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STOP! BEFORE you contact us...

Please note: If the rankings aren’t updated it’s usually because the results data files have not been received yet for all completed events, without skipping ahead in the series. Once the data is in our hands the rankings will be updated within 3-4 days or sooner. (We cannot use the publicly posted results; a special file is required containing more info.)

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first - the answer to your question is very likely to be there, especially if it’s about your point total. Also see How The Series Works for general info about the Series and how it works. 

NOTE: For questions specific to an event in the Series, such as registration, awards or t-shirts etc., please contact the race director specific to that event, not the Series Coordinator.

If you still haven’t found the answer, or you want to make a comment or suggestion, you can email the Series Coordinator Kevin O'Connor at kevin.oconnor@bcathletics.org .