Grassroots (Age 6-8)

Run Jump Throw Wheel




Developed by Athletics Canada and presented by BC Athletics,
RJTW is the grassroots development program for our sport.
This program teaches the FUNdamental movements skills of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs) using
track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges. It is designed for children ages 6-12, has progressions for older athletes, and can be adapted for special needs.

RunJumpThrowWheel skills form the basis of all land based sport and as such, RJTW provides a strong foundation for success in all sports and physical activities, which allows participants to develop a positive self image and be the best they can be.

Any teacher, coach, recreation leader, or parent is capable of delivering the Run Jump Throw Wheel program!


RJTW is:

  • Integrated for development at all levels
  • Broad based and progressive
  • FUNdamental to all land based sports
  • Inclusive for all abilities and maturational stages
  • Adaptive to special needs and disabilities
  • Gender equitable

RJTW stresses:

  • Skills of RUNNING, JUMPING, THROWING and WHEELING in age appropriate sequential progressions
  • Individual improvement and positive reinforcement
  • FUN and active learning environment
  • Improvement in physical and emotional well being
  • Safety and certified instruction





Club Programs - Join One


    Check out our Club Finder page for a complete list of Track & Field clubs in your area. 



Club Programs - Start One

Love working with young kids?

Love coaching Track & Field?

Then start a TRACK RASCALS program!

Track rascals are kids ages 6 to 8 who love
running, jumping, and throwing games.

Start your own Track Rascals program and provide children with skills they will benefit from for life!


WHY offer a Track Rascals program in your BC Athletics club?

  • Introduces children to the sport of track and field
  • It's fun, non-competitive, and inclusive
  • Club based RUN JUMP THROW WHEEL program delivery
  • Increased Club Membership (Track Rascals members are aged 6 - 8)
  • Quality Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programming - develops better overall athletes by teaching physical literacy during optimal windows of opportunity

WHO can coach the Track Rascals?

  • Older athletes (to earn volunteer hours, work experience, school credits)
  • Parents who want to get off the sidelines and into the action
  • Community leaders
  • Club coaches

HOW do you start?

Sample Scheduling:

Program Length: 6-8 weeks
Sessions: 2 per week
Session Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Contact BC Athletics to host a Run Jump Throw Wheel training course for your coaches/volunteers
  • Establish your Track Rascals schedule ⇒
  • Promote your program - Register some Track Rascals!
  • Track Rascals Memberships are only $15.00 with BC Athletics + any registration fees charged by clubs

WHAT do you need to run a Track Rascals program?

  • Space at the track
  • Trained RJTW Instructors
  • A desire to have FUN!

Contact BC Athletics at or 604-333-3554 for more information!

School Programs - For Students



To Your School!


Have an RunJumpThrowWheel Sports Day with our certified instructors!

Our NCCP trained instructors will come to your school or community center and lead your students durinig their regularly scheduled PE classes. Using track & field inspired games and activities, your students will have a great time increasing their physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Our instructors are also trained to provide adaptations for students with physical or intellectual exceptionalities.

Contact BC Athletics to book a RunJumpThrowWheel event for you school!
(604) 333 - 3554


School Programs - For Teachers

Contact BC Athletics to start your professional development!
(604) 333 - 3554 

RJTW Instructor Training


Interested in becoming a Run Jump Throw Wheel Instructor or Coach Developer?
Take a look at our courses options below! We would be happy to arrange a workshop for your group/organization. To request an Instructor Course contact

*RJTW Coach Developer candidates must already be NCCP Certified RJTW Instructors



















Types of courses offered: 

  Cost per person:  Who? Length? NCCP 
  • Great for teachers and special interest groups
  • Ideal for Pro-D 
4 hours       


Community Recreation
One-Day Course
  • Community leaders and coaches, parents or anyone interested in learning about Physical Literacy and grassroots sports skills
8 hours       


Teachers Only Course $75.00
  • BC Elementary and Secondary school teachers ONLY
8 hours
(including 1.5 hrs practical training)


Two-Day Course
  • Community leaders, coaches, parents, etc.
15 hours
(including 3 hrs practical training)



Did you recently complete one of the above instructor courses? Your feedback can greatly impact the future success of the RJTW program! Click HERE to fill out a short five minute survey. 

RJTW Equipment


RJTW Equipment Bag

Everything you need to start and run your local RJTW program is here in the RJTW Equipment Bag. 

The bag includes: cones, balls, hurdle sticks, agility blocks, and more. Everything comes inside a brand new NIKE duffle bag for ease of transportation and storing. 

New equipment supplier FlagHouse = cheaper bags and ability to purchase individual pieces! 

Purchase online or call
1-800-265-6900 (option 1)



RJTW Instructor Shirts
$15.00 (+GST) per shirt
Standard adult sizing (S,M,L)
Colours: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
(limited availability)

To order, contact BC Athletics at: 
T: 604.333.3554

Upcoming Events

Come and participate in RunJumpThrowWheel at a community event near you!

There is always more fun being added so keep checking back!






Pacific Invitational

McLeod Athletic Park

June 17 11:00AM Ages 6-8
Jack Brown Memorial Apple Bowl Stadium
June 30 12:00PM Ages 6-8
Universal Athletics Meet Bear Creek Park
July 1 11:00AM Ages 6-8
Trevor Craven Memorial

Swangard Stadium

TBA TBA Ages 6-8
Junior Development
Track & Field Championships
Apple Bowl Stadium
July 28


Ages 6-8




Junior Development (Age 9-13)

General & News

The Junior Development (JD) program gives children the opportunity to:

  • Develop physical literacy, speed, and fitness
  • Learn Track & Field specific skills
  • Compete in alignment with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) pathway
  • Make friends and HAVE FUN 😊😃😊


                                            Join a Track & Field Club Near You Today!

Check out our Club Finder page for a list of Track & Field clubs in your area.


JD Championships

Date Event & Location Contact Website(s)
Jun 23
BC Junior Development Pentathlon Championships
Surrey, British Columbia Canada
Track & Field
Maureen de St Croix
Jul 27-29
BC Junior Development Track & Field Championships
Kelowna, B.C. Canada
Track & Field
Teena Russell


2004 JD T&F Champs photos © David Dolsen

PHOTOS:  Athletes and Parents wishing to view photos from the 2014 JD Track & Field Championships can do so by clicking here.  If you wish to order prints, you can do so by going to WCS Sport Photography and Design.

