Foundations of Coaching

Foundations of Coaching: 

The Foundations of Coaching Course consists of the theory modules that are required for NCCP Sport Coach and Club Coach. Once coaches complete these modules, they can take the practical portions. 

Click on the links below and login to the locker to access the courses

  1. Emergency Action Plan - 15 minutes (free) 
  2. Long Term Athlete Development E-Learning - 60 minutes ($25.00)  

Additional Information: 

  • BCA Coach Member Price: $60.00 
  • Non-BCA Coach Member Price: $100.00 
  • Length: two x 3 hr 15min evening sessions (6:00-9:15pm)
  • Modules: 
    • 1st session : Coaches Role, Safety and Teaching and Learning
    • 2nd Session: Strength, Energy Systems and Planning a Practice