2005 Women's Marathon Rankings

Age groups reflect age on the day of the race.

An "a" beside a time indicates a race where the start/finish separation is greater than 30% 
of the race distance, or the net elevation drop is between 1 and 5 metres per kilometre. 
Such performances are invalid for record purposes because of the assistance that might be
gained from a tailwind or the overall downhill nature of the course. 

Races with a net elevation drop in excess of 5 metres per kilometre are excluded from the 

Open, Standard 3:10:00
BC Best: 2:34:44 Tina Connelly, 1999

 2:50:23   Suzanne Evans              Phoenix               09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 2:52:14a  Carla Dunn                 ORCA                  04-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 2:53:21   Judith Leroy               Prairie Inn Harriers  09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 2:53:44a  Rita Ivanauskas            VFAC                  04-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 2:57:33   Suzanne Evans (2)          Phoenix               01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 2:57:45   Sarah Gray                                       01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:04:03   Wendy Montgomery                                 29-May   Ottawa, ON
 3:04:12a  Josie Riebe                VFAC                  04-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 3:04:25   Lara Scott                                       01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:06:23   Sandra Foweraker                                 01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:06:27   Rita Ivanauskas (2)        VFAC                  29-May   Ottawa, ON
 3:07:20   Angela Plamondon                                 09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:08:53   Maggie Hanson                                    09-Oct   Chicago, IL
 3:09:26   Karen Warrendorf                                 06-Nov   New York, NY

 14 Performances, 12 Athletes

Under 20

 3:26:55   Nicole Barrett                                   09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:51:20   Candis Copeland                                  01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:07:21   Vanessa Wegenast                                 09-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 4:11:53   Adrien Trumpy                                    09-Oct   RVM, Victoria

40 - 49
BC Best: 2:50:57 Wendy Robertson, 1983

 2:53:44a  Rita Ivanauskas            VFAC                  04-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 3:04:12a  Josie Riebe                VFAC                  04-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 3:06:23   Sandra Foweraker                                 01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:11:57   Sheila Dorman              Bastion               09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:12:15   Leslie Black               VFAC                  15-May   Mississauga, ON
 3:16:20a  Kathie Schellenburg                              04-Dec   Sacramento, CA
 3:16:35   Carole McClean                                   01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:16:55   Elizabeth Tribe                                  09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:17:49   Margaret Jones-Bricker     PGRR                  01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:18:50   Joanne Wild                                      09-Oct   RVM, Victoria

50 - 59
BC Best: 3:19:51 Vicki Hart, 2000

 3:31:03   Faye Amos                  ORCA                  09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:33:47   Rose Pals                                        01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 3:34:25   Marcia Stromsmoe           Prairie Inn Harriers  09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:38:00   Roslyn Smith                                     09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:38:53   Susanne Simpson                                  09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:39:43   Janet Green                CVRR                  09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:41:48   Laura Hall                                       09-Oct   RVM, Victoria
 3:42:24   Lilian Wong                VFAC                  04-Jun   Newport, OR
 3:43:06   Doris Frank                                      09-Oct   Portland, OR
 3:44:09   Judy Martin                                      09-Oct   RVM, Victoria

60 - 69
BC Best: 3:42:49 Mae Palm, 2000

 4:03:15   Mae Palm                                         01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:10:18   Diane Palmason                                   01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:11:49   Irene Neave                                      09-Oct   Portland, OR
 4:15:24   Inez Price                                       01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:23:04   Margaret Delf                                    09-Oct   OIM, Kelowna
 4:25:58a  Melodye Gottschligg                              18-Apr   Boston, MA
 4:28:19a  Joyce Metcalf                                    18-Apr   Boston, MA
 4:36:06   Lynne De Forest                                  09-Oct   Portland, OR
 4:40:53   Martina Jacobsen                                 01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:48:53   Maria Fonnesbeck                                 01-May   VIM, Vancouver

BC Best: 4:08:35 BJ McHugh, 1997

 4:06:05   Gwen McFarlan              Kajaks                30-Oct   Washington, DC
 4:10:46   BJ McHugh                  Capilano Eagles       01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 4:50:18   Heidi Muckle-gader                               01-May   VIM, Vancouver
 5:05:33   Wilma Cotsford                                   09-Oct   RVM, Victoria

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