How to get your results listed

Want your results listed? (BCA sanctioned events only)
Did you participate in a sanctioned event whose results are not listed? Remind the race director to send us a link to the results! We check for results online within 24 hours of the event for posting here, so if an event does not have results linked from their site in a timely manner — e.g. Monday morning after a weekend meet — they will not automatically be listed.

If any of the results links are broken (files moved), please tell us, and provide the new link! If you are the webmaster moving or renaming the file, please tell us!

Steps to get your results listed:

Accepted file formats for emailed event results:

  • Plain text: is always safe, works if you're PC or Mac-based. Save as a .TXT file or paste unformatted text into the body of the email. Use Courier font, space-delimited columns, no tabs.
  • Excel: results only, no extra pages or columns of data, no macros or references to other documents, font plain Arial/Helvetica size 10pt, do not split one event into separate worksheets.
  • MS Word: minimal formatting, font Arial/Helvetica or Courier 10pt, little or no graphics (small files only), no underlining (this is reserved for hyperlinks)
  • PDF: keep file size small by using universal fonts such as Arial or Helvetica or Times New Roman, little or no graphics, no "nearly blank" or blank pages; make sure page margins are at least 1/2" all around for printing; split large files into several smaller ones (sorted by events, categories, or just groups of pages, for example)
  • Users of Hy-Tek's Meet Manager, see below for special instructions.

Special note for users of "Hy-Tek's Meet Manager" – if you are not importing results into Excel:
Please output your results in single column format, no mid-line breaks, with end of line consecutive blank spaces removed, columns as far left as possible while still aligned, and all page break headers removed except the first one, including "...continued" lines where an event is broken between 2 pages (it's all one page on the web).

Use WordPad or similar text editing program to edit the file, use Find...Replace command or manual select & delete. Please leave a blank line before each event for readability. Save file as plain text with extension ".txt".

Sorry, Hy-Tek results files not formatted this way will not be posted. Thank you to those of you who are sending files correctly formatted!