2021 Resolutions - AGM


BC Athletics Annual General Meeting

Proposed Governance and Rule Changes


Resolution #1:

Post-Secondary Club Membership – Team Roster Memberships

  • For implementation for the 2022 Membership Year


Ref: BC Athletics Post-Secondary (School) Affiliate Club Membership


Mover:                  Laurier Primeau

Seconder:            Hilary Stellingwerff


Whereas: As our university counterparts in other provinces and within our jurisdictions of competition (NCAA, NAIA, USport) are not required to purchase individual memberships with their provincial, state or national governing bodies for each student-athlete for the purpose of competing in indoor or outdoor track and field competitions; and


Whereas:  BC Athletics’ requirement of BC universities to do so puts us at a financial disadvantage to our competitors. It also requires a great deal of administration because there are nuances to many of the registrations – our athletes are from different provinces and different countries, and find themselves in different competitive situations. They also must be transferred off the university roster and onto their clubs’ rosters after the university season, adding administration to both BC Athletics and the University Coaches.


Be it resolved that:
The “Athletics Post-Secondary (School) Affiliate membership be amended and that this Club membership type be set up to aligned with the current “ School Club” and “School District” memberships:

• Athletes on the university track & field team are permitted to take part in BC Athletics sanctioned events when they are entered into an event by the university.
• The period of valid entry for university athletes is from September 1st through to May 30th.
• Athletes are not required to pay the $3.00 School Student Day of Event Membership Fee
• Athlete performances are not recognized for rankings, team selections, records, services, financial support and other benefits associated with a Competitive Athlete Membership.
• Athletes who wish to have their performances recognized for rankings, team selection, services, financial support and other benefits will be required to take out a BC Athletics Competitive Athlete Membership.

Proposed Amendments:

  1. The Post-Secondary Club Membership fee be: $250.00 per yr + GST
  2. All Post-Secondary Club Coaches must be annual Coach Members of BC Athletics.
  3. When entering a BC Athletics sanctioned competition the Post-Secondary Team Members, who are not Competitive Athlete Members of BC Athletics or another Athletics Canada Provincial/Territorial Branch Member or a National Athletics Federation, pay a $3.00 BC Athletics Day of Event Membership fee.
    1. Rationale: BC Athletics Membership fees (Annual or DOE) help in providing the necessary income to support:
      1. Officials to officiate at a BC Athletics sanctioned competition
      2. The recruitment, training and development of Officials.
      3. The delivery of the Coaching Education Program – Athletics NCCP; Regional, National and International Coach Seminars/Conferences.
      4. Provision of Liability Insurance coverage for:
        1. Member clubs
        2. Annual members
        3. Day of Event members
        4. Sanctioned events – HOC, Facility owners, event sponsors and volunteers.
        5. Management and administrative costs associated with the operations and responsibilities of the BC Athletics.


  1. Post-Secondary Clubs will:
    1. Have one vote at the Annual General Meeting and Special Meetings of BC Athletics.
  2. The Mover and Seconder of this motion have provided feedback on the amendments.
  3. The BC Athletics Board of Directors supports the intent of this motion and the amendments as outlined.

Resolution #2

Entry Fees:

BC Athletics Championship and Owned Events:

  • To Support Officials Development – with .25 FTE staff support
    • For implemenation as of January 1, 2022

Ref: BC Athletics Championship Entry Fees

U16, U18, U20, SR, Masters

Regular Entry Fee

Late Entry Fee

Track & Field



Combined Events



Cross Country



Road Running

Set By Event

Set By Event


Junior Development

Regular Entry Fee

Late Entry Fee

Track & Field



Combined Events






Cross Country




Moved by: Greg White

Seconded by: Marcus Wong


Whereas: There is an urgent need to provide dedicated BC Athletics staff support for Officials Recruitment, Training, Development and Retention; and

Whereas: Officials volunteer their expertise and time to Officiate, as is possible, to over 100 events each year; and

Whereas: There is urgent need to Recruit, Train, Development and Retain new Officials to meet the needs of Athletics throughout the Province of British Columbia; and

Whereas: There are increasing costs to deliver the support and services necessary to provide for Officials at sanctioned competitions

Be It Resolved That:

  1. The entry fee for all BC Athletics Championships (Track & Field and Cross Country) and Association owned events be:
    1. Increased by $5.00 for the 1st Event entered; and
    2. That all other events be the regular entry fee; and
      • Note: Does not apply to Relay Events.
    3. That all revenue generated through the $5.00 fee be used to support the BC Athletics Officials Development Program through the provision of dedicated staff to work with the Officials Committee for the Recruitment, Training, Development and Retention of Officials; and

Be It Resolved That:

  1. For BC Athletics Road Running Championships and all other non-stadia BC Athletics Championships as may be developed – that consultation with the BC Athletics Road Running Committee and others as determined, be undertaken to consider this proposal.


