BC Road Running Series, presented by Timex

BC Road Running Series, presented by Timex

Information for Event Directors

Entry Form / Brochure requirements

Logos (2 required): The BC Road Running Series logo is to be included with your sponsor logos. Also include the Run BC or BC Athletics logo – make sure you get the current version. Both logos are available in various formats at http://www.bcathletics.org/RoadRunningUltras/EventDirectors/#road-running_134.

Mention of Series: The following wording should be clearly visible on the front of the entry brochure: Race # __ of the BC Road Running Series. You will be informed of your position in the series each year so you can fill in the correct number. You can also check the Event List on this site.

Course certification: Please print your course certification # somewhere on the brochure.

Entry blanks (offline and online) must ask for the participant’s race day age, city and province of residence. For more information regarding this, see below.


Guidelines for data entry and formatting of results

So that we can accurately calculate the Series points, please make sure the following data is asked for and entered correctly into your race database (and results file) for each entrant:

first name, last name, gender (M or F), age, city, and province of residence

Please pay careful attention to gender accuracy (i.e. look for M-F switches).

Age and city are used to help identify runners from one event to another who have similar names.

Example section of data file for rankings (first column is overall place, second is time):

1, 0:33:30, Joe, Racer, M, 25, Vancouver, BC
2, 0:33:45, Jack, Speedster, M, 42, Calgary, AB
3, 0:34:48, Jill, Fast, 38, Kamloops, BC

This can be sent in Excel or as a comma or tab-delimited plain text file: Note: the order of these doesn’t matter as long as it’s clear what each column is.

Note: Time format should always be h:mm:ss. Even if the time is less than an hour, the 0: must be included. This can be achieved in Excel by custom formatting the cells as h:mm:ss .

For province, any of these formats work: BC, bc, B.C., B.C . The reason this info is needed is because only BC runners can score points. If left blank, that runner will not be scored as the rankings program will assume they’re not from BC.

Optional: date of birth, bib number.

The data must be in order of overall finish from first to last, men and women in one list, with official gun time (NOT net chip time).


Gun Time versus Chip Time

Race results and awards should be based on official time or GUN TIME (the time from the start gun to the crossing of the finish line), according to IAAF rules. They should not be based on net times found by subtracting the time of crossing the start mat from the time of crossing the finish mat, if chip timing is used with a start mat. Chip times can be displayed on the official results as well as the gun times, but should not be used to sort the finishers. Net chip times are for personal interest only. Make sure your timing company understands that you need the results and awards based on gun time, and communicate to the participants that this will be the case.

BC Series rankings are based on gun times. The only exceptions are large races with wave starts.