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3.1 Schedule of Events
3.2 Officiating
3.3 Volunteer Officiating at Championship Meets
.....Volunteer Officiating Form
3.4 Awards

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The schedule of events is to be determined by the host club in consultation with the Junior Development Committee and the BC Athletics Track & Field or Cross Country Technical Manager as appropriate. Only events approved as competition events for an age group may be included on the weekend of competition. (See Section 5.2)

Championship Meets do not start before 11:00 AM on the first day of competition to allow teams and clubs to travel to the event.

The host club needs to be able to adapt the schedule if too few or too many athletes register for a single event.

It is recommended that the more popular field events be divided into equal sections to avoid long waits and delays in those age categories which contain large numbers of athletes.

If one age category in high jump needs to be divided into sections, then the officials at the event will divide the participants into two equal sections. The two groups may be formed based on random selections [divide the athletes into two random groups] or based on performances [lower performances in one group and the higher performances in the other group]. In both cases the two groups will agree upon a starting height and the advances shall be the same number of centimetres to allow both groups to attain the same finishing height. [For example, the starting height in both pits is 1.05 metres and the bar is raised 5 centimetres at each increase.]

The schedule should be chosen carefully to avoid conflicts between track and field events for the same age groups.

Track events take precedence over field events. In preparation for a track event, parents or a coach may stand in at the marshaling area for an athlete who is at a field event. This designated person can then notify the athlete as time nears for the track event. Athletes may ask to compete first in a round if they are going to compete last in the next round.

Both track and field events may proceed up to a maximum of 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Announcements must be made if events are to be moved ahead of schedule.

Track events will proceed from oldest to youngest with girls first.

Heats are to be run as a final if there are not enough athletes for two heats. In this case the final will be run at the scheduled heat time.

The order of races at a Junior Development meet are ordered from oldest (14 years) to youngest (9 years).


The host club is to contact the Officials Committee of BC Athletics to arrange for qualified officials to be present at a Championship Meet.

The host club is to contact the BC Athletics office to arrange for a photo-electronic timing system and someone to run the system to be present at the meet if such a system is not available to the host club. Both the BCJD Championships and the Pentathlon Championships are required to use an electronic timing system.

The host club is to designate an Officials' Manager to be responsible for the meet and to consult with the BC Athletics Officials Committee. Both a Track Referee and a Field Referee are required for a Championship event.

At a Junior Development meet the meet organizers are to be responsible for the total organization of the meet including providing the chiefs for each individual field event and are to be in charge of coordinating each field event.

At a Championship Meet the meet organizers are to ensure that qualified officials are available to chief each field event.

Individual clubs are responsible for officiating at individual events at Championship Meets.

Clubs are to be notified about their officiating duties as soon as possible before the meet. This will allow clubs to prepare the officials for specific events.

A check-in table for volunteers and officials should be set up. A list of previously scheduled officials and volunteers should be available at this site.


Each club is to indicate on the separate volunteer form at which events it will be willing to assist. This form will be included in the registration package sent out to each club.

Clubs that do not indicate a preference will be assigned an event by the host club.

Clubs are to indicate the number of officials available and the number of athletes participating in the meet.

The host club should consider the number of adults available and travel arrangements of each club when assigning events.

Smaller clubs may be grouped together to cover an event.

Larger clubs may be assigned two events.


It is a policy of Junior Development Championship Meets that each participating club provides help officiating at the meet.

Indicate below the three events at which your Club will be able to help officiate.

Championships Meet
Name of Club
Club Contact
Indicate below the three events at which your Club will be able to help officiate:
Event 1
Event 2
Event 3
Number of Officials/Adults accompanying your club
Number of club athletes participating in the meet


Medals are to be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes.

Ribbons are to be given for 4th to 8th place finishes.

Medals will be provided to the host club by BC Athletics.

BC Athletics arranges for all championship ribbons.

Check with the previous year's host club to see if any extra ribbons are available.

BC Athletics holds the logo that is to be used for the ribbons.

Medals are to be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in the relay events.

Separate award ceremonies for medal winners are to be encouraged whenever possible. With the number of announcements required at this type of meet, it is not always possible to announce all results.

The host club should set up a separate awards booth away from the results room to avoid congestion in the results area.

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