BC Athletics

Annual General Meeting of BC Athletics - Nominations

Director, Zones 3, 4, 5 (1 of 2 positions) - 2 year term

Nominee: John Bird (#46-36007)
Email: skyemax@telus.net

Nominator: Laurier Primeau (#70-05339)
Seconder: Graeme Fell (#59-04329)

Nominee is President and a director of Vancouver Thunderbirds Track and Field Club since its "rebirth" in September 2001. Qualified as a chartered accountant, he understands financial and organisational matters, not as person in practice as a C.A., but as a self employed businessman. Responsible for several fund raising initiatives undertaken by the Thunderbirds, and further responsible for all organisational and financial matters of the club.

Several key issues face the association now and in the future, e.g. funding and recruitment, but primarily the association must realise that within the system: the connection is not being made between schools and clubs, to recruit and nurture promising athletes.

Under the nominee's direction Thunderbirds have commenced an "outreach" program to take Track and Field to the financially disadvantaged children on the East Side of Vancouver, as one of the steps to resolve this breakdown between the schools and clubs.