BC Athletics Privacy Policy—Confidentiality Agreement

To be signed by all who are not employees of _____________ but who may, either intentionally or unintentionally, have access to personal member information. This list includes but is not exclusive to information technicians, bookkeepers, accountants, file storage companies, building security, legal counsel, temporary staff, students on work term or job shadow placements.

I understand that, in the course of my activities with_____________, I may encounter personal member information. I agree to maintain confidentiality of this information to ensure its protection. I will not collect, use, disclose or retain any of the personal member information that I have encountered or have had access to.

Signed: _____________________ Date: _______________________

In case of landlords or their contractors who may have access to BC Athletics' office, they should be advised in writing, citing the landlord's privacy responsibilities under the Act.

Sample Letter from Tenant to Landlord

Dear Landlord,

Effective January 1, 2004, the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) came into effect in BC. In view of the fact that you have persons under your control entering our premises during and after working hours, such as but not limited to: cleaning and maintenance staff and other contractors, we will rely upon you to have in place a Privacy Policy as required under this legislation.

Yours truly: