BC Athletics Update - Coronavirus (COVID 19) - #4

BC Athletics Update - Coronavirus (COVID 19) - #4

March 20, 2020

Social Distance – Social Distance – Social Distance

Further to the BC Athletics Updates:

Information from the BC Athletics Board of Directors Special Meeting

March 19, 2020

  1. Membership Fees:

    1. The Board of Directors discussed the questions about membership fees.

    2. Appreciating that inquires have been made on Membership refunds, deferrals or extensions, the Board of Directors decided to defer and decision and action until May 30, 2020. The Brd felt it was, at this time, too early in the year, with the possibility, should the Health Order be lifted, that a modified season could still go forward.

    3. The Board is committed to keeping the membership up to date on this important question.

    4. Clubs should continue to register their members.

    5. Individuals who are not members of clubs should continue to register.

    6. Clubs should continue with their club registration.

      1. All individual members of clubs, individuals who are not members of clubs and clubs who are members of BC Athletics have, with 2020 Membership have both Liability Insurance and Sport Accident Insurance. Insurance has not been compromised because of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak.

        Athlete Training - Club and Individuals:

        1. Insurance – Liability and Sport Accident:

          1. All Club and Individual insurance coverage, as provided with BC Athletics Membership continues to be in place. This was confirmed on March 20, 2020 in an email from Sport BC Insurance.


      • Training of athletes as a club, club directed or as individual non-club 2020 Members of BC Athletics is permitted under the following conditions:

        • All training sessions must comply with the Provincial Government and Provincial Heath Officer’s Orders, Advisories and Recommendations.

          • B.C. COVID-19 response update – March 19, 2020

          • Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health officer, clarifies direction on social distancing relating to going outside:

            • It is safe to go outside to get fresh air, walk pets, ride a bike and exercise while maintaining safe social distances.


          • For Club organized training:

            • All Club Directors, Coaches and Athletes must be 2020 BC Athletics Members with the appropriate membership for the role they have in the club/sport.

            • Coaches: all athletes you are coaching must be 2020 BC Athletics Members.

            • Club Directors must approve club members training on their own under a program set out by the personal coach.

            • Club Directors must approve club training sessions (meaning 2 or more athletes training at the same time in the same location) under the supervision of a Club Coach.

              • Note: Clubs are asked:

                • To please keep any approved training sessions to a small number of athletes. While the Prov Govt order is no more than 50 with a social distance of 2 metres, having no more than 10 athletes plus a coach is a good rule to follow.

            • For throwing and jumping events that use implements and landing mats, it is important to:

              • Take all necessary actions to insure the cleanliness of the equipment.

              • Avoid sharing equipment.

              • Clean throwing equipment after use.

              • Landing mats may present more of a challenge to keep clean. Allowing time between different individuals using the landing mats i.e. 5 minutes or more or cleaning them off with an alcohol based cleaner will help to insure a clean and safe surface.

              • Alternatively has only one jumper using them for a practice session or a designated time and then wipe them down.

            • Stay up to date with the

              • Note: the BC COVID-19 response, orders, advisories and recommendations can change daily and may result in amendments to the BC Athletics approvals for Training.


      • For Individual (Non-Club Members) Training:

        • All individuals must be 2020 BC Athletics Members with the appropriate membership for the role they have in the sport.

        • Training is approved

        • Maintain Social Distance

        • Stay up to date with the

          • Note: the BC COVID-19 response, orders, advisories and recommendations can change daily and may result in amendments to the BC Athletics approvals for Training.


      • All of the above is to protect the Health and Safety of: Individual Members and Member Clubs of BC Athletics; and BC Athletics as the Provincial Sport Organization for Athletics.


      1. Effective immediately, March 20, 2020 all Competitions sanctioned or proposed to be sanctioned by BC Athletics are CANCELLED through to Saturday, May 30, 2020. This date is in compliance with the order from the Govt of BC and the BC Provincial Health Officer. This is subject to the Lifting or Extension of the Public Health Order by the Provincial Govt and the BC Provincial Health Officer.
      2. This means that BC Athletics will not sanction any events during this time period nor will Liability Insurance coverage be provided for Club or approved Organizations’ Competitions held in contradiction of the ruling by the BC Athletics Board of Directors, during this time period.

