BC Athletics

Zones 3,4,5—Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley

This report is prepared for the purpose of dissemination at the 2005 Annual General Meeting of the members of B.C. Athletics and is prepared by John Bird.

Zones 3, 4, and 5 consists of 36 clubs distributed throughout the region with a total membership of approximately 1700 athletes, coaches, and associates. This figure is down slightly from the levels of the 2003 year, although membership in the Junior Development category, the one that sets the trends for years to come, is up, in nearly all of the larger clubs in the region.

Clubs and organisations in the region hosted approximately 30 track and field meets during 2004, and together with a tremendous number of road and cross country races, and the ever popular Hershey Harrier meets; all volunteers were kept extremely busy.

Event highlights in the zones for the year would be: 

  • B.C. Summer Games 
  • B.C. Senior and Juvenile Championships 
  • Harry Jerome Track Classic [with six men running under 4 minutes in the Miracle Mile] 
  • Sun Run 
  • B.C. High Schools Cross Country Championships

Zones 3, 4 and 5 were well represented at both the national and international level, where Stephanie McCann of the Valley Royals placed 10th at the Olympics in Athens in the pole vault, and Mike Mason, also of the Valley Royals, who won the high jump to become the World Junior Champion. In addition several Canadian records were set by members of clubs in the zones, and a total of 16 athletes at the conclusion of the 2004 Track and Field season, were ranked in the number one position in the nation, in events ranging from 100 meters to javelin.

The year itself has seen changes in fortune for some clubs, and others remain stagnant in terms of membership and financing. An invitation was sent out in May for all Track and Field and Road Running Clubs in zones 3, 4, and 5 to attend a meeting and discuss zone affairs. Members of the Provincial Government were in attendance to present their views on current avenues of financing that are available to clubs through the Access to Gaming Revenue program; and a forum was established to discuss membership and planning for the future of Track and Field in the Province. Unfortunately the meeting was not well attended, and only 5 clubs sent representatives. The forum will be organised again in 2005, and hopefully then there will be greater participation; it is only through these types of meetings with clubs with diverse backgrounds attending, that the zone representative can take back to the Board of Directors of B.C. Athletics recommendations or ideas from the club level which could provide the foundations of any changes that may be made to further athletics in the province.

Finally on behalf of all the member clubs and athletes in Zones 3, 4 and 5 I would like to make mention of two great losses to the Community. We lost Jane Swan in March of 2004 and Percy Perry this month; both individuals made invaluable contributions to track and field and they will be greatly missed.