JD Awards

2018 Awards Standards and Recognized Competitions

JD Awards Standards are based on the previouse years All-Time Top Ten Tables.  For current standards and additional information, please click on the link below.

Awards Nomination Information

  • 2018 JD Awards Online Nomination Form (TBA)

All BC Athletics Junior Development (JD) Athlete Award Nominations must be submitted by August 31st in the current year. 



JD Crests

Every childs performance should be celebrated.
With a Junior Development Achievement Crest, you can do just that!

Reminiscent of the Canada Fitness Crest Program, this program rewards and encourages young athletes who participate in a variety of track & field events with a keepsake crest.

JD Crest Criteria

Intended to be an award that every child can earn, the JD Crest Criteria is simple:

  1. Athletes must have a competitive, BC Athletics Junior Development Athlete membership.

  2. All performances must be achieved at approved track & field meets 

  3. An athlete must meet crest award standard in at least three events.

Based on their performances, every child can earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Crest.

How to Order

Club Administrators - Complete the online order form here.

Individual Orderers - Contact BC Athletics directly at 604-333-3554 or

Crests cost $4.66 (includes Shipping/Handling and GST).

Only one crest may be ordered per athlete.



2017 JD Pentathlon Score Information

The 2017 JD Penthalon Championship results were determined using an updated pentathlon scoring table. However, for 2017, BC Athletics will use our existing awards standards for reviewing nominations for JD Awards and/or JD Crests. Therefore, please use the scores below when submitting your nomination forms for these awards.

Please contact Sabrina Nettey at (604) 333 - 3554 or if you have any questions about this process.

2017 Girls JD Penthalon Scores (Alphabeticalized)

2017 Boys JD Pentahlon Scores (Alphabeticalized) 


JD Crest Recipients​

2017 Recipients ( here 

2016 Recipients (listed by Athlete / listed by Club)





Questions and/or comments regarding the JD Top 10/Best Performances lists should be directed to Tom Dingle at

All-Time Top Ten

NOTES: All Time Top Ten Tables after 2017 Season was completed

  1. These tables are based on the 2016 All Time Top Ten Tables to which have been added better performances from 2017
  2. New results are taken from the meets on the JD approved list
  3. New results are for athletes who were registered as competitive members of BC Athletics in 2017
  4. Results for 2017 are entered in bold face blue type
  5. Placings for hand timed results, which are reported to one tenth of a second only, are based on the standard correction for comparing such results to electronic timing: i.e. for races 300m and under 0.24 seconds are added to the hand timed results - for 400m races 0.14 seconds are added.
  6. Please direct any comments or possible corrections to Tom Dingle at
  7. If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Excel, you can download the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open, edit, and save XLSX files in your older version of MS Excel. Download a free copy of Excel reader from
  • All-Time Top Ten After 2017 (Track & Field, all events) 

Boys: 9 yrs   10 yrs  (UPD 1/29/18)  11yrs    12yrs    13yrs

Girls: 9 yrs    10 yrs    11yrs    12yrs    13yrs

  • All-Time Top Ten after 2016 (Track & Field, all events)

Boys:  9 yrs   10 yrs   11 yrs   12 yrs   13 yrs

Girls:   9 yrs   10 yrs    11 yrs  (UPD 1/25/17)  12 yrs   13 yrs (UPD 12/1/16)

  • All-Time Top Ten after 2015 (Track & Field, all events)

Boys:  9 yrs   10 yrs   11 yrs   12 yrs   13 yrs

Girls:   9 yrs   10 yrs   11 yrs   12 yrs   13 yrs

  • All-Time Top Ten after 2014 

Boys:  9 yrs  10 yrs  11 yrs  12 yrs  13 yrs - Boys 10 yrs updated Nov 17/14, 13 yrs updated Nov 18/14

Girls:   9 yrs  10 yrs  11 yrs  12 yrs  13 yrs - Girls 13 yrs updated Nov 17/14

Top Ten Each Year

  • 2017 Top Ten (Track & Field)

Girls/Boys 2017 Top Ten by Event - updated 1/29/18

Boys: 2017 listed by name - updated 1/29/18

Girls: 2017 listed by name - updated 10/23/17

  • 2016 Top Ten (Track & Field)

Girls/Boys 2016 Top Ten by Event - corrected 12/1/16

Boys: 2016 listed by name - updated 11/04/16

Girls: 2016 listed by name -
corrected 12/1/16

  • 2015 Top Ten (Track & Field)

Girls/Boys 2015 Top Ten by Event - updated 11/16/15

Boys: 2015 listed by name - updated 11/16/15

Girls: 2015 listed by name - updated 11/16/15

  • 2014 Top Ten (Track & Field)

           Girls/Boys 2014 Top Ten by Event (updated Nov 17/14)
           Boys: 2014 listed by name  | Girls: 2014 listed by name (Boys by name updated (Nov/1714)

JD Manual & Parent Handbook


Junior Development Athlete & Parent Handbook 

A 10 page primer for those new to BC Track & Field, the Handbook includes information on:

  • How to register with BC Athletics
  • What to expect on competition day
  • Age categories and events


Junior Development Manual 

For meet organizers, coaches, and parents, the JD Manual contains detailed guidelines for the
Junior Development program including:

  • Club and Championship meet hosting requirements
  • Athlete Recognition Programs
  • Technical Specifications of Events

Past Manuals

2016 Junior Development Manual


JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT PENATHLON SCORING TABLES FOR AGES 9 TO 13 - SEE: /admin/js/elfinder/php/../files/Documents/15-07-28%20JD%20Pentathlon%20Points%20Table%20ages%209%20to%2013%20Female%20-%20Male.xlsx

Media Moments

It's exciting to see Junior Development athletes in the media!
Send your "Media Moment" to to share your
track & field/community related recognition.


