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BCA Sanctioned event
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Date Event & Location Contact Website(s)
results-iconNov 2
BC High School XC Championships
Aldergrove, BC
Greg Worsley

results-iconMay 24-26
BC Elementary Schools Track & Field Championships
Richmond, BC
Track & Field
Erin Crawford
results-iconMay 15-16
Vancouver Island Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships
Victoria, BC
Track & Field
Angela McLeish
results-iconMay 11
Universal Invitation Elementary Meet
Surrey, BC
Track & Field
Bruno Garter
results-iconMay 4-5
NorWesters Elementary Track and Field Meet
Burnaby, BC
Track & Field
Dag Rastad
results-iconMay 1
UBC Elementary Meet
Vancouver, BC
Track & Field
Marek Jedrzejek
results-iconApr 26-27
VOC Elementary Track Meet
Vancouver, BC
Track & Field
Besnik Mece
results-iconApr 6
Province Grand Forza Indoor High School Track Team Pentathlon
Richmond, BC
Track & Field
Carl Savage

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Check out our resource section - including BCA and Road Running Series logos, equipment rental, membership lists, event director's manual, competition rules, and more.


2018 Event Calendar Congress

The BC Athletics Track & Field Events Congress is a meeting held annually to discuss scheduling on the BC Athletics Track & Field Calendar of Events for the upcoming season, and next 2 seasons.  Clubs and Organizing Committees wishing to have their event(s) added to the BC Athletics Track & Field Calendar of events are asked to please submit all event dates and information prior to the start of the Congress.  A representative is also asked to please be present at the congress.


2018 Track & Field Events Congress  
Date Saturday, Sept, 8th, 2018
Start Time 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Location BC Athletics - 3713 Kensington, Ave, Burnaby, BC
Registration REGISTER HERE
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Agenda  Here
2019-2020 Calendar of Events  Here (Updated as 2019 dates are submitted)
Attending Remotely: Live Video (Details to be provided here on the day)