BC Road Running Series, presented by Timex

BC Road Running Series, presented by Timex


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2015 final rankings (qualifiers only)

2015 current rankings: Women | Men

2015 archived rankings (PDF format):

Tip: Pre-register online for Series events. If registering in person, print your name and other data NEATLY on the entry form. Use the same form of your name each time, and the same form of your city. This will minimize errors in race data entry which could possibly lead to missed points.

Note 1: Both overall and age group rankings are displayed, although series prizing is for overall rankings only. The age group rankings are included so you can see how you scored compared to others in your age group.

Note 2: For the Sun Run and TC10K, only the finishers up to 1 hour are scored, to keep the database a reasonable size. If you ran either of those races and finished in more than 1 hour, and you need those races to make your total 5 or more, please notify us so we can update your score and total number of races. Include the race name, your full name, gender, age, city and official finish time.

Note: Official gun time (according to IAAF rules), NOT personal chip time, is used to score events in the Series. The exceptions are races like the Sun Run which do not utilize real-time order of finish, due to the complication of having various wave starts (and not knowing who started in which wave). Official time (“gun time”) is only used for the elite (first wave) bib numbers in wave start races. For everyone else, chip time is used.

Previous years’ rankings: