BC Championships.

Host clubs are to be paid the hosting grant within one month of submitting the financial statement for the championships to the BC Athletics office.

25% of the registration fees collected by the host club are to be returned to BC Athletics.

The host club pays for the championship award ribbons used. BC Athletics arranges for all championship ribbons.

BC Athletics provides championship medals to the host club.


Fees for Championship Events are to be reviewed annually by the JD Committee and are to be revised when necessary.

Current Entry Fee Structure for Championship Meets:

Individual events are $7.00 per event.

Relays are to be $8.00 per team which is payable on the day of the meet. Relays are not subject to the late entry clause.

Late entry fees are to be set by the host club with a maximum of three times the individual event fee to be charged. [3 x $5.00 = $15.00 per event maximum] The suggested late fee is $12.00 per event.

Individual event fees are payable in advance and must be included with the registration forms.

Entry fee cheques are payable to the host club.

Multi-Events Championship fees are $20.00 per athlete per meet. Late entry fees are $TBD per athlete per meet.

Cross Country Championship fees are $7.00 per athlete. Late entry fees for cross country championship events are $12.00 per athlete.

PLEASE NOTE: Clubs and individuals are permitted to register using e-mail and fax but all registration fees must be paid before any athlete will be permitted to compete.

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