  1. Based on 2018 and 2019 entries in BC Athletics Championships and the 2019 Pacific Distance Carnival, this could generate $8,600.00 to $9,900.00 per year.
  2. Additional support would be provided by:
    1. An annual commitment from the Officials Donations Fund of $2,000.00
    2. An increased allocation form Core and/or Gaming Grants of $2,500.00


The BC Athletics Board of Directors recommends support for this rule change.


Draft Outline of Responsibilities – Proposed by the BC Athletics Officials Committee & BC Athletics Staff

  1. Recruitment of officials to levels 1 & 2—with support from the Officials Committee Recruitment Working Group:
    1. Plan, advertise and administer recruitment initiatives for prospective officials interested in becoming officials—from the BC Athletics Membership, schools, service groups, New Canadians, indigenous and cultural communities.
    2. Monitor, support and report progress of prospective officials through pathway to level 2 (completion of online training followed by experience, mentoring and confirmation components).
    3. Maintain and communicate recruitment information to target audiences—website, social media, BC Athletics newsletter.


  1. Development of officials to levels 3-5—in conjunction with the Officials Committee Development Working Group.
    1. Assist development activities through organizing workshops and clinics as identified in the Development Plan. Initially, this will include Level 4 National clinics with some discipline or skill specific clinics.
    2. Responsibilities to include: arrange for facilities, clinicians and participant’s materials and follow up workshop evaluations.
    3. Scheduling of AC-NOC workshops and clinics for levels 3-5 as in-person, webinar or as may be possible in conjunction with provincial championships, national and international competitions.
    4. Communicate, advertise and manage registration for workshops and clinics.


  1. Management
    1. Market and promote donations and sponsorship opportunities for officiating programs—in conjunction with Officials Committee and other BC Athletics resources.
    2. Assist with communications and coordination with BC Athletics Membership, Board and Staff and AC-NOC, on officiating programs, goals and activities.


  1. Officials Database—assist with validating information being migrated from decentralized files into a central repository.


  1. Other responsibilities relating to Officials Development that may be assigned from time to time.


Resolution #3

Membership Fees

BC Athletics Officials Annual Membership Fees

  • For implemenation in the 2023 Membership Year


Ref: BC Athletics Membership Fees – Officials


Mover: Brian Thomson, Chair BC Athletics Officials Committee

Seconder: Bill Koch, BC Athletics Officials Committee Member


Whereas: The current BC Athletics Officials Membership fee of $15.00 cover the Athletics Canada individual member fees for officials of $15/year paid by BC Athletics; and

Whereas: BC Athletics does not retain any of the current Officials membership fees; and

Whereas: BC Athletics membership services and benefits for Officials (listed below), are covered, as is possible, from other BC Athletics revenue sources; and


Whereas: The Enhanced Officials Certification Pathway requires additional revenues and resulting expenditures to support new tools, procedures, the provision of  experience, evaluation and upgrading of Officials – critical to the modernization of the Officials Development Program; and

Whereas: The development of young Officials to Levels 3 to 5 is a critical objective in providing for succession and replacing of senior Officials as they retire.

Be It Resolved That: The Annual BC Athletics Membership Fee for Officials be increased to $30.00 + GST per year.


Increase fees for official’s membership in BC Athletics.

Additional revenue required to reflect officiating fees paid to Athletics Canada by BC Athletics; and new recruitment and development tools and procedures from the National Officials Committee (enhanced certification pathway). These enhanced recruitment and development tools and procedures require additional revenue to cover anticipated expenditures in development of officials that included but not limited to travel expenses for experience and evaluations, workshop facilities and clinicians for levels 3-5.

Reflect value in enhanced certification pathway

The enhanced certification pathway modernizes the training and development program for officials. Training is provided at every level along with experience opportunities at a wide range of meets and mentoring programs to assist officials become the best they can be.


  • The BC Athletics Officials Committee supports the change to the annual BC Athletics Officials Membership fee and implementation for the 2023 Membership Year.


The BC Athletics Board of Directors recommends support for the rule change.


BC Athletics Membership Benefits to Officials:

  • Sport Accident and Liability Insurance
  • World Athletics Rule Book
  • Recognition and Retention Program
  • Annual officials meeting with catered lunch and draw prices
  • Annual recognition gift for officials officiating a minimum number of meets (credits)
  • Upgrading recognition gift for expanding and deepening certifications
  • AC-NOC service pins (5 year increments) and 50 year service award
  • Officiating shirt and personal name tag upon reaching level 2
  • Annual BC Athletic awards and nominations for AC-NOC awards
  • Greeting cards to support officials and maintain a sense of community
  • Certification pathway—development, maintenance and delivery of training and development programs and materials including facilities and honorariums for workshops (levels 3-5).
  • Professional development courses and materials (e.g., webinars)
  • Evaluation and Upgrading. Mentoring (Later 2021).
  • Travel reimbursement –locally, regionally and provincially.
  • Travel support for evaluation and upgrading.
  • Central database of officials and their status (e.g., certification, training, clinician, mentor, evaluator).
  • Communication – i.e. Officials newsletter, website.
  • Acquisition and maintenance of officiating equipment.
  • Discounts on BC Athletics Course/Seminar Fees in Officiating, Coaching, Event Directing and others as identified.
  • Discounts on goods and services through BC Athletics sponsors and partners.


Resolution # 4

By-law Change

Note: By-law changes require a two-thirds majority of the votes cast to pass.


Mover:            Greg White

Seconder:      Jim Hinze


Ref: BC Athletics By-laws


In these Bylaws unless the context otherwise requires:

"Affiliated Club" means any athletic club or organization within the Province of British Columbia recognized by the Society as having a membership consisting of at least five Registered Athletes;

Whereas: The current by-laws require, for Club Membership, that the Club must have at least five Registered Athletes; and

Whereas: Clubs are required to renew their club membership to be in place by January 1st; and

Whereas: Some clubs do not have athletes register that early in the calendar year and not all clubs (i.e. Society Affiliated Clubs) have athletes as members;

Be It Resolved That: The interpretation of Affiliated Club be amended to be:

  • "Affiliated Club" means any athletic club or organization within the Province of British Columbia recognized by the Society as having a membership consisting of at least five Registered Members;



The BC Athletics Board of Directors recommends support for this by-law amendment.

Resolution # 5

BC Athletics Hall of Fame – Masters Eligibility

Ref: BC Athletics Hall of Fame Criteria:

  • Current Criteria for Masters Nomination:
    • Athletes having been retired from Masters National or International competition for a minimum of three years but still active and participating in the local/regional Masters age group will be considered.


Mover:           Jake Madderom

Seconder:    Harold Morioka


Whereas:      The current BCA Hall of Fame Nomination Information states that to be nominated "Athletes having been retired from Masters National or International competition for a minimum of three years but still active and participating in the local/regional Masters Age group will be considered"; and

Whereas:      As many Masters Athletes never retire from International competition, we think that they should be awarded a Hall of Fame nomination while they can still enjoy the honor.


Be It Resolved That: The current criteria be amended to read:

"Masters athletes who have had outstanding Athletics performances over a period of at least 10 years and who have been BC Athletics members for a minimum of 10 years, will be considered for nomination to the BC Athletics Hall of Fame when:

  1. They are over the age of 65; or
  2. They have been retired from Masters National or International Athletics competition for a least 5 years; or
  3. They are deceased."



The BC Athletics Board of Directors recommends support for this motion.

Recommendation to the BC Athletics Board of Directors


  1. Updating of the BC Athletics Membership Application Form
  1. As part of the BC Athletics Policies of Equity, Access and Fair Play; and
  2. To support the process of Policy and Governance review as part of the 2022-2024 BC Athletics Strategic Plan; and
  3. To align our membership application with current practices in sport and society as a whole in recognizing diversity and inclusion;

It is recommended by BC Athletics staff that our online and print membership application form be amended to read:

Note to Athletes - Athletics Canada and the Athletics Canada Provincial/Territorial Branches follows the International Olympic Committee (IOC), World Athletics (WA) and World Para Athletics (WPA) practice of separating athletes into male and female categories based on sex for competition.

Competition Category - please indicate in which category do you compete? 

  • Male
  • Female

Gender Identification:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Non-binary
  • Prefer to self describe
  • Prefer not to say

Indigenous Status:

  • First Nation
  • Métis
  • Inuit


  • Canadian
  • Other: ___________________
  • Permanent Resident (date granted) __ / __ / ____
  • Student Visa (date granted)  __ / __ / ____

Birth Country: (with a lookup link)

  1. Minimum Age for Registration as a BC Athletics Official
    1. Presented by John and Carol Cull
      1. As the current age to be registered as a BC Athletics Official is 15yrs.
      2. It is proposed that the minimum age be lowered to 14 yrs.
        1. Which would:
          1. Align with the current BC Athletics Age Groups – i.e. U16
          2. Align and support the re-introduction of the School Program of Officials Training – which with officiating can afford the students with credit towards graduation.
          3. To introduce Athletics Officiating to a younger demographic whose knowledge and skills with advancing technologies in the Officiating of Athletics, will be necessary and beneficial as current Officials retire from active officiating.
            1. Limitations:
              1. Young Officials would not officiate or make decisions in competitions for athletes older than themselves;
              2. Young Officials would not be assigned as Chiefs for an older event.
              3. Young Officials could, in an older age group event, participate as a member of an Officiating Team – i.e. Jumps team of Officials under the leadership of a Chief Judge for Jumps.
      3. It is recommended that this be considered and discussed by the Board of Directors and as needed with the BC Athletics Officials Committee. Proposed implementation is for the 2022 Membership year.