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Haney to Harrison Road Relay and 100k Ultra

Awards/Scholarships >> 2005 JD Awards Recipients

2005 BC Athletics Junior Development Awards Recipients

The BC Athletics Junior Development Committee is pleased to announce the 2005 Junior Development Award recipients:

1990 Female

Hayley Falkins VTFC Jumps PV/2.80m
Nicolle Fraser CC Throws/Combined Events JT/41.91m BCR, PENT/2865
Sarah Gallagher CVC Throws HT/43.64m
Nicole Hindle CVAC Distance 1500mRW/8:05.40
Christine Lowe CC Hurdles/Combined Events 80mH/11.89, PENT/2681
Laura Macauley AVTC Throws DT/38.62m,SP/12.89m,JT/37.85m
Emmalynne MacCorquodale VISSA Throws SP/13.46m BCR, HT/50.14m BCR
Courtenay Meade CVC Distance 1500mRW/8:23.24
Katherine Murphy PATH Hurdles 300mH/44.57
Alana Pattison LM Sprints 400m/57.56
Stephanie Trenholm CRC Distance 1500m/4:40.03, 800m/2:15.41
Heather Warwick KAJ Distance 1500mRW/7:37.18
Amy Wilde CVC Distance 1500mRW/8:25.49

1990 Male

Steven Braun KEL Jumps Dominant & within 3% TJ/12.48m
Kris Burleigh KAJ Throws JT/54.66m, DT/51.44m, SP/13.29m
Ryan Chester CVC Hurdles/Sprints 300mH/38.7h BCR, 400m/51.08
James Clark GEA Distance Dominant & within 3% 1500m/4:11.92
Gurinder Dosanjh UAC Throws DT/49.87m
Evan Dunfee KAJ Distance 1500RW/6:41.4h BCR, 3000RW/15:00.46 BCR
Kristopher Gaiesky PGTF Distance 1500RW/8:32.6h
Oren Hanscomb CRC Distance Dominant & within 3% 800m/2:02.60
Curtis Holt VTFC Throws JT/48.31m
Norman Morton CVC Sprints Dominant & within 3% 200m/22.92
Keynan Parker BBY Sprints 100m/11.12, 200m/22.97
Angus Taylor KAJ Throws HT/62.88m BCR, SP/16.11m BCR, DT/53.75m
Gareth Wells LM Throws JT/55.66 BCR

1991 Female

Trina Chartrand NTFC Jumps/Combined Events HJ/1.65m, PENT/2607
Ashley Cousens CVC Throws SP/10.66m
Quinn Erickson CVC Throws SP/11.53m
Justine Johnson VTFC Distance 800m/2:17.41
Kaitlin Nelson VTFC Sprints 400m/57.62, 200m/26.01
Christabel Nettey SFTC Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps 100m/12.39, 80mH/12.02, LJ/5.75m, TJ/11.48m
Holly Parent VTFC Jumps/Combined Events HJ/1.65m, PENT/2727
Natalie Stasiak NORW Sprints 100m/12.48
Michelle Stuart LM Throws JT/33.62m, SP/10.59m
Alexis Thornhill PGTF Distance 1500mSC/5:46.46
Emily Tranfield CVC Distance/Throws 1500mRW/8.49.3, DT/35.09m, HT/37.65m

1991 Male

Imrose Baga UAC Throws DT/45.53m, SP/13.70m
Kublai Barranda VAAA Throws JT/40.95m
Quinn Campbell VR Throws HT/40.63m
Joseph Horan TRA Throws HT/42.19m, DT/44.49m, SP/12.19m
Benson Lubben KEL Throws HT/38.53m
Ian Miller VR Jumps Dominant & within 3% HJ/1.75m
Erik Nielsen CC Throws JT/41.23m, SP/12.48m
Adam Peacock KAM Jumps PV/3.10m
Jonathan Rathjen PGTF Throws SP/12.27m, HT/41.25m
Timothy Smith U Sprints 400m/52.52
Tom Willcox CC Throws DT/48.53m BCR, SP/11.60m

1992 Female

Florence Clifford SFTC Throws HT/36.90m, DT/30.64m
Chantelle Deacon KEL Sprints/Distance Dominant & within 3% 400m/61.85
Haleigh Lloyd CVAC Combined Events PENT/2311
Sandra Ngongo UAC Sprints Dominant & within 3% 200m/26.55
Jade Richardson NTFC Combined Events PENT/2274

1992 Male

Douglas Fraser NTFC Distance 1500RW/8:29.4h
Jared Heldman LM Combined Events PENT/2862
Brodie Ingvaldson SFTC Sprints 200m/24.43
Delling Ingvaldson SFTC Throws SP/12.19m
Isaac Jacobsen KAJ Throws JT/34.80m
Karn Kang SFTC Combined Events PENT/2704
David Ling KAJ Combined Events PENT/2818
Daniel Medland-Marchen KEL Sprints/Distance Dominant & within 3% 400m/56.83 & 800m/2:11.99
Emerson Murray U Throws SP/12.98m, DT/37.81m
Cody Parker CVC Throws JT/37.85m
Stuart Pope LM Combined Events PENT/ 2693
Isaac Powrie TBIR Distance 1500RW/8:42.3h
Spencer Prince LM Throws SP/12.65m, JT/35.97m
Eric Schneebeli U Sprints Dominant & within 3% 100m/12.20
Ian Smith KAM Throws HT/38.54m

1993 Female

Rachael Inglis VTFC Distance 800mRW/4:39.3
Jade Palm U Throws JT/27.00m

1993 Male

Kevin Gaiesky PGTF Distance 800mRW/4:28.4
Jacob Powrie TBIR Sprints/Combined Events PENT/2754, 200mH/29.68

1994 Female

Ayla Akehurst CRC Throws JT/23.10m
Serena Graf SFTC Throws/Combined Events SP/11.27m, DT/23.68m, PENT/1844
Carmalita Robertson VOC Hurdles/Combined Events 60mH/10.45, PENT/1878
Madison Sands GEA Combined Events PENT/1991

1994 Male

Pauljit Bhandal KAJ Throws DT/29.70m
Scott McHaffie SFTC Combined Events PENT/2029
Connor Oughtred KEL Sprints 200m/27.68
Nolan Stubbs PEN Combined Events PENT/2090

1995 Female

Petranella Daviel KAJ Distance 800mRW/5:09.1
Andrea Di Lorenzo BBY Sprints 200m/29.58
Natasha Lazecki CITY Combined Events/Hurdles PENT/1589, 60mH/11:49
Kathryn van Ryswyk SFTC Hurdles 60mh/11.50

1995 Male

Jacob Houlton LM Combined Events PENT/1839
Vladislav Moldavanov GEA Distance 800mRW/5:07.80
Matthew van der Eyden CITY Combined Events PENT/1852

1996 Female

Jenika Bannerman NTFC Sprints/Throws/Combined Events 100m/14.9, SP/5.80m, PENT/1043
Meghan Ho NORW Throws SP/6:13m
Sonja Jacobsen KAJ Combined Events PENT/833
Taylor Neveu SFTC Combined Events PENT/996
Rachel Ross PEN Throws SP/5.94m
Alannah Vetterl SFTC Jumps/Combined Events HJ/1.17m, PENT/1141

1996 Male

Connor Hadath GEA Hurdles/Combined Events 60mH/11.88, PENT/1617
Nicolaus Karamanian GEA Combined Events PENT/1495
Cole Lamont GEA Hurdles/Combined Events 60mH/11.20, PENT/1767
Joshua Lampen GEA Combined Events PENT/1280
Michael North CC Sprints/Hurdles/Distance /Combined Events 200m/30.62, 60mH/11.88, 800m/2:35.77, PENT/1560
Nathan Wadhwani GEA Distance/Combined Events 1500m/5:25.4, PENT/1476



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