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Cross-Country & Trail Running in British Columbia 


Cross country, trail and mountain running is the sport of running over unpaved, natural terrain. Traditional cross-country is run primarily on grass in parks or across open countryside, involving multiple laps of a relatively short distance. Trail races are more typically single loop, or point-to-point events. The paths are narrower, the footing rougher, and the hills steeper than might be experienced in traditional cross-country. Mountain races tend to feature more extreme forms of uphill and downhill running. They may be uphill only races, usually from the bottom to the top of a mountain; or they can include both uphill and downhill sections. Ultra trail running refers to distances beyond a marathon (42.2K), most commonly 50K, 50 miles, 100K, or 100 miles.

The short lap format of cross country makes it suitable for young children as well as older athletes, whereas trail and mountain races cater primarily to adults.


BC Amateur Athletics Association
Fortius Athlete Development Centre
Suite 2001 B Oslo Landing 
3713 Kensington Ave 
Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7
Tel 604.333.3550 - Fax 604.333.3551


BC Cross Country Championships History, 1949 to present: if you can fill in any more of the missing data, please email Maurice Wilson.

Jun 24 Tenderfoot Boogie 50 mile, 50k, 28k, 13k Squamish to Whistler, BC
Jul 2 King of the Castle Vertical Climb 5K Fernie, BC
Jul 8 XTERRA Trail Run 14k Victoria, BC
Jul 9 Blue Spruce Trail Run 10k, 5k Price George, BC
Jul 16 Mount Thompson Challenge 35k, 12k Creston, BC
Jul 22 Morice Mountain Run 22.5K, 5k & 3K Houston, BC
Jul 29 MEC Lower Mainland Trail Race FOUR 5k, 10k Squamish, BC
Jul 29 Elk Valley Ultra 50K & Relay Fernie, BC
Jul 30 MEC Kelowna Race THREE 5k, 10k Kelowna, BC
Aug 11 Fat Dog 120 Trail Race 120, 70, 50, 40 Miles & Relay Manning Park, BC
Jun 17 Beat the Bugs 5k, 10k Prince George, BC
Jun 17 Paavo Nurmi Run 3k, 5k, 10k Burnaby, Bc
Jun 4 MEC Lower Mainland Trail Race THREE 15k, 55k West Vancouver, BC
May 28 MEC Kelowna Race TWO 5k, 10k Kelowna, BC
May 13 Harriers 2:18Run Elk/Beaver Ultras Victoria, BC
May 13 Iron Knee 24k, Tender Knee 10k North Vancouver, BC
Apr 2 MEC Lower Mainland Trail Race TWO 5k, 10k Coquitlam, BC
Apr 2 MEC Kelowna Race ONE 5k, 10k, Half Marathon Kelowna, BC
Mar 26 MEC Victoria Race TWO 5k, 10k Victoria, BC
Mar 25 MEC Lower Mainland Trail Race ONE 5k, 10k North Vancouver, BC
Oct 28 BC Cross Country Championships Abbotsford, BC
Nov 4 BC High School XC Championships Vancouver, BC
Nov 25 Canadian Cross Country Championships Kingston, Ontario
Jun 23 NCCP Club Coach + Harry Jerome Mentorship South Surrey, BC
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