2005 Women's 8K Rankings

Age groups reflect age on the day of the race.

An "a" beside a time indicates a race where the start/finish separation is greater than 30% 
of the race distance, or the net elevation drop is between 1 and 5 metres per kilometre. 
Such performances are invalid for record purposes because of the assistance that might be
gained from a tailwind or the overall downhill nature of the course. 

Races with a net elevation drop in excess of 5 metres per kilometre are excluded from the 

Open, Standard 30:00
BC Best: 26:06 Susan Lee, 1987

26:47    Leah Pells                                     30-Jan  Icebreaker, Steveston
27:04    Leah Pells (2)                                 07-May  Mothers Day, Port Moody
27:22    Leah Pells (3)                                 16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
27:47    Nancy Tinari         Phoenix                   07-May  Mothers Day, Port Moody
28:07    Nancy Tinari (2)     Phoenix                   30-Jan  Icebreaker, Steveston
28:15    Nancy Tinari (3)     Phoenix                   29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver
28:31    Meghan Day           Prairie Inn Harriers      16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
28:37    Margaret Butler                                15-May  Seattle, WA
28:53    Margaret Butler (2)                            29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver
29:05    Lauren Groves                                  16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
29:31    Meaghan McCollum                               04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
29:38    Cheryl Murphy                                  16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
29:41    Sheila Mullins       Hershey Harriers          04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
29:52    Sheila Mullins (2)   Hershey Harriers          07-May  Mothers Day, Port Moody

14 Performances, 8 Athletes

Under 20

33:13    Shalane Carlson      Bastion                   16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
33:35    Breanna Chipney                                07-Aug  Spanish Banks, Vancouver
34:53    Nicole Barrett                                 16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
36:04    Ketty Alfaro                                   04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
36:18    Melisendra Daviel    Thunderbirds              29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver
36:30    Bev Larssen                                    04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
36:50    Shudan Liu                                     29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver

40 - 49
BC Best: 26:47 Leah Pells, 2005

26:47    Leah Pells                                     30-Jan  Icebreaker, Steveston
27:47    Nancy Tinari         Phoenix                   07-May  Mothers Day, Port Moody
30:04    Joan McGrath         LGRR                      27-Feb  Hatley Castle, Colwood
30:17    Leslie Black         VFAC                      30-Jan  Icebreaker, Steveston
30:43    Nancy Baxendale      Prairie Inn Harriers      16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
32:03    Karen Lawless        Prairie Inn Harriers      16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
32:13    Adele Wilson         VFAC                      04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
32:19    Sandra Foweraker                               20-Mar  Diva's Run, Vancouver
32:31    Cheryl Stevenson                               29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver
32:56    Danita Schreiber     KRC                       10-Jul  Midsummer, Kelowna

50 - 59
BC Best: 32:00 Gwyn Woodson, 2003

31:01    Maureen de St Croix  Kajaks                    07-Aug  Spanish Banks, Vancouver
33:06    Doreen Klause                                  04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
34:28    MaryAnn Hartley      CeeVacs                   16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
35:22    Marcia Stromsmoe     Prairie Inn Harriers      16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
36:11    Lynda Proce                                    10-Jul  Midsummer, Kelowna
36:12    Corie Price                                    16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
36:17    Lilian Wong          VFAC                      07-May  Mothers Day, Port Moody
36:38    Joanne Montgomery    Penticton Pounders        10-Jul  Midsummer, Kelowna
36:55    Lauralee Welder      KRC                       10-Jul  Midsummer, Kelowna
36:57    Barbara McPhee                                 04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston

60 - 69
BC Best: 34:12 Sandra Bastedo, 2004

34:26    Sandra Bastedo       Prairie Inn Harriers      16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
38:55    Elizabeth DiLasser                             04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
39:00    Heather Taylor       Phoenix                   04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
40:58    Joyce Metcalf                                  30-Jan  Icebreaker, Steveston
43:06    Angela Kelso                                   29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver
43:25    Margaret Slaymaker                             04-Sep  Labour Day, Steveston
43:53    Lynne Reilly                                   30-Jan  Icebreaker, Steveston
43:57    Carol Judd                                     16-Jan  Pioneer, Saanich
44:28    Brenda Cook                                    27-Feb  Hatley Castle, Colwood
44:53    Min Rayson           KRC                       10-Jul  Midsummer, Kelowna

BC Best: 38:00 BJ McHugh, 1998

41:27    Lenore Montgomery    Capilano Eagles           07-May  Mothers Day, Port Moody
41:28    Gwen McFarlan                                  30-Jan  Icebreaker, Steveston
43:00    BJ McHugh            Capilano Eagles           29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver
50:24    Flora Young                                    29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver
55:25    Lilias Cameron                                 29-May  Shaughnessy, Vancouver

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