General Criteria for Funding Support and BC Team Selection

Track & Field, Road and Cross Country Running

(Amended March 2020)

1. Funding Policy

  1. BC Athletics will endeavour to fund 100% of the travel and entry fees for athletes selected to represent BC Athletics at National Championships, Multi Sport Games and National Team Selection competitions. A financial limit will be established for each BC Team competition. This may mean that some athletes who achieved the standards for selection may not receive the travel and entry fee support from BC Athletics.
  2. Selected athletes will be responsible for the cost of their own accommodation and meals.
  3. All selected athletes MUST pay BC Team Fees. The Team fees are: $250.00 ($262.50 with GST) for the first out of province BC Team for the 12 month period April 1 to March 31 of each year. Any subsequent out of province BC Team that an athlete is selected to in that same 12 month period, the fee is $125.00 ($131.25 with GST) per team. For In-Province BC Team Competitions the Team Fee is $100.00 ($105 with GST) for the first in-province BC Team. Any subsequent in-province team that an athlete is selected to in that same 12 month period, the fee is $50.00 ($52.50 with GST) per team. (Approved by the Board of Directors May 2003)
  4. NOTE: The following athletes are exempt from the BC Team Fee if selected to a BC Team.
  • Nationally Carded Athletes
  • **NEW: BC Team Athletes whose travel costs (only) are covered by the competition host


2. ​BC Team members are provided with:

  1. Travel (air and/or ground as appropriate);
  2. Connecting flight and ground transportation costs as appropriate;
  3. Travel agent booking fees at a reduced rate and as appropriate;
  4. Entry fee(s);
  5. Team Uniform - 1 per year;
  6. Event Banquet fee (as appropriate);
  7. Equipment transportation costs as appropriate - e.g. pole vault poles;
  8. Team accommodation arrangements. Note: The costs of accommodation and meals are the responsibility of all BC Team athletes, club funded athletes and club funded coaches;
  9. Travel arrangements and best possible group airfares;
  10. Provision of BC Team Staff - Coaches, Manager(s), Sports Medicine Support;
  11. BC Team Program Sport Injury/Accident Insurance for all team members;
  12. BC Team Program General Liability Insurance for all team members;
  13. Communication and the circulation of BC Team and competition information;
  14. Overall coordination of the BC Team program


3. Membership, Age and Residency Policy

To be eligible for BC Athletics funding and/or selection to any team and program, an athlete must:

  1. Hold a current BC Athletics Competitive Membership and be a member in good standing. In the case of BC Athletics Masters Teams, the member must hold a BC Athletics Masters Membership and be in a member in good standing.
  2. Must have Canadian Citizenship, landed immigrant status or have applied for landed immigrant status.
  3. Must be at least fifteen (15) years of age in the year of competition (as of Dec. 31).
  4. Must have a permanent residence in BC for at least 6 months prior to selection for funding, teams and programs; or
  5. Has a permanent residence in BC or plans to resume permanent residency in BC, but is temporarily residing outside BC because of personal or spousal school or work requirements (the latter to be reviewed on each occasion for the continuation or eligibility).
  6. Must not be a current/active member of another Athletics Canada Provincial/Territorial Branch or International Athletics Association.
  7. If previously affiliated with any other Athletics Association within the previous 12 months, the athlete must establish residency in BC for a minimum of 6 months and must be a registered competitive/master member of BC Athletics for 6 months prior to selection for teams or other forms of financial support provided by or upon recommendation of BC Athletics.
  8. Meet the specific selection requirements for the competitions or programs which BC Athletics will support.


4. Non BC Team Athletes and Coaches Travelling with the BC Athletics Team

  1. Coaches and or athletes must coordinate their travel with both the BC Athletics office and Team Staff. This will help with communication and enable the best possible assistance to all athletes
  2. BC Athletics encourages athletes to be accompanied by coaches and/or chaperones. If travelling with the BC Team, all athletes and coaches/chaperones must adhere to the BC Athletics Teams Rules and Team Staff direction.
  3. BC Athletics invites the participation of non team athletes and coaches in the BC Team information meeting(s). This will insure that all athletes and coaches have the most up-to-date information.