How to Register for an Evaluation

Watch this video for an overview of how to register and complete your evaluation: 



How to Register for an Evaluation

  1. Create an account on Athletics Canada’s evaluation site. This requires:
  2. Under the Status tab find the context you which to be evaluated in. Click register and then click both tabs to register and pay. You can pay at 
  4. Once this is done you will be assigned an evaluator and you can upload your portfolio on the same site and communicate with your evaluator to organize a time for your observation.   

How to Complete Your Portfolio

  1. Go to Athletics Canada’s evaluation site where you registered. Under the status tab, click "continue" next t your evaluation.
    • This will take you to the portal to upload each component of your portfolio
    • Click on the components listed on the left hand side
    • Press choose file to upload the file saved on your computer, and then save
    • You will also see the rubric which your evaluator will use to mark your portfolio
    • the same, under the You will also find the marking rubric and planning templates on this site that will provide you with a check list of what is required.

Helpful documents

Many helpful documents can be found on the Athletics Canada’s evaluation site "Documents" tab including

  • Detailed "marking rubrics" for each context
  • Templates for practice plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, seasonal plans and yearly training plans (YTP)
  • Template for Emergency Action plan
  • Workbook for each context which contains templates and helpful content on how to complete components of the portfolio.

Remember, your evaluator is also a mentor.
You can contact them with questions and discussion.