Kian Zabihi sets Shot Put Mark - March 2018



Long Term Athlete Development (Athletics)

Long term athlete development (LTAD) is the idea that kids and adults will get active, stay active, and reach their greatest athletic potential if they do the right things at the right time. Prepared by Athletics Canada, this booklet specifies how the LTAD stages align with development in track & field. 

Long Term Athlete Development (For Parents)

Prepared by the Coaches Association of Canada, this booklet provides suggestions on ways parents can help children reach their full potential at each stage of development along the LTAD pathway.


Athletics for Kids

With a mission to ensure that all BC children can participate in organized sport, Athletics for Kids provides grants to families to help cover program registration fees.

KidSport BC

The provincial chapter of the national not-for-profit organization, KidSport BC provides financial assistance for sport registration fees and equipment to kids up to 18 years old. Contact your local chapter to apply.


A national charity, Jumpstart helps kids in financial need participate in organize sports by assisting with the costs associated with registration, equipments, and/or transportation.


BC Blind Sport

A not for profit association, BC Blind Sports provides support and services to individuals who are visually impaired to improve access and opportunities for participation in physical activity.

BC Deaf Sport

A multi-sport, non-profit organization, BC Deaf Sport Federation functions as an umbrella for deaf & hard of hearing athletes.  

BC Wheelchair Sport

BC Wheelchair Sports Association has helped people with physical disabilities across the province lead active healthy lives through wheelchair sports and administers many sport programs including wheelchair athletics (track & field)

Special Olympics BC

Special Olympics BC offers summer and winter sports for ages eight and up, including track and field 

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

Clubs can download the form and customize it to fit their particular club. Download the form.

For a full explanation of the Children's Fitness Tax Credit please go to: or contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.

Child Fitness Tax Credit Form:
Customize the form template provided for your specific club.

Receipts can only be issued for amounts paid during the calendar year even if all of part of the activity occurs in the following year.

The receipt number includes the child's BC Athletics membership number preceded by the applicable year - example: 2007-95-24187. In the case of Training memberships and Track Rascals memberships where a BC Athletics membership number is not given, use 2007T# or 2007TR# - if you have 10 Track Rascals then number the individuals - example: 2007TR1, 2007TR2, 2007TR3 etc. Do the same for Training members.

Calculating eligible fees:
The fees must be paid for a child who is under 16 years of age at any time in the year.

Registration and membership costs can include the costs of administration, instruction and the rental of facilities. If the fees charged to parents include part for accommodation, travel, food, or beverages then this part must be deducted when calculating the part of the fees that qualify for the tax credit. For example if club membership fees total $400 and includes a charge of $50 for travel and $50 for a club uniform then the eligible amount would be $400 - $50 - $50 = $300.

Description of Eligible Programs:
Eligible activities must include the following in order to qualify. Make sure descriptions of club programs makes mention and details all of the following:

  • Ongoing (either a minimum of eight weeks duration, with a minimum of one session per week or, in the case of children's camps, five consecutive days);
  • Supervision;
  • Activities suitable for children; and
  • Substantially all of the activities must include a significant amount of physical activity that contributes to cardio-respiratory endurance plus one or more of: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, or balance.

If you have any further questions please contact Sam Collier - Manager, Registration & Membership Services at (604) 333-3556 or

Hershey Track & Field Games (Age 9-14)

Athlete Development (Age 14+)

General Info

Inclusive of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) stages of Training to Train, Learning to Compete, Training to Compete and Learning to Win, this program introduces athletes to the performance pathway of Athletics. Event specialization and training, advanced training leading to consistent performances at higher levels of competition and BC Team program opportunities are the key components of the Athlete Development program.

Join a Track & Field Club Near You Today!

Check out our Club Finder page for a list of Track & Field clubs in your local area.

High Performance Stream

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College Choices

Our BC Athletes are off to College! Here is a list of BC Athletics Athletes, and where they will be attending school next fall.   Athletes are listed alphabetically by their last name.  To add a name, please fill in the form below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Technical Manager for Track & Field at



Name Club High School University Event Coach
Annika Austin TBIR Kitsilano UBC Endurance Chris Johnson
Edidio Cantarella TBIR Vancouver College UBC Sprints Andrew Cooke
Kyra Danielson WALK Killarney UBC Walks Robert Solmes
Grace Fetherstonhaugh CITY New Westminster Oregon State Endurance Sean Dixon
Paul Fisher TBIR Tupper UBC Sprints & Hurdles Andrew Cooke
Liam Gatensby VICS Oak Bay UBC Sprints Dacre Bowen
Sion Griffiths CVAC Brentwood College UBC Javelin  
Rowan Hamilton VRTC Sardis UBC Throws Harold Willers
Trinity Hansma VAAA Pleasant Valley UBC High Jump Ian Cameron
Madison Heisterman NTFC Brentwood College Univ of Washington Endurance Tyler Heisterman
Giovanna Janes BCFA St Thomas More UBC Javelin  
Julie Kawai UNBC Magee UBC Multi-event David Douglas
Aaryanna Kurucz UATH Maple Ridge Univ of Idaho Sprints & Hurdles Jessie Dosanjh
Jorrin Lenton GOLD Maple Ridge Simon Fraser Hurdles Andrew Lenton
Jasmine Lew UNBC Heritage Woods Univ of Toronto Sprints & Jumps Robert Esmie
Aiden Miller CTC1 Holy Cross UBC Endurance Scott Kent
Riley Miller CTC1 Holy Cross UBC Endurance Scott Kent
Emily Morley GOLD Maple Ridge Simon Fraser Hurdles Norm Tinkham
Taryn O'Neill OACS George Elliot Villanova Endurance Malindi Elmore
Jv Patry-Smith CITY Terry Fox UBC Javelin Kevin Smith
Alex Pescitelli TBIR West Point Grey UBC Sprints Andrew Cooke
Alexa Porpaczy VRTC Semiahmoo Arizona High Jump Ziggy Szelagowicz
Megan Roxby HHAC West Vancouver Simon Fraser Endurance Cindy O'Krane / Darcie Montgomery
Jordan Schmidt LANG RE Mountain Simon Fraser Endurance  
Kirsten Schulz NORW Argyle Univ of Toronto Jumps Elena Voloshin
Justine Stecko PIHR Oak Bay Boise State Endurance Bruce Deacon
Jessica Urban VOCA Little Flower UBC Sprints & Jumps Tatjana Mece
Katarina Vlahovic UATH Fraser Heights Iowa State Hurdles Jessie Dosanjh
Bryn Walsh OACS Kelowna Univ of Toronto Pole Vault Shane Wiebe
Zachary Wyatt LANG R.E. Mountain University of Memphis Endurance Dave Hetherington / Debbie Mckinnon
Tate Wyatt LANG R.E Mountain University of Memphis Endurance Dave Hetherington / Debbie Mckinnon
Charles Yu UNBC Burnaby Central  University of Toronto Middle Distance Yang Yu



2017 College Choices

2016 College Choices










BC High School Track & Field

BC Athletics strives to support the Elementary and High School track & field communities.  BC High School Track & Field is under the pervue of the BC High School Track & Field Commission.  BC High School is a part of BC School Sports.  For all information an inqueries please contact them directoly by following the information below.

To view the latest updates on BC High School Track & Field, including important updates, contacts and championships informtion, please go to the BC High School Track & Field website at


BC Athletics Annual Awards

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Masters (Age 35+)

General & News

Scot Henney - May 30, 1925 - May 9, 2018

2018 BC Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships - Kamloops

Ian Hume Award Recipient - M60 Reidar Zapf-Gilje B.C. - Multi-Events

Reider Zapf-Gilje from Vancouver is the repeat winner of the Ian Hume Award.  In 2016, Reidar won gold medals in the four combined events in which he competed, often by several hundred points ahead of any competition.  These included wins in the M60 Decathlon and Throws Pentathlon in the Americas Masters Games, the Pentathlon at the Norwegian Masters Chamionships and the Pentathlon at the Canadian Masters Outdoor Championships in Toronto.

Olga Kotelko Award Recipient - W60 Margaret Rhebergen B.C.

This award is named after the late Olga Kotelko, who set more age group World records than any other athlete, in all age groups from 80 to 95 years of age, and has been an inspiration to many people Worldwide, and a great ambassador for Masters Track & Field

Margaret Rhebergen from British Columbia is the winner of the Olga Kotelko Award.  Margaret set nine British Columbia masters records in 2016, including five in field events.  She set Indoor W60 records in the Triple Jump, Long Jump, High Jump, as well as outdoor records in the Triple Jump and Long Jump.  Her five best results for the year are Age-Graded at 96.3%


Christa Bortignon - World Masters Record - W80 Triple Jump

2017 BC Masters Indoor Championships

2017 WMA Indoor Track & Field Championships

2017 BC Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships to be held June 16-18, 2017 in Langley, BC. More info: 

BC Masters Indoor Championships To be Held March 31 - April 2, 2017 in Kamloops, BC. More info:


The Canadian Masters Athletics Association has put out a call for bids to host the 2018 CMA Outdoor Championships. BC Athletics, in consultation with the Master's Committee, is suggesting a Championship date of August 10-12, 2018. Any interested clubs are to contact the Technical Manager, Chris Winter ( for more information. Letter of Intent due to BC Athletics March 10th, 2017.

CMA Outdoor Bid Requirements: Here

Americas Masters Games Results

Track & Field:

10K RaceWalk:

10K Road Race:


Half Marathon:

Ultra Throw Club and Ocean Athletics Track & Field Club to Host "2016 Masters Throws Fest"

On Sunday, August 7th, 2016, Ultra Throw and Ocean Athletics will be collaborating to put on the 2016 Masters Throws Fest. Masters athletes will have the chance to compete in the weight pentathlon and super weight events.

For registration, visit:
As the entry deadline has passed, registration will now cost $40 for Wt Pent and $10 for Super Weight

For the schedule of events, please see the attached PDF: 2016 Masters Throws Fest

Canadian Masters Athletics Announces the 2015 Athletes of the Year

Based on nominations received from members of the CMA and votes cast by the CMA Board, the 2015 Athletes of the Year have been named in four categories of athletics, each of which has been named after a masters athlete who was prominent in the appropriate discipline, and is either still active or was active in the past, as identified below.

The following are the recipients of the 2015 Canadian Masters Athletes of the Year Awards:

Individual Track Events – “Earl Fee Award”

W85 Lenore Montgomery BC

This award is named after Earl Fee, the great masters middle distance track athlete who, at age 87, is still active and still holds many Canadian and World records, and continues to inspire others.

Lenore Montgomery from North Vancouver is the winner of the Earl Fee Award. In 2015, Lenore set W85 Canadian records in the 400m, 800m, 1500m and 5000m track races. Of these, the 800m, at 4:33.86, and the 5000m, at 32:36.20, were also World records, and were age-graded at 96% and 98%.

Combined Events – “Ian Hume Award”

M60 Reidar Zapf-Gilje BC

This award is named after Ian Hume who, beginning with the first World Masters Championships in Toronto in 1975 and for a period of 25 years, won 29 World Championship medals and set 40 World records in 9 events, including the Pentathlon and the Decathlon.

Reidar Zapf-Gilje from Vancouver is the winner of the Ian Hume Award. In the Norwegian Multi-Event Championships in June, Reidar won the Gold Medal in the M60 Pentathlon, setting a new Canadian record of 3,575 points, 372 points above the previous record. Also during the year, he won Gold Medals in the M60 age group in the BC 55+ Games in the Pentathlon, with 3,369 points, and in the Throws Pentathlon, with 3,295 points.

Six BC Masters athletes travelled to Toronto this past weekend to compete in the Canadian Masters Indoor
Track and Field Championships at York University. It was only a small group of BC athletes but they did
extremely well. The meet attracted over 200 athletes, mostly from Ontario. The Greyhounds Masters T&F
Club women's team won 19 Gold medals and despite having only a 3-member team, won the Women's
Team Title with 149 points. The University of Toronto TC finished second among the 31 women teams,
with 127 points.

Christa Bortignon and Deborah Lee won all of their events. Christa, who is 79, won 6 Gold medals and if
she duplicates her performances next year, her 60m, long jump and triple jump results will be new world
records in the W80 age group. Deborah won 7 Gold medals and set a new Canadian record in the W65
50m hurdles. Six of her 7 results were new meet records. Rachel Fouladi won 6 Gold and 2 Silver medals
and set a new Canadian record in the W45 50m hurdles.

Three BC men competed in this meet. David Dickey, another Greyhounds Masters member, won 4 Silver
and 2 Bronze medals. Adding David's points, the 4-member Greyhounds Masters Club finished 3rd overall
among the 54 clubs that competed. Mark Pinkard, a Kajaks member, won 3 Gold and 1 Bronze medals in
the M55 age group. Competing unattached, Dmitry Babenko won the M40 1500m Race Walk with a time
which was less than 1 second of his Canadian record.

KAMLOOPS – February 12-14

The 2016 BC Masters Indoor Championships were held from February 12-14, at the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops. With the mild winter and good winter road conditions, including the Coquihala Highway, it was hoped that more Masters athletes would attend the Championships. Although the field
was small, the athletes that competed did extremely well, setting many records and establishing personal bests. As usual the Kamloops Track and Field club and the local officials and volunteers did an excellent job of putting on a great meet. A few BC Athletics officials travelled from out-of-town to help out.

The star of the meet has to be W85 Lenore Montgomery who set 4 World Records. Lenore broke the listed world record in the 400m (2:11.47), 800m (4:52.80) and 3000m (19:59.56). She set a new standard in the 1500m (9:31.42) race. However, apparently there is another W85 woman who recently ran the
1500m and 3000m races faster than Lenore.

Outstanding race walker Dmitry Babenko broke 2 of his own Canadian records in the M40 1500m (6:15.75) and 3000m (13:06.63) Race Walks. Cheryl Closkey broke the Canadian W65 Weight throw record (10.93m) and Gabriella Moro broke the Canadian W65 Shot put record (8.66m). Miriam Cavani broke the Canadian W55 High jump record (1.35m). The relay team of Tom Ukonmaanaho, Sewa Birring, Harold Morioka and Mark Stewart broke the Canadian M70 4x200m relay record (2:09.98). The relay team of Jorge Woods, Steve Briggeman, David Dickey and Cal Warren set a new Canadian standard
in the M55 4x400m relay (4:48.55).

Deborah Lee had an incredible meet with 6 individual BC records plus 2 relay records. Her individual records were in the W65 60m, 200m, 60m Hurdles, High jump, Long jump and Triple jump. Mark Stewart broke his own M70 BC records in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m. Mark was also on the M70 relay team that broke the Canadian record in the 4x200m. Margaret Rhebergen broke three BC jumps
records in the W60 High jump, Long jump and Triple jump. Margaret added two more BC records in the 60m and 60m Hurdles and was also on a record-breaking relay team. Speedster Cindy O'Brien Hugh broke 2 sprint records in the W55 60m and 200m. She was also on a record-breaking relay team. Jim Dyer broke 2 Race walk records in the M70 1500m and 3000m race walks. Renate Cheetham had 2 BC records in the W75 1500m and 3000m runs and she was on a relay team that set a BC record. Tom Ukonmaanaho broke 2 BC records in the M70 200m and High jump and he was also on the M70 4x200m relay team that broke the Canadian record.

Also establishing new BC records were: Karl Jones (M45 60m), Valerie Scott (W60 400m and both W55 4x200m and W60 4x400m relays), Lynette Baldock (W65 3000m and W60 4x400m relay), Lynn Thompson (M75 triple jump), John Hawkins (M65 high jump), Dave McDonald (M60 weight throw), Harnek Toor (M65 weight throw) and John Storms (M55 1500m race walk).

Winning no individual gold medal but winning the inspirational award from many, was Sewa Birring.  Sewa is a double cancer surviver who is overcoming the odds. Sewa bravely started the 400m but was unable to complete the race. The next day he ran the 200m twice, first in the individual 200m race and then again in the relay, helping his M70 4x200m relay team break the Canadian record.

The meet was extremely well run and very enjoyable for the athletes. The Masters athletes wish to thank the Kamloops T&F Club and all of the officials and volunteers for their time and effort

2015 55+ BC Games - North Vancouver, August 26-29

The 28th annual 55+ BC Games (formerly called the BC Seniors Games) were hosted by North Vancouver from August 26-29. The 2015 Games included 25 sports which were held mostly in venues in the City and Municipality of North Vancouver. However Ice Curling was held in Vancouver and Dragon Boat and Athletics were held in Burnaby.  Track and Field was hosted by the Norwesters Track and Field Club and held at Swangard Stadium. About 220 athletes over the age of 55 registered to compete in track and field.

The weather was excellent for the first two days but it rained on Friday morning, forcing the cancellation of the long hurdles and the women's pentathlon which included the hurdles. The rain also made it difficult for the high jumpers and throwers. With the forecast for heavy rains and high winds for Saturday morning, the meet organizers decided to cancel the 10K Road Run and 10K Road Power Walk which were to be held at the Seymour Demonstration Forest in North Vancouver.

Overall the meet was very well run. The track events were right on time as were the jumping events. The throwing events with their large number of participants got slightly behind schedule but there were no major problems. The large number of very competent BC Athletics officials and the many volunteers kept everything running smoothly.

The athletes established many records: 45 Games records (plus 1 tied), 23 BC Masters records (but there are 4 better records pending), 10 Canadian records (there are 2 better records pending) and 1 WORLD RECORD.

Lenore Montgomery broke the World Record in the W85 5000m (32:36.20). Lenore would have even broken the world record by another 47 seconds but she was on the opposite side of the track when the gun sounded for the start of the 5000m race. Lenore had to rush over to the starting line and when she started, the clock was already at 47 seconds. Lenore also broke the listed World Record in the 800m (4:33.86), but there is a better time pending by a woman who ran this race in the WMA Championships in Lyon, France. Lenore added 2 more Canadian records in the 400m (2:11.85) and 1500m (9:06.76)

Maurice Tarrant broke the Canadian record in the M85 5000m (30:12.55) and added 2 more Games records in the 800m and 1500m. Had Maurice gone to Lyon, his times would have been good enough to win 2 Silver medals and a Bronze medal. Myrtle Acton broke the Canadian record twice in the W80 Hammer throw, once in the Throws pentathlon (22.46m) and once in the individual event. Other Canadian records were broken by Norm Lesage M85 100m (but he has a better pending CR of 18.00), William Falconer M95 100m, Doug Monds M85 Pole vault, and Marilyn Benz W65 Javelin (Marilyn has a better CR throw pending).

Herb Phillips broke 3 BC M75 records in the 800m, 1500m and 5000m, but none of these were Canadian records only because he is following in the footsteps of the great Ed Whitlock. Herb's time in the 5000m (20:51.35) would have won the GOLD medal at last month's WMA Championships in Lyon, France. Norm Lesage added a second BC record in the M85 200m while Elaine Whidden bettered 2 listed BC records in the W60 100m and 200m (30.46) with

times that would have placed her just outside the medals in Lyon (she does have slightly better times pending). John Hawkins broke the BC M65 record in the Pole vault (Gerard Dumas has a better height pending) and tied the High jump record (1.50m). Other BC records were broken by Sandra Bissessur W65 400m, Lynn Thompson M75 Sprint hurdles, Deborah Lee W65 Triple jump, Reidar Zapf-Gilje M60 Triple jump, Rainer Sillantaus M85 Shot put and Scot Henney M90 Javelin.

The Zone 3 relay team of Urith Hayley, Cindy O'Brien Hugh, Marie Johnson and Elaine Whidden broke the W55+ BC 4x100m relay record (1:01.43).

Breaking at least 2 Games records were Cindy O'Brien Hugh W55 200m and 400m, Mark Stewart M70 400m and 800m, Susan Gordon W55 800m and 1500m, and Rose Hare W65 Discus and Throws pentathlon. Reidar added a 2nd Games record in the M60 Sprint hurdles while Rainer added a 2nd Games record in the M85 Javelin.

The athletes would like to thank Dawn Copping (meet director), the officials and many volunteers for their hard work and for making these Games a huge success.

Next year the 55+ BC Games will be hosted by Coquitlam from September 20-24.

Harold Morioka

Zone 3 coordinator

BC Athletes Excel at World Masters Track & Field Championships 

Lyon, France - Of the almost 150 Canadians who participated in the World Masters Athletics Championships for athletes from the age of 35-95, 15 were from British Columbia. There were over 8000 athletes from 114 countries registered for this meet which took place in Lyon, France, from August 4-16, 2015. 

Christa Bortignon W78 won the most medals for Canada. Competing in the W75 age group, Christa won 2 gold medals in the 80m hurdles and 200m hurdles. She also won 2 silver medals in the 100m and 200m, and 2 bronze medals in the long jump and triple jump. 

Nardene Hammond W43 won a bronze medal while competing on the Canadian W35 10K Road Walk relay team. Nardene's best individual result was 7th in the 20K Road Walk. Nardene also set two BC records in the W40 10kK and 20K Road Walks. 

Other BC athletes who were in the top 10 were: Gerard Dumas tied the BC Masters M80 record in the pole vault while finishing 5th, Tom Dickson finished 7th in the M60 100m and Nancy Craig who turns 50 later this year, finished 6th in the W45 pole vault. 

New Canadian W60 4x100m Record!

Four Masters women from the Greyhounds Masters Track and Field Club set a new Canadian standard in the W60 4x100m relay (all members of the relay team must be over the age of 60).   Competing on April 26th, at the University of Oregon's famed Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, the team of Deborah Lee (W64), Christa Bortignon (W78), Urith Hayley (W64) and Elaine Whidden (W60), ran the 400 metre relay in a time of 1:03.74. This breaks the Canadian Masters W60 record of 1:04.60 which was set by Team Canada at the 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships, in Sacramento, California.  Having four women from the same club break a National record which was set by four women representing Canada, is a huge accomplishment. 

Toronto, ON – March 14-15, 2015

Ten BC Masters athletes competed in the Canadian Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships this past weekend in Toronto. Christa Bortignon and Deborah Lee won gold in all 7 of their events. Hardev Sandhu won 6 medals including gold in the 60M and Weight throw.

Christa broke 2 Canadian Indoor records in the W75 50M and 50M hurdles. Deborah established 4 BC Indoor records in the W60 50M, 50M Hurdles, High jump and Triple jump. Deborah just missed another BC record by only 1/100th of a second in the 60M Hurdles. Al Percival broke the Canadian Indoor record in the M60 50M sprint. Natasha Bacchus set a new BC Indoor record in the W35 50M and broke her own pending BC record in the 60M, which she established a month earlier in the BC Masters Indoor Championships in Kamloops. Juliette Christie broke 2 of her own pending BC Indoor records in the W50 1500M and 3000M. Hardev set a new BC Indoor record in the M65 50M while Mark Pinckard
broke his own BC Indoor record in the M50 800M.


2015 BC Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships


The second annual BC Masters Indoor Track and Field Championship was held on February 13-15, at
the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops. This meet was held in conjunction with the Van Ryswyk
Indoor Invitational Meet. The number of Masters athletes competing was a little higher than last year,
and hopefully this championship meet will continue to grow in the future.
The Masters athletes that competed did extremely well. They set/broke 40 BC Indoor records and 9
Canadian Indoor records. Another BC record was tied.
Norm Lesage broke two Canadian records in the M85 60m (but he has a pending record from a week
earlier at the Harry Jerome meet) and 200m. Don Currie also broke two Canadian records in the M80
1500m and 3000m Race walks. Margaret Rhebergen broke her own Canadian W55 high jump record
and Harry Thompson set a new Canadian standard in the M90 1500m Race walk.
The M70 relay team of: Surinder Shah, Mark Stewart, Bill McNamara and Tom Ukonmaanaho, broke
the Canadian record in the 4x400m relay and set a new Canadian standard in the 4x200m relay. The
relay team of: Lynette Baldock, Gabriella Moro, Winni MacKay-Smith and Christa Bortignon, set a new
Canadian record in the W65 4x200m relay.
Four athletes broke/set three individual BC Masters Indoor records. Norm added the M85 400m record
to his 60m and 200m records. Mark Stewart set three new M70 standards in the 800m, 1500m and
3000m. Arthur Gee set three new standards in the M70 triple jump, 1500m Race walk and 3000m Race
walk. Rachel Fouladi broke the BC W45 triple jump record and set new standards in the 1500m and
3000m Race walks.
Five athletes added two new BC Indoor records to their names. Lynette Baldock broke her own W65
800m and 1500m records. Margaret Rhebergen broke her own W55 60m record as well as the high
jump. Juliette Christie set two new BC standards in the W50 1500m and 3000m runs. Harry Thompson
added the M90 triple jump to his Race walk record. Tom Ukonmaanaho broke the BC M70 200m
record and tied the high jump record.
Adding one new BC record to their names were: Natasha Bacchus W35 60m, Sam Walker M40 400m,
Surinder Shah M70 long jump, Deborah Lee W60 long jump, Heinz Peter M65 high jump, Gabriella
Moro W65 shot put, Jody Cranston M45 weight throw, Harnek Toor M65 weight throw and Lori
Graham W55 1500m Race walk.
Two relay teams set new BC records. The W45 4x400m relay team of: Cindy O'Brien Hugh, Kathy
Friesen, Winni MacKay-Smith and Nicola Everton, and the M45 4x400m relay team of: Mark Phillips,
Gordon Flett, Harjinder Kang and Steve Briggeman.
The schedule was slightly altered from last year so that the meet could be completed by noon on
Sunday. With the support of many fans, Dylan Armstrong was finally presented with the Olympic
bronze medal that he was denied at the Beijing Olympics, six and a half years ago. Armstrong finished
fourth in the shot put competition (by only a centimetre) but was moved up to third when the athlete
from Belarus was disqualified for doping.
The Masters athletes give huge thanks to the meet organizers, officials and volunteers for their hard
work and dedication over the three days.
The Kamloops Track and Field Club invites all Masters athletes to the third annual BC Masters Indoor
Championships which will be in the Tournament Capital Centre again in February, 2016.

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2013 BC Masters Track & Field Championships Results

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The 6th WMA Indoor track and field championships were held in Budapest, Hungary, from March 25-
30, 2014. Over 3900 athletes over the age of 35, from more than 70 countries, were entered in the
championships. The SYMA facility was excellent with two tracks, and more, under the same roof.
Hungary did an excellent job of hosting the “queen of sports” as they call athletics in their country.
Olga Kotelko, who turned 95 only 23 days prior to the first day of competition, was one of the stars of
the WMA Indoor Championships. Olga competed in the W95-99 age group and was one of the fifty
Canadian Masters athletes entered, eleven were from BC.
Olga won 10 Gold medals and established 9 new World records. She set new world indoor W95
standards in the 60m, 200m, High jump, Long jump and Triple jump. She also broke the world indoor
records in the W95 Shot put and Weight throw. At this Indoor championships, there were also a few
Outdoor Road races and three Outdoor throwing events. Olga broke the Outdoor world records in the
W95 Hammer throw and Javelin. The only event that Olga did not establish a new world record was
in the outdoor Discus throw.
Other BC athletes winning medals were: Christa Bortignon (Gold in the W75 60m hurdles), Tom
Dickson (Silver in the M60 60m sprint) and Marek Glowacki (Silver in the M70 Shot put). Tom tied
the Canadian Indoor record in the M60 60 m (7.80 seconds during the semi-finals) and broke the
Canadian Indoor M60 200m record (25.98 seconds). Marek broke his own Canadian M70 Shot put
record (13.74m).
Normally the WMA Indoor Championships are held every two years but for the next two years the
WMA will have Outdoor Championships. The next WMA Indoor Championships will be in three
years (2017) in Daegu, South Korea.


Kamloops, February 14-16, 2014
The first-ever BC Masters Indoor track and field championships were held on February 14-16. The meet was
hosted by Kamloops in their Tournament Capital Centre on the campus of Thompson Rivers University.
Unfortunately the turnout was very low, probably partly because of the dangerous weather conditions on the
Coquihalla Highway. Despite the small turnout, there were a few outstanding results. As usual, the Kamloops
Track and Field Club and their volunteers, hosted an excellent meet.
No world records were broken this year but look out next year because Olga Kotelko turns 95 on March 2nd.
Actually she will undoubtedly break/set a few world records next month at the WMA Indoor Championships in
Budapest, Hungary.
The small group of Masters athletes broke 7 Canadian records and tied another. Breaking Canadian records
were Dmitry Babenko in the M40 1500M Racewalk (6:27.23) and 3000M Racewalk (13:45.23). Donald Currie
broke the identical Canadian records in the M80 group. He turned 80 on February 13, only one day before the
start of the meet. Also setting a Canadian record was 91-year-old Harry Thompson in the M90 3000M and
Cheryl Closkey broke the W65 Weight throw record (10.46m).
The relay team of Hardev Sandhu, Fred Pawluk, Harold Morioka and Sewa Birring broke the M65 4x400m
Canadian record (4:46.66).
Margaret Rhebergen tied her own Canadian record in the W55 High jump (1.30m). Actually Margaret might
have broken her Canadian record because the bar was set higher than 1.30m. When the bar was measured after
her record breaking jump, the bar read 1.32m. However the official ruled that since the recorder had listed the
height as 1.30m, that this was the official height and that measuring after the height was only to confirm that the
height of the bar was at least this height.
There were 28 new BC Indoor records and two more were tied. In addition to the records above, the following
BC records were broken.
Breaking two BC records were: Fred Pawluk M65 800m and 1500m, Bakhshish Dhillon M75 Shot put and
Weight throw, Nardene Hammond W40 1500M Racewalk and 3000M Racewalk, Lori Graham W55 1500M
Racewalk and 3000M Racewalk and Denise Clements W50 Shot put and Weight throw (But Carolyn Boomer
gets the new BC W50 Shot put record with a better record-breaking put than Denise).
Also breaking BC records were: Tom Ukonmaanaho M65 200m, Sam Walker M40 400m, Verena Stroda W40
Shot put, Kathy Brand W70 Weight throw, Dan Krause and Hardev Sandhu in the M65 Weight throw (but Dan
gets the new BC record with a better record-breaking put), Harold Morioka in the M70 High jump and Sean
Steele in the M50 Weight throw. Along with their Canadian records, Margaret Rhebergen added a BC record in
the W55 60m Hurdles, Cheryl Closkey added a BC record in the W65 Shot put and Donald Currie added a BC
record in the M80 800m.
The relay team of Andy Bienefeld, Eric Torin, Sam Walker and Luke Wang set a new BC record in the M35
4x200m relay.
Nancy Cochrane was attempting to better her BC W60 High jump record which she set only two weeks earlier.
Unfortunately she partially tore her achilles tendon and a calf muscle during an early jump.
Diane Matus tied the BC record in the W65 60m sprint.

Who is a Master?

Your entry to an Athletics event could be simply to have fun, have a healthy workout, pick up an attractive t-shirt, support a charity or, as a serious competitor, attempt a personal best performance.

The only requirement for being a masters member in any BC Athletics sanctioned event is to be 35 years of age or older.

Age group results-age graded results

2015 Masters Age Graded Tables

Competition results can be calculated on an overall performance basis where athletes compare their performance to how other competitors in their age group performed. Some events now provide age graded results. These results are generated from tables developed by reviewing the performances of a large number of athletes over a long period of time, in each of the age categories, as well as the world records by age groupings. The tables then indicate an ultimate performance that could be expected from any age. There are separate tables for males and females.

Age graded results can be used in several ways. Using these tables, each athlete's performance can be calculated as a percentage of these extremely high standards for both male and female at each age. New results are then processed based on percentage achievement. Hence the playing field is leveled by compensating for age and sex. These age graded results can be very different from the overall results. It's possible that a 45-year old woman would displace a 28-year old male overall winner as the age graded winner. This, of course, is competitive and many (in fact most) participants don't enter events solely for competition. There are other effective ways of using performance percentages.

For example: if your performance in a 5K race was @ 78.3%, you could apply this percentage to the table for 10K at your age and calculate your expected finish time at 10K for the same effort. This would enable you to establish your mile pace to ensure that you don't go out too fast in the 10K event.

As you age you can use age graded results to compare your fitness and conditioning from one year to any other year. It's also useful in tracking your progress over any number of dissimilar events.

Reasons to join BCA - Masters

  • Receive the annual publication of the Events Calendar
  • Liability and Sport Injury/Accident Insurance
  • $3.00 deduction from entry fees at BC Athletics sanctioned events
  • Discounts on merchandise from selected sports stores
  • Registered member of BC Athletics
  • Branch member of Athletics Canada

Supporting BC Athletics through an annual membership fee of $50 + GST (for Masters athletes) helps to fund the governing body of our sport and helps to ensure that:

  • BC Athletics sanctioned events meet standards for safety, officiating and organization
  • workshops and seminars are provided to enhance the overall well-being of athletics as a sport
  • there is co-ordination of the many volunteer efforts provided by the athletics community
  • there is direct contact for Athletics information by telephone or the internet

As a member you are welcome to attend the Masters Committee Annual General Meeting or stand for election to the Masters Committee Board itself.

For coaching, for group workouts, for increased social activities and for team events such as the Whistler 50 Relay, there are a number of BC Athletics affiliated clubs that welcome all levels and all ages of Masters Athletes.

Masters Achievements Awards

These awards are in the form of pins in bronze, silver and gold which represent increasingly higher standards of performance. These pins are available for purchase by masters who have achieved the required standards. The standards are adapted from those that the Canadian Masters Athletics Association used to have for their crests, and cover a wide range of events.

The standards may be viewed by clicking on one of the following links:

To apply for a pin

Please print the Masters achievement award application form and mail (with the $9.04 fee) to BC Athletics, Fortius Athlete Development Centre, Suite 2001-B Oslo Landing, 3713 Kensington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7.

Master of the Year Award Criteria

For 2017, the age grading will be based on five year tables. In other words, for a 5 year age group, the entry for the lowest age in the group will be used to calculate the age graded result for all 5 ages in the group. This means that the best performances within an age group will get the best age graded result. This change was made in order to reward direct competition within an age group and to provide more opportunities for athletes entering a new age group.

Age grading calculator may be found at

Track Master of the Year Award Criteria (male and female)
The awards will be based on the Five Best Age Graded performances for the year (may be the same event or different events)

For example, an athlete could have results for: 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m or five results for 100m.

Road Running Master of the Year Award Criteria (male and female)
The awards will be based on the Five Best Age Graded performances for the year (may be the same event or different events)

Cross Country Master of the Year Award Criteria (male and female)
The awards will be based on the best age graded performance in the BC Championships and the Canadian Championships. Normally, the winners must also have participated in at least one other cross country race during the year.

Field Master of the Year Award Criteria (male and female)
The awards will be based on the quality of performances based on a percentage of the Canadian 5 year age group records. Consideration will be given to records set. A minimum of five performances will be required.

Sport BC Master of the Year Award Criteria (only one award)
Normally, the nominee is a winner of one of the above awards. Top 3 age graded performances plus international ranking will be considered.

Master Events 2017

Date Event & Location Contact Website(s)
results-iconMar 9-11
2018 Van Ryswyk Indoor Invitational / 2018 Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships
Kamloops, British Columbia Canada
Track & Field
Brian Beck
results-iconApr 21
Fraser Valley High School Invitational Track Meet
Surrey, British Columbia Canada
Track & Field
David Moore
May 19
Okanagan Athletics Club 55+ Mini Games
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada
Track & Field
Jun 15-17
2018 Langley Pacific Invitational / 2018 BC Masters Track & Field Championships
Langley, British Columbia Canada
Track & Field
Brent Dolfo
Aug 3-5
Canadian Masters Athletics Championships
Surrey, British Columbia Canada
Track & Field
Maureen De St. Croix
Sep 11-15
55+ BC Senior Games
Cranbrook, BC Canada
Track & Field
Sep 10-14
55+ BC Senior Games
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada
Track & Field


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Special Olympics

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BC Athletics in partnership with Special Olympics BC provides program opportunities for athletes with intellectual disabilities.  These athletes are able to compete in regional, national and international Special Olympic events under the IPC.

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