2004 Women's Marathon Rankings

Age groups reflect age on the day of the race.

An "a" beside a time indicates a race where the start/finish separation is greater than 30% 
of the race distance, or the net elevation drop is between 1 and 5 metres per kilometre. 
Such performances are invalid for record purposes because of the assistance that might be
gained from a tailwind or the overall downhill nature of the course. 

Races with a net elevation drop in excess of 5 metres per kilometre are excluded from the 

Open, Standard 3:10:00
BC Best: 2:34:44 Tina Connelly, 1999

 2:48:09   Kristina Rody                                   30-May   NCM, Ottawa
 2:53:35   Darcie Montgomery         Hershey Harriers      10-Oct   Chicago, IL
 2:54:09   Joan McGrath              LGRR                  28-Nov   Seattle, WA
 2:55:07   Joan McGrath (2)          LGRR                  10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 2:58:46   Leslie Black              VFAC                  30-May   NCM, Ottawa
 2:58:56a  Leslie Black (2)          VFAC                   5-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 2:58:57   Suzanne Evans             Phoenix                2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 2:59:49   Nancy Baxendale           Prairie Inn Harriers  10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 2:59:52   Nancy Baxendale (2)       Prairie Inn Harriers   5-Jun   Newport, OR
 3:00:09a  Rita Ivanauskas           VFAC                   5-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 3:02:08   Jane Glanville                                   2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:03:45   Leslie Black (3)          VFAC                  24-Jan   Tampa Bay, FL
 3:03:49   Sam Saunders              Penticton Pounders     2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:04:08   Sandra Foweraker                                 2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:04:47   Wendy Montgomery                                10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:04:54   Joan McGrath (3)          LGRR                   2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:05:50   Barbara Scatchard                               10-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 3:05:59   Melanie Bos                                     28-Nov   Seattle, WA

18 Performances, 13 Athletes

Under 20

 3:41:17   Nicole Barrett                                  10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:43:15   Laurel Richardson                               23-May   Peach City, Penticton
 3:59:14   Trish Stathers                                  23-May   Peach City, Penticton
 4:20:32   Laura Perkes                                     2-May   VIM, Vancouver

40 - 49
BC Best: 2:50:57 Wendy Robertson, 1983

 2:54:09   Joan McGrath              LGRR                  28-Nov   Seattle, WA
 2:58:46   Leslie Black              VFAC                  30-May   NCM, Ottawa
 2:59:49   Nancy Baxendale           Prairie Inn Harriers  10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:00:09a  Rita Ivanauskas           VFAC                   5-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 3:19:39   Elizabeth Tribe                                  5-Sep   Country Roads, Comox
 3:19:39   Kathy O'Neil                                    10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:20:26   Margaret Jones-Bricker    PGRR                   2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:21:48   Christy Areshenko                                2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:22:21   Julia Deck                                      10-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 3:23:45   Peggy Woodman                                   10-Oct   RVM, Victoria

50 - 59
BC Best: 3:19:51 Vicki Hart, 2000

 3:33:39   Rose Pals                                        2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:34:55   Janet Green               CVRR                  28-Nov   Seattle, WA
 3:36:03   Faye Amos                 ORCA                  10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:37:21a  Lilian Wong               VFAC                   5-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 3:38:33   Sally Marcellus           Delta Groundpounders  30-May   NCM, Ottawa
 3:40:35   Doria Frank                                     10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:43:17a  Lorinda Raynor            Team West Coast        7-Mar   Napa Valley, CA
 3:43:28   Carol Holmes                                    10-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 3:45:23   Sonja Leach                                     20-Jun   Winnipeg, MB
 3:45:33   Marilyn Payne                                   10-Oct   RVM, Victoria

60 - 69
BC Best: 3:42:49 Mae Palm, 2000

 4:06:21   Mae Palm                                         2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:12:29   Irene Neave                                     10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 4:15:33   Joyce Metcalf                                   10-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 4:15:50   Martina Jacobsen                                 2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:19:11   Gaydene Philipchalk                              2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:25:56   Evelyn Cervi                                    10-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 4:42:28   Jeannie Mura                                    10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 4:46:11   Joanne Seguin                                    2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:46:35   Mary Mullan                                      2-May   VIM, Vancouver
 5:02:31   Marjorie Balderson                              11-Jul   Calgary, AB

BC Best: 4:08:35 BJ McHugh, 1997

 4:00:57   Gwen McFarlan             Kajaks                 6-Jun   San Diego, CA
 4:41:11   Heidi Muckle-gader                              10-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 4:46:14   Wilma Cotsford                                  10-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 4:52:15   Mary Boon                 KRC                   10-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 6:31:05   Merrion Harrison          CVRR                   2-May   VIM, Vancouver

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