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Do I have to sign up somewhere to be in the Series?

No, simply by participating in any of the Series events you will be counted as a Series participant. If you do the required number of races you will automatically be included in the final results.

Do I have to be a member of BC Athletics to participate in the Series?

No, both members and non-members are eligible. Non-members pay day of event BCA fees ($3) when they pay their race entry fee. However, to receive BC Super Series performance awards you must be a member of BC Athletics: Competitive, Road & Trail or Masters.

Not all the points I scored in the last race appear to have been added to my total. Can you check into this?

Only your best 4 race scores count towards your total. When you run more than 4 races, the new score, if higher, replaces your lowest one in the best 4, rather than adding directly to the total. If the latest race score is not greater than your 4th highest to date, your total will not change.

On the Rankings page it says the latest rankings are posted, but when I click on the link I see the older ones. Where are the new ones?

Sometimes your browser, to save download time, will display a "cached" page, one that has been stored on your computer's hard drive instead of the latest page that has been posted on the site. Use the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your browser to see the most recent update of the page. The F5 function key does the same thing (for Windows systems)

How do you identify entry forms and ensure that they're for the same person between different races? Is there any way I can help you?

The rankings software compares names and dates of birth. You can help by always filling out the forms legibly, using exactly the same form of your name each time (i.e. don't use "William" in one race and "Bill" in another; don't add or drop part of a double last name), making sure you don't reverse your first and last names on the form, and entering your age and city correctly. The easier it is for the data entry person to read your form, the less chance of errors in results which lead to errors in the rankings. Another way to help is by pre-registering on-line where available and following the guidelines above will reduce the chance of data errors as there is no "translation" of handwriting going on.

Where can I find individual race results?

The Schedule page has links to individual race results as soon as they are available online.

In the last event, I was listed as 4th in my category but I know I should have been 3rd. Can you please correct this?

Any inquiries about individual race results should be directed at the race director for that event. See the Schedule for contact information.

Where can I pick up my t-shirt (or medal) for the latest race?

Any inquiries about individual race issues should be directed at the race director for that event. See the Schedule for contact information.