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NCCP Courses are Now Context Based:

In order for you to successfully complete the assignments and evaluation process for Sport Coach, it is essential that you are currently coaching an athlete that is just starting the competitive experience.  The Sport Coach Context includes:

  • Coaching is seasonal, 4-10 weeks a year and 2-3 sessions a week
  • Introducing athletes to Athletics and often coaching athletes in the Jr. High environment (ages 12-15)

Sport Coach Course Content:

  • Long Term Athlete Development, Applied Anatomy and Movement Principles, Energy Systems, and Strength
  • Role of the Coach, Emergency Action Plan and Injury Management, Teaching and Learning, and Planning a Practice
  • Technical Skills of Sprints, Hurdles, Relays, Endurance, Jumps, and Throws

Additional Requirements: 

  • All coaches in all sports must also take one additional Multi-Sport Module from the Coaching Association of Canada
    • Make Ethical Decisions – Competition Introduction (Course – 3 hrs, Online Evaluation - 30-40min)
  • To register from MED, click on the eLearning link in your CAC profile and double check you are registering for the Competition Introduction course and/or Evaluation. If the Online Evaluation is listed as "Available" you may be able to go straight to the evaluation.  

Evaluation Process: 

  • You may start the Evaluation Process on Athletics Canada's NCCP Website, once you have completed the pre-course online component and the workshop
  • There is an additional fee for the evaluation process which all goes towards paying the evaluator. 
  • The step are as follows:
    • Evaluation Portfolio – Emergency Action Plan, General Overview, and 3 samples of a Practice Plan (for a running, a jumping, and a throwing practice)
    • Practice Observation

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