2 Individual, 3 Team Championships won at National Cross Country

BC demonstrated great team work at the Canadian Cross Country Championship in Kingston on Saturday.

Lucas Bruchet capped off a great day, dominating the Senior Men’s 10K from the gun, and extending his winning margin throughout four muddy laps, to win comfortably and regain the title he won in 2013, by over 20 seconds in 30:20.2.

Earlier in the afternoon Kieran Lumb employed a different strategy, bidding his time until the final lap of the Junior Men’s 8K before exerting his mountain running skills in the tough conditions to break away and win by 30m in 25:14.

In the Senior Women’s race a quintet of BC vests were to the fore throughout the 10K, with Rachel Cliff making it onto the podium for the fifth straight year, adding a second bronze medal to three previous silvers in 34:52.9.

Kevin O’Connor was the other individual medallist, defying age to finish third master and first M50 in the 8K Masters Championship.

Bruchet, Lumb and Cliff led their respective teams to provincial team golds, while the Youth Girls won silver, and the Junior Women bronze.

BC Team Results

Senior Men, Gold

1 Lucas Bruchet, 30:20.2
13 John Gay, 31:38.6
14 Theo Hunt, 31:41.1
15 Jack Williams, 31:46.1
35 Joel Deschiffart, 32:39.6
61 Max Trummer, 33:36.7

Senior Women, Gold

3 Rachel Cliff, 34:52.9
4 Natasha Wodak, 35:07.7
6 Lindsay Carson, 35:35.7
7 Lisa Brooking, 35:36.8
8 Erica Digby, 35:38.5
13 Kirsten Lee, 36:26.3

Junior Men, Gold

1 Kieran Lumb, 25:14.0
7 Joshua Kozelj, 25:32.3
9 Tyler Dozzi, 25:38.9
22 Angus Brown, 26:33.6
28 Brendan Hoff, 26:46.7
31 Sean Bergman, 26:51.8

Junior Women, Bronze

16 Jouen Chang, 22:25.9
21 Georgia Ginther, 22:51.8
33 Madelyn Huston, 23:35.3
35 Justine Stecko, 23:36.3
38 Bailey Haugan, 23:40.5
47 Jamie Hennessey, 23:55.7

Youth Boys, 5th

13 Aidan Doherty, 19:49.3
35 Graeme Roberts, 20:17.1
55 Alexander Farlinger, 20:33.4
79 Zachary Wyatt, 20:48.3
81 Cameron Bates, 20:48.4
115 Tate Wyatt, 21:15.4

Youth Girls, Silver

4 Grace Fetherstonhaugh, 14:33.5
9 Annika Austin, 14:56.9
10 Annika Ariano, 14:56.9
25 Rhian Paterson, 15:13.9
26 Madison Heisterman, 15:14.6
169 Megan Roxby, 18:23.5

Masters, Silver

5 Kevin O’Connor, 27:44.9  1st M50
9 Craig Odermatt, 28:12.9  2nd M45
27 Neil Holm, 29:38.4  8th M50
158 Jill Delane, 39:32.7  11th F50

In addition a number of individual BC athletes had notable results, including

Justin Kent, 8th, Senior Men, 31:17.6

Alison Hooper, 14th, Senior Women, 36:30.2

Thomas Nobbs, 4th, Junior Men, 25:23.3

Erica Smith, 16th, Youth Girls, 15:06.6

In the club championships, Hershey Harriers finished 8th Youth Girls; Prairie Inn Harriers and Hershey Harriers finished 8th and 10th Youth Boys respectively.

Individual results: https://runsignup.com/race/results/?raceId=41210#resultSetId-103205

Provincial and Club Team Results: http://speedrivertiming.com/

Championship Photos: