Results: Racewalk Victoria 2006

Sunday February 26, 2006, Victoria

Although the weather forecast was 100% rain and snow, we had our usual mild day. The course was an out and back 2.5k certified route on the Galloping Goose trail in Victoria. It is a paved surface. There was a certified starter and timer. The judges were Connie Morgan (chief judge), Linda Campbell, Jacquie Hughes and Helen Jaques.


5k Women- Masters
Faune Johnson-58- Vancouver, BC-34:05
Karen Herzog-49-Edmonton, Alberta-35:01
Marianne Chickak-58- Edmonton, Alberta-35:44

5k Women- Open
Heather Warwick-15- Vancouver, BC-30:41
Laura Bright-17- Victoria, BC-31:00

5k Men
Iain MacLean-71- Victoria, BC-38:34
Claude Bell-87- Sydney, BC-42:46

5k Experience- not judged
Matthew Harriman-23-Vancouver, BC-30:01
Glenn White-58- Duncan, BC-36:01

10k Women
Pat Denby-66- Victoria, BC-1:15:42

10k Men
Sid Kitchen-18- Regina, Sask-55:18