        1. Board of Directors Rationale:

          1. Limiting and verifying the number of participants (athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers, event organizers and spectators) at a competition is beyond the capacity of BC Athletics to monitor and guarantee compliance with the Provincial Order.

          2. BC Athletics Officials are involved and in close contact with athletes and each other prior to, during and after a competition. Maintaining at least a 2 metre separation will be challenging and at times not possible. We need to insure the health and safety of everyone involved in a competition.

          3. The risks (health, public opinion, government sanction) to BC Athletics, Clubs, Organizations and Individuals is too high.

      3. Sanction Application Fees:

        1. Event sanction fees that have already been paid to BC Athletics:

          1. Options available to Race Organizers:

            1. That the sanction fee can be carried over and applied to:

              1. The same cancelled/postponed event hosted within 1 year of the date is was to be held; or

              2. Applied to another event that is hosted by the same Club or Approved Organization on or before Dec 31, 2020.

            2. Complete refund once the event has determined and BC Athletics has verified:

              1. That there are no legal obligations relative to retaining Liability Insurance coverage even though the event has been cancelled or postponed.

              2. That there are no legal actions or pending legal actions against the Sanctioned Event.

                1. Note: BC Athletics will consult with all parties, insurance company and legal counsel as appropriate relative to all matters relating to obligations or legal actions.


    1. BC Athletics Championships:

      1. 2020 BC Athletics Road Race, Track & Field and Cross Country Championships:

        1. Championships schedule to happen up to and including May 30, 2020 have been cancelled.

        2. All other BC Athletics Championships are still scheduled to go ahead unless the Public Health Order (May 30, 2020) is extended.

        3. BC Athletics will continue to provide updates.

    Road Running Updates

  2. Coaching Education – Run Jump Throw Wheel, NCCP Athletics and Other:

    All in-person coach education courses or workshops will be postponed until May 30th, or until further notice pending updates from provincial health authorities. Our team is working to offer online courses and professional development in the interim and will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

  3. Course fees:

      • Course fees that have been paid for cancelled or postponed courses, workshops and training can be:

        • Refunded in full; or

        • Applied against the rescheduled course, workshop or training; or

        • Applied towards a new course, workshop or training once they are announced.

    • BC Team Selection Criteria for Funding and BC Team Selection – amended March 19, 2020

      Officials Workshops, Training Courses and Newsletter

      • Workshops and Training Courses:

        • All scheduled Workshops in the Lower Mainland will be postponed.

          • The https://www.bcathletics.org/CalendarResults/Workshops include:

            • April 18, 2020 in Abbotsford - Level 1 Workshop scheduled for 9:30am to 11:00am

            • April 18, 2020 in Abbotsford- Electronic Distance Measuring (EDM) Workshop scheduled for 11:00am

              • These Workshops will be rescheduled as soon as the current situation allows.

        • If feasible:

          • Sunday, June 7th Level 2 Workshop – Burnaby

            • Noted: We will be guided by the recommendations of the BCCDC and Health Canada in our planning. Please be aware that this Workshop may need to be postponed. If such is the case, all registered participants will be notified in good time.

            • Workshops scheduled to be held in other areas of the Province are under review.

      Officials’ Committee Newsletter – March 18, 2020

      Calendar of Events:

      Planning for Events and Resumption of Training, Runs, Races, T&F and Cross Country Events and Education, Training and Upgrading:

      • It is important that we continue planning and be ready to resume once we get the all clear. Stay positive and know that there are resources to available to help during this time.

      Please continue to be vigilant and informed through the British Columbia and Canada Coronavirus (COVID 19) Information links:

      Related links


      Government of British Columbia Class Order (Mass Gatherings) re: COVID-19

      Public Health Act TO ORDER as follows:

      You are prohibited from permitting the gathering of people in excess of 50 people at a place of which you are the owner, occupier or operator, or for which you are otherwise responsible.

      This Order expires on May 30, 2020 and is subject to revision, cancellation or extension by me (Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer).

      Click her to see the complete Public Health Order


      Athletics Canada Updates, Cancellations of Camps / Events

    • See: Athletics Canada COVID-19 Advisory/Guidance – Posted 12 March 2020

      • Athletics Cd updates

        • Athletics Canada is doing its part in social distancing
          • Posted on: 15 March 2020

            • Athletics Canada is doing its part in social distancing. As such, please note that the national office is closed at least until Monday, April 6. 

            • All operations are continuing with staff working from home. 

            • To reach Athletics Canada, call 613-260-5580 or visit https://athletics.ca/federation/staff/

      • Athletics Canada COVID-19 Advisory / Guidance


      ISPARC Cancellations
      -         I·SPARC Suspending Programs and Events Due to Health Concerns over COVID-19


      BC Government Orders and Tips for event organizers and attendees at events include:

      • Gatherings of more than 50 people in total are by BC Government Order cancelled.
        • The Total # of 50 includes Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Event Organizers, Facility Staff and Spectators.
      • Individuals who travel outside of Canada which extends to the U.S. – The Canada/US Boarder is closed to all non-essential travel.
      • Anyone returning to Canada must stay home from work or school for 14 days / Self quarantine for 14 days.
      • Do not attend the event if you are sick or not feeling well.
      • Do not attend the event if you have been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for the virus.
      • Do not attend the event if you have recently returned to Canada from countries that have experienced outbreaks of the virus, resulting quarantines or for which the Govt of Canada has issued Travel Advisories on.
      • Wash your hands thoroughly – singing at least 2 to 3 verses of Happy Birthday (approx. 20 to 30 seconds or more)
      • Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer if Soap and Water are not readily available.
      • Encourage people and give them space to clean their hands regularly. 
      • Avoid shaking hands and hugs – instead replace with Elbow Bumps and Virtual Embraces.
      • Coughing or Sneezing – do so into a Tissue and discard it. Wash your hands immediately afterward
      • Cough or Sneeze into your Elbow or Sleeve.
      • Avoid touching your face or the face of others.


      Helping and Connecting to Others:

      1. This situation is not normal nor one that the majority of us have not experienced before.

      2. Help each other cope and manage this situation by connecting by phone, email, text messages or write a letter. It is important to support and respect each other.

      3. If you know someone who may need assistance, connect with them and see if you can help them out – i.e. shopping for groceries and other necessary supplies.

      4. For agency support, see Athletics Canada COVID-19 Advisory / Guidance – March 16, 2020

      5. Stay positive and do what you can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

      BC Athletics Staff are working from home and can be reached as follows:

      • Sam Collier – sam.collier(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-946-0842

      • Jen Brown, Coaching Education Coord – jennifer.brown(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3558

      • Chris Winter, T&F Technical Mgr – chris.winter(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3555

      • Sabrina Nettey, Introductory Programs Coordinator – sabrina.nettey(at)bcathletics.org

      • Clif Cunningham, Rd/XC Technical Mgr – clifton.cunningham(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3553

      • Brian McCalder, President/CEO – brian.mccalder(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3552


      A Podium GOLD MEDAL to all the Healthcare Workers, Essential Service Workers and Provincial/Territorial Health Officers and Prov/Terr Governments for working to keep all of us safe and healthy.


      BC Athletics appreciates that this may be a lot to consider and adjust to but it is important that collectively we do what we can to help limit the impact of the virus.


      We hope this is helpful. Please contact the BC Athletics Office – brian.mccalder@bcathletics.org / 604-333-3552 if you have further questions or need clarification on any of the information provided.

      Thank you for your help and understanding during this time.


      Brian McCalder,

      President/CEO, BC Athletics