BC's Best of the Best 2005

Here are listed the best overall road running performances by BC athletes in 2005.

How do you determine if a 5K run in 14:57 by a 15 year old boy is intrinsically better than a half marathon run in 1:41:36 by a 70 year old woman? One way is to use age standards. Dividing an "age standard" for a person's age/event by the time he/she ran, gives an age graded performance percentage. Performances over 90% are considered world class.

An online version of this calculator is available to check your own age-graded performance.

Age reflects age on the day of the race.

An "a" beside a time indicates a race where the start/finish separation is greater than 30% of the race distance, or the net elevation drop is between 1 and 5 metres per kilometre. Such performances are invalid for record purposes because of the assistance that might be gained from a tailwind or the overall downhill nature of the course.

Races with a net elevation drop in excess of 5 metres per kilometre are excluded.

Grade           Name          Age           Club              Distance         Time               Race               Date                           
97.93   Jon Brown              34  Prairie Inn Harriers     Marathon         2:09:31   London, UK                   17-Apr
94.83   Nancy Tinari           46  Phoenix                  5K                 16:46   Longest Day, Vancouver       17-Jun
92.94a  Leah Pells             40  Prairie Inn Harriers     10K                33:35   Sun Run, Vancouver           17-Apr
92.54   Herb Phillips          65  Prairie Inn Harriers     8K                 29:27   Labour Day, Steveston        04-Sep
92.13   Maurice Tarrant        75  Prairie Inn Harriers     10K                42:13   Times Colonist, Victoria     24-Apr
91.68   Jim Finlayson          33  Prairie Inn Harriers     Marathon         2:18:21   Ottawa, ON                   29-May
91.28a  BJ McHugh              77  Capilano Eagles          10K                52:08   Sun Run, Vancouver           17-Apr
91.25   Jerry Ziak             28  Kajaks                   Half Marathon    1:05:22   Harbour City, Nanaimo        11-Sep
91.19a  Maureen de St Croix    51  Kajaks                   10K                37:40   Sun Run, Vancouver           17-Apr
91.16   Steve Osaduik          26  Prairie Inn Harriers     Half Marathon    1:05:26   Harbour City, Nanaimo        11-Sep
91.13   Ryan Hayden            23  Kajaks                   10K                29:36   Fall Classic, Vancouver      20-Nov
90.92a  Richard Mosley         22  Valley Royals            10K                29:40   Sun Run, Vancouver           17-Apr
90.72   Emilie Mondor (PQ)     24                           5K                 15:52   Inlet Run, Port Moody        03-Jul
90.65   Ryan Day               22                           Marathon         2:19:55   Ottawa, ON                   29-May
90.54   Lenore Montgomery      75  Capilano Eagles          5K                 24:37   Longest Day, Vancouver       17-Jun
90.11a  Bruce Deacon           38  Prairie Inn Harriers     Half Marathon    1:06:57   Scotiabank, Vancouver        26-Jun
89.32   Mark Bomba             36  Kajaks                   Half Marathon    1:06:47   Edmonton, AB                 15-May
89.12a  Matt Johnston          26  Valley Royals            10K                30:16   Sun Run, Vancouver           17-Apr
88.39   Dave Reed              50  VFAC                     5K                 16:26   Longest Day, Vancouver       17-Jun
88.36a  Norman Tinkham         41                           10K                31:46   Sun Run, Vancouver           17-Apr
88.23   Brenda Baker           52                           10K                39:18   Squamish Days, Squamish      31-Jul
88.15   David Milne            25                           5K                 14:43   Bazan Bay, Sidney            13-Mar
87.95   Trevor O'Brien         26                           5K                 14:45   Bazan Bay, Sidney            13-Mar
87.91   Jack Miller            59  LGRR                     Half Marathon    1:20:58   First Half, Vancouver        13-Feb
87.84   Sandra Bastedo         60  Prairie Inn Harriers     10K                42:49   Times Colonist, Victoria     24-Apr
87.81a  Steven Murenbeeld      23  Pacific Athletics        10K                30:43   Sun Run, Vancouver           17-Apr
87.63   Joan McGrath           43  LGRR                     5K                 17:41   Bazan Bay, Sidney            13-Mar
87.55   Richard Lee            43  Hershey Harriers         5K                 15:44   Bazan Bay, Sidney            13-Mar

Last update 30-Dec-05