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Athlete - Competitive

Track & Field, Cross Country, Road Running

Price: $73.50

15 yrs

  • Eligible for entry in:
    • All sanctioned Track & Field events
    • All sanctioned Cross Country events
    • For recommendations on younger aged athletes participating in Road Running events refer to the Long Term Athlete Development Plan - LTAD and the BC Athletics Technical Specifications
  • Eligible to compete in the following Championships:
    • BC Athletics Track & Field Championships Jamboree
    • BC Athletics Junior Development & Midget Pentathlon Championships
    • BC Athletics Cross Country Championships
    • BC Summer Games Alternate Championships (held in years with no BC Summer Games) through selection to a Zone team.
    • Legion Canadian Youth Track & Field Championships (U16 category) - as an individual participant or through selection to BC Legion Midget 15 Team.
  • Eligible to compete in the following Multi-Sport Games if selected:
    • BC Summer Games (held every 2nd year):
  • BC Summer Games Zone Team selection meet
  • BC Summer Games if selected to a Zone Team
  • Eligible for Team Selection (see selection criteria & process for each team):
    • BC Summer Games Zone Team
    • BC Legion Midget 15 Team (T&F)
  • Performances eligible for inclusion in:
    • BC Rankings
    • BC Open and Native Records
  • Eligible for Annual Awards selection
  • $3.00 Day of Event or School Day of Event membership exemption for entry in eligible sanctioned events
  • Athletics Canada membership
  • Liability and Sport Injury/Accident